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Another key activist is with Harris.

Latino labor rights icon endorses Kamala Harris

Dolores Huerta, the iconic labor and civil rights leader who co-founded what became the United Farm Workers, is endorsing Sen. Kamala Harris for president, according to a statement shared first with POLITICO.

Huerta, who started the National Farmworkers Association alongside the late Cesar Chavez, is also signing onto Harris’ campaign as a California co-chair, joining Rep. Barbara Lee, a former Congressional Black Caucus chair, who endorsed Harris on Wednesday.

Huerta’s backing is a significant development in the early stages of the 2020 campaign and gives the California senator a leading voice in the labor movement and among Latinos nationally.

“I have spent my career advocating for workers’ rights, immigrants’ rights, women’s rights, and on behalf of the LBGTQ community because I believe our country is only as great as the opportunities we afford all our communities,” Huerta said. “Senator Kamala Harris is the right leader to expand those opportunities as president, and I am proud to endorse her.”

Huerta also praised Harris, whom she’s supported in the past, for fighting on behalf of and giving a voice to the vulnerable — and singled out her work on criminal justice reform and for immigrants, ranging “from creating innovative programs to help first-time offenders get education and job training to avoid recidivism, to demanding that California and our country protect immigrant communities and afford them the opportunity to fully contribute to the country they love.”



Oh my god. These women must realize KH means more of the same with some identity policy improvements.

Infuriating and so sad.



Hillary got paid better but her audience was a bunch of TPP pushers.




I’m liking that everybody’s so active these days, 2 threads a day (and threads most weekends) is progress! Thanks all.


Yes thanks!


This happened in my adopted state. There are too many guns.


Next they won’t require drivers licenses, but all voters have to have a gov’t ID.





This is actually an article about the basic things M4A needs, and why Jayapal’s is better than Sanders’ bill. Very interesting.

But I latched on to the end bc it inspires me. The author works in the insurance industry.

Why is Medicaid expansion going to happen in Idaho? Because of Reclaim Idaho, a grassroots popular movement which started out winning school financing in its’ founders tiny ski town. It grew by driving all over the state in a big green RV and getting Medicaid expansion on the ballot, which it won in 35 of 44 counties for a final vote of 62% in favor—despite no visible “blue wave” in the state. Every attempt to block the movement has failed, most recently a court case. What will happen in Idaho when Medicaid is expanded? Whatever the people who make up Reclaim Idaho decide they want to win next.

This is how you build the fire. These popular movements which win material gains are the components of a giant, searing flame in which politicians will be incinerated, while new and more fearful ones line up behind them, to fill the void from among us. There will be no singular popular vertical campaign that wins Jayapal’s bill or any other future bill toward single-payer, or for health justice beyond it. When it is won, it will be won by a patchwork of smaller movements: of local efforts to win power, which thread together in a great tapestry.

This is something the wonk envies, fears, and cannot understand. This is power.




Time for a primary challenge for this one

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) slams Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for celebrating Amazon’s decision to pull the plug on the $2.5 billion deal that would have permanently brought at least 25,000 high-paying jobs to the heart of Queens, New York.



AOC isn’t bought by PACs or lobbyists. She’s got the freedom to be critical.



Beto O’Rourke is in talks with Democratic strategists about a likely 2020 presidential run, according to two sources.

Two Democratic campaign strategists told POLITICO on Friday that they are in discussions with O’Rourke and his team. One of the strategists described those conversations as moving to “an operational level” after weeks of discussing 2020 in more theoretical terms.

A source close to O’Rourke said Friday that the former Texas congressman is still considering a run and has not yet made a final decision.

O’Rourke’s advisers had been speaking with Democratic strategists for months about a potential campaign, but only at a relatively abstract level. O’Rourke said last month that any discussions that his former advisers were having with potential operatives were not at his direction.

But after a massive rally in his hometown of El Paso this week, O’Rourke is now becoming personally involved in discussions about the shape of a 2020 campaign, the strategists said.


I keep wondering if Bernie is waiting to see if Beto will announce his intentions first.



First, it was her clothing. Then her dancing. Not to mention her credit score, her apartment, her hometown. Maybe it was only a matter of time before right-wing trolls went after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s love life.

On Friday — the day after Valentine’s Day, as some commenters dutifully noted — an accusation that the New York democrat was employing her boyfriend as a member of her staff made its way around the Twitter pages of various conservative media magoos. Gleeful outrage ensued.

The fast-growing conspiracy seems to have originated from a few would-be sleuths who found her boyfriend’s name, Riley Roberts, listed in online House directories with a “mail.house.gov” email address. Thus, he must be on her staff.

Well, they’re partly correct. Roberts does have a House email address, but, as a spokesperson for the chamber’s Office of the Chief Administrative Officer explained, that does not mean he’s an employee.

“From time to time, at the request of members, spouses and partners are provided House email accounts for the purposes of viewing the member’s calendar,” the spokesperson said.

On Twitter, Ocasio-Cortez made the same point — that allowing partners access to members’ schedules through House email accounts is commonplace and is not against any government rules — adding, that Thompson should “check your facts before you tweet nonsense.”





I must stop following people they are crowding out my original follows




In a spectacular display of solidarity and strength, envoys from such distant capitals as Beijing and Havana, Moscow and Tehran, Pyongyang and Caracas, Damascus and Managua and numerous other states stood together, side by side, in front of the United Nations Security Council, declaring their determination to protect the UN Charter and International Law, and holding sacrosanct the sovereignty and inviolability of each member state.

All these present, and approximately 50 more aligned, are states whose combined populations comprise more than half the people of the world, and all have been victimized and pauperized by the predations of neoliberal capitalist states bleeding the wealth of their peoples.

As Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza read out their new statement, declaring the illegality of unilateral coercive economic sanctions, and territorial invasions, it became obvious that the power of this new solidarity, which includes China, Russia, Cuba, DPRK, Syria, Iran, Palestine, Nicaragua, Venezuela, etc.


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