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Don midwest
Don midwest

Will be attending Bob Fitrakis’ monthly salon this evening and find out some more about what is going on in the election integrity effort.

Sometimes things happen fast, but most of the time it is just slow work in data gathering and legal efforts.

If anything really interesting comes up, I will post it in a comment.

As a reminder the book from a few months ago by Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

Book Review: Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, THE STRIP & FLIP SELECTION OF 2016: Five Jim Crows & Electronic Election Theft

This is reprinted in the Columbus Free Press which Bob has kept alive since the 1970’s in various forms.


Hopefully, we’ve got NC under control. We’ll see.


Wow, what a roundup of the current state of election integrity news! Thank you, @cademocrat!

We have such a long way to go, but the fight for our rights is essential.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I attended Bob Fitrakis’s monthly salon last night. I had to leave early and didn’t hear his presentation, but I did talk to him.

He has been approached by a couple of conservative people and organizations. The democrats don’t come knocking on his door. An article in The Hill by Roger Stone strongly recommends Bob & Harvey’s book on the strip and flip selection of 2016. Funny that Stone is

Stone is a former consultant to Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, a New York Times Bestselling Author and a veteran of nine Republican presidential campaigns from Nixon to Trump.

Here is the article in The Hill posted on Aug 16

Can the 2016 election be rigged? You bet

Bob suggested that I look up these articles by searching for him on Google and restricting the date to the last month. I had never done that search before. Search on Google. On the top of the Search Result are a series of tabs starting with ALL, News, Videos, …. and on the far right is the one that counts Search Tools. Click on that and options come up of Any Time and All Results. . Click on Any Time and the time interval of the search can be chosen.

A couple of the links point to the recent article of Bob and Harvey Wasserman. He reiterated verbally what is at the start of that article

Finally, the major for-profit media is approaching consensus that it’s easy to hack U.S. political elections. Even candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are raising unprecedented doubts – from very different directions – about the reliability of the upcoming vote count.

Ultimately, there is just one solution: universal hand-counted paper ballots, with carefully protected voter registration rolls, and a transparent chain of custody.

The corporate media and the Democrats are obsessed with the “Russians.” Donald Trump rants about a mythological army of voters voting multiple times.

But the real threat to our election system comes from private for-profit corporations that register voters, control voter databases, then count and report the vote with secret proprietary software and zero transparency, accountability, or recourse.

After ignoring or attacking the reportage since Florida 2000 of Bev Harris, Greg Palast, freepress.org and numerous others, the corporate media seems finally to be getting the message: under the current system, any American election – even the one for president – can be stripped and flipped by a tiny handful of electronic hackers working anywhere from the Kremlin to a party HQ to a state governor’s office to a teenager’s garage.

In other words, many people now know that voting machines are easy to hack.

Here is a link to that article


Here is another article from Sept 8 featuring Bob

​The United States: The Country That Can’t Count an Election Right​

Bob mentioned that Greg Palast is looking for funding for widespread distribution of his movie so it can qualify for the Oscars this year and can be in theaters across the country. Greg wrote the introduction to Bob & Harvey’s recent book and they have worked together for years

Here is the title of his movie which was also the title of his book from a few years ago

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Bob also mentioned that the woman from CA who heads up TrustVote has some money and some data base professionals interested in working on election data. This effort has not yet started.

In summary, more people know about stolen elections but the democratic party has not really begun to take the issue seriously.

Also in talking with Bob, I mentioned the book “The Deep State” and how Bill Clinton worked with Kasich to craft the legislation that eliminated Glass-Stegeall. He noted that the Koch’s were involved in funding DNC and Clinton and Gore were the candidates who led the ticket. Thinking of Gore as the DNC stooge makes sense to why he did not contest the stolen 2000 election in FL.

The oligarchs continue their control ……

Don midwest
Don midwest