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“quirky and interesting” Sinema. oh please. divisive and cruel.

t & r!




T and R, Ms. Benny!! 🙂 Sinema sure sounds like a Turd Way freak. Is Mark Kelly just as bad? He ought to know better as his wife was nearly killed by a FRightwingnut headcase!


Mark Kelly is very much a centrist.

But if Ms. Sinema and Mr. Kelly are emerging as players in Washington, the politics back home are more complicated. Arizona Democratic Party officials and activists threw themselves into the two senators’ races, despite the fact that many of these Democrats are more progressive than either MsSinema or Mr. Kelly. Now they are eager for their senators not just to embrace the middle, but also to adopt the policies the left is pressing for as well. .

“We need to be able to depend on these senators that we worked so hard to elect,” said Tomás Robles, an executive director of LUCHA, a civil rights group that knocked on tens of thousands of doors in Arizona for Democrats last year. “If they’re going to act like a moderate Republican, we will remember by the time elections come.. We expect them to recognize that Latinos voted overwhelmingly for those two, and we expect them to repay our loyalty.”

specifically on $15 min wage:

Kelly, who said he supported raising the minimum wage during his 2020 campaign, has not explicitly said how he would like that increase to occur. He told Politico he will examine the details of any proposal.

“In different communities, the economies are different,” Kelly told Politico. “I’ll have to look at the details of what comes to the floor on the minimum wage.”



He may well have committed murder, and we’ll never know if it was in self-defense. It sounds like he was unstable. But it does look like someone considered “dangerous” was executed on American soil. We knew this was coming and has happened before, most often with POC. All investigations have been quashed. good article.


Yah, Reinoehl does sound like he was unstable, but he was definitely executed. How many bullets were used to snuff his life?

Four officers fired more than 30 rounds from two handguns and two rifles at Portland fugitive Michael Reinoehl after they cornered him in his car on Sept. 3 outside a Washington apartment complex where he had been hiding out, a sheriff’s official said Tuesday.

That’s just a little over the top I’d say.

Questions have swirled around Reinoehl’s death after eyewitnesses gave differing accounts of what they saw that day. All described a chaotic scene with bullets flying while young children were outside.

Stories from The New York Times and ProPublica/Oregon Public Broadcasting on Tuesday identified additional witnesses who said they also didn’t hear any shouting by police before the gunshots rang out.