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HomeUncategorized2/12 News Roundup & Open Thread – Bernie Sanders Wins The New Hampshire Primary (& More)
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CNN has a vote count by district and the only district that Bernie didn’t get any votes was Wentworth’s Location


Much of the NH vote was from voters whose income is based in the stock market. The southern tier of NH is within range of NYC and Boston–places where finance money flows liberally. That’s one of the main areas of not-Bernie votes. I think this largely accounts for the low-percentage Sanders win as well as for the trouncing of Warren. Both of them are critical of the finance economy. Stock market money is myopic–they think they are the whole country, that the election is winnable with nothing but $$.

Buttigieg is clearly finance-friendly. He’s also friendly to the medical world, and the area of western NH that went for B over Sanders includes Dartmouth College (traditionally Republican) as well as a large hospital complex. This reminds me of the Des Moines vote in Iowa, the health insurance vote.

I wonder what the effect of all the polling was on NH voter turnout. Could it be that Bernie voters stayed home because so many published polls put Bernie in the winner’s column, so people thought there was no overriding need to go out and vote?

Despite all this, Bernie’s still in a great position moving forward! He’s going to have to keep pounding, and all his supporters (including us!) are going to have to keep fighting, too. But we’re ready!


If you have time, glance through the CNN exit poll from NH. About 3,000 (1%) responses. Scroll down to the “Area Type” section to see that 63% of the respondents are “suburban” dwellers. If that’s an accurate reflection of the voters, isn’t this phenomenally good news for Bernie? Correct me if I’m wrong, but while Pete seems to have won the affluent vote, whose numbers are not very large, Bernie shows good results among–gasp!–suburbanites, as well as urban working-class groups. Amirite? 😃


Since Petey is owned by the Billionaires I see him as an R anyway


T and R, LD, and the usual excellent TPW suspects!! 🙂 Will be looking at turnout numbers for this one. PRESIDENT SANDERS IN 2020–A FUTURE TO FINALLY BELIEVE IN!!


Bernie Sanders holding rally in downtown Denver this weekend. Fresh off his win in the New Hampshire primary, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will hold a rally at the Colorado Convention Center on Sunday.