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From Jesse Jackson


The big guns are out for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the charismatic first-term legislator from New York.

In an apparent swipe at Ocasio-Cortez, Donald Trump used part of his rambling State of the Union address to say he was “alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country.”

“What is different now is that the moral center — what is right — is also increasingly popular. The political class is running scared because more and more people understand that the rules have been rigged to benefit only the few.”

Billionaire former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz cited Ocasio-Cortez’s support for a 70 percent tax rate on income above $10 million a year as one reason he may decide to run as an independent for president, and not as a Democrat.

The young congresswoman isn’t easily cowed. She called out Trump, saying “I think he’s scared.”

“He feels himself losing on the issues. Every single policy proposal that we have adopted and presented to the American public has been overwhelmingly popular, even some with a majority of Republican voters supporting.”

Ocasio-Cortez is exactly right. Schultz may think calls for Medicare for all are “un-American,” but the vast majority of Americans support it.


Corporate socialism is forced on the Tax payer all the time but crickets from the R’s



Given all of this, the question must be asked, why does the DNC (and, by extension, the establishment wing of the Democratic Party) refuse not only to address poverty but really even to acknowledge its existence? Are they frightened that the Poverty Council will make morally compelling claims that are not a part of their “electoral strategy”? Are they afraid that the council will make proposals, such as a right to housing or a guaranteed income, that would be met with disapproval by Wall Street backers who insist upon balanced budgets? Whatever the reason may be, doesn’t their fear of addressing poverty mean that they are tacitly accepting mass poverty as a constant in American society?

This is not a new question. By Bill Clinton’s presidency the shift away from supporting programs designed to address poverty became official party policy, echoing the Republicans mantra of self-help. Of course, poverty rates remained more or less constant. During Obama’s presidency, Tavis Smiley and Cornel West launched their poverty tour because of the president and the party’s refusal to even say the word, let alone do anything about poverty. Similarly the on-going Poor People’s Campaign explicitly operates outside of a party that refuses to seriously address an endemic social problem that conservatively has many tens of millions of Americans in its grips.

What is new is that following the miraculous success of the 2016 Sanders campaign, and the election in 2018 of truly radical voices like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib to Congress, left progressives are engaging with and entering the Democratic Party like no time in recent memory. The emergence of a powerful social-democratic tendency inside the party means that the party’s reluctance to seriously address poverty is going to be challenged.

This is a difficult battle that progressives simply have to win. Given the current realities of the American political system, if the Democratic Party is unwilling to tackle endemic poverty, there’s no available avenue to address this reality of American society and we truly are condemning millions upon millions of people to misery.


T and R, humphrey!! If the People want M4A, they will have to get active, informed, and vote a gang of corrupt yahoos out of office. The corruption is entrenched, and did not happen overnight. Pelosi/Hoyer are excellent examples. Orange Moran is a pathetic result. It’s simple and not rocket science!

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