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golden golden and water.jpg


let’s hope it stays this way. as she says, good job!



So Benny! What do you think of this turn of events? About the vote to allow witnesses?

Leahy scolds chamber for lack of civility, laughing at Trump lawyer during impeachment trial

In the privacy of my living room, I jokingly imitated Trump lawyer van de Veen’s pronounciation of the word Philadelphia, but I must admit that I was surprised to hear the laughter.

Sen. Lindsey Graham switches vote, joins Democrats in voting to call witnesses in Trump’s trial


Trump defense counsel: “Do not handcuff me!”

Trump impeachment defense threatens numerous in-person depositions if witnesses allowed


Senate has to agree to any witness. So if all Dems vote against, any suggested witness would lose 50/50 even without any Republican votes

Right now the only sure witness appears to be Herrera-Buetler


Thank you jcitybone!

I thought of you and Benny through that whole vote. I wondered if you might have let out a groan?


Groan is mild for what transpired


Premature Exhilaration?!?

Is it possible?
Can it be?

The Democrats are transforming into a Fighting Force?!?

If you’re just waking up and tuning in:

Here is the Timeline as I understand it.
The info spread that Mitch McConnell was going to vote to acquit. Trial over.

Next, The Senate came to order at 10:00 and completed their final remarks by 12:00. The next step was supposed to be a vote—to Convict or Acquit.

Instead, Jamie Raskin asked for the Senate to allow witnesses.
The Gop objected.
A vote was taken.

And, just like that—-the Trial goes on.

I don’t think this will change the Outcome. But the fact that the Democrats are willing, eager to extend this trial, even as their President Joe Biden, wants it to end, is astonishing.

They got 5 GOP members, including Lindsay Graham! agree with the Dems to vote. The Vote was 55 for witnesses and 45 against.

Is this evidence of spinal structure, or stupidity?

Only time will tell.


I heard a lot of viewpoints on MSM afterwards, but there was one common thread, no one knows how this will end.


I guess now we know. That didn’t take long.


Oh well. You know me by now.

Always looking for the tiniest ray of sunshine.


This photo from your article, taken in yesterday’s WH meeting with Biden, is interesting.

2-12-21 cuomo in wh.jpg

Call the witnesses. Niño & Ruby will hear them whenever the Senate is willing. Technically the senate is not in session next week, so the trial could go on. GOP’s whining about not being able to bring COVID relief blah blah blah when the truth is they had planes to catch.


Be still my heart, they are so gorgeous!

Niño looks a bit askance.


That is a terrific pic. Amen, mags x 100! 😊


I’ve looked at it three times so far, lol.

Forget Jill Biden’s cardboard hearts, put pics of those two lovable creatures, along with so many of the other great animal companion pics I’ve seen here, up on billboards for all to see. That would make a lot of people smile.


Yes, was watching a bit of FOX, was surprisingly ok overall actually (the gravelly-voiced host), but as soon as I heard a Republican expressing concern that this will imperil the Covid bill I had to call bs.


T and R, Ms. Benny!! ☮️😊👍 Thanks for hosting the Nest the last few days. 👏👏


Oh well. Wrong again.

I guess I should be used to being disappointed if I retain the slightest bit of optimism.

But I think it is way too late to change decades of optimism for me.