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Imagine a scenario with no temperature difference between the equator and the North Pole. That was 12 million years ago when there was no ice at either pole. In that context, according to professor James G. Anderson of Harvard University, carbon in the atmosphere today is the same as 12 million years ago. The evidence is found in the paleoclimate record. It’s irrefutable.

Meaning, today’s big meltdown has only just started.

And, we’ve got 5 years to fix it or endure Gonzo World.

That’s one big pill to swallow!


Ending America’s Disastrous Role in Syria

Faced with an alarming risk of a renewed escalation of fighting, it’s time for the United Nations Security Council to step in and end the bloodshed.

America’s official narrative has sought to conceal the scale and calamitous consequences of US efforts to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. That is understandable, because US efforts are in blatant violation of international law, which bars UN member states from supporting military action to overthrow other members’ governments.

Much of the carnage that has ravaged Syria during the past seven years is due to the actions of the United States and its allies in the Middle East. Now, faced with an alarming risk of a renewed escalation of fighting, it’s time for the United Nations Security Council to step in to end the bloodshed, based on a new framework agreed by the Council’s permanent members.

Here are the basics….

Jeffrey Sachs


The Scourging of Julian Assange

Julian Assange’s latest attempt to have his outstanding UK arrest warrant dropped has failed in what stands as one of the most blatant and cruel examples of the British legal system being wielded as an instrument of persecution against a man whose only crime is speaking truth to power.

The judge presiding over his case, and who summarily dismissed it, was ‘Lady Arbuthnot of Edrom’. Yes, you read that right. In the second decade of the 21st century the UK legal system is still dominated by the kind of people whose morning workout consists of flogging the butler. Lady Arbuthnot also happens to be the wife of Tory peer and former junior Defence Minister Lord James Arbuthnot, whose father was Major Sir John Sinclair Wemyss Arbuthnot.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I did a search on the subject of your email and found the article on counterpunch

I went down the right hand side and found an article by Ted Rall. He was one of the many who were zapped by DK/TOP and later by the LA Times when he wrote about police violence in LA

On Gun Violence and Control, a Political Gordian Knot


Thanks, Don! I now see that you already had the links. They aren’t turning blue is all. hmmm.

Here’s the link to the Ted Rall article

And the Mueller one.

I haven’t sent any recent emails–i think i sent one a long time ago, perhaps about Bruno LaTour….

Glad to see you here. :O)


From the Mueller article:

If the Democrats wanted to inspire trust in Hillary’s three million vote margin or in any future electoral outcomes, they would call for junking all the electronic voting machines and instituting secure, nationally uniform methods of casting and counting ballots: paper ballots counted by hand and safely stored to make recounts possible. They would thereby propose to preclude any future election hacking by Russians, Republicans, or other potential miscreants, including their fellow Democrats. They would turn more attention to ending voter suppression than to $100,000 worth of Facebook ads generated by a troll farm.

Don midwest
Don midwest

while I was on counterpunch found this article

Muller kicked the can down the road to put in just enough to keep his effort going. Like the dem establishment kicking the can down the road about why Hillary lost

Mueller the Politician/a>


Andy Slavitt’s United States of Care: A Second “Undertaking” (and It’s Bipartisan!)

Warning: Sarcastic Headline! 😉

Media Embrace New ‘Reform’ Group as Bulwark Against Guaranteed Healthcare

(At least on the Twitter, the instant reaction from many was more precise: A “bulwark” against #MedicareForAll, as opposed to the more generic “guaranteed healthcare.”) More:

Andy Slavitt, former head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the Obama administration, pro–Affordable Care Act activist, announced the creation of the USoC in an opinion piece for USA Today (2/6/18). Slavitt also has a long resume in the private sector: He was the founder of healthcare tech startup investor HealthAllies, a former UnitedHealth Group executive, a Goldman Sachs investment banker and a consultant for McKinsey & Co. The group also received a write-up in Axios (2/6/18) as well as a glowing profile from Bloomberg (2/6/18), which played up the group’s interest in promoting an “opening for bipartisan policy-making.”

(We will look in more detail at Slavitt’s “long resume in the private sector” tomorrow.) And more:

Neither the USA Today piece, the Forbes piece nor the United States of Care website mentions single-payer, Medicare for All or anything related to government-guaranteed universal healthcare. The Bloomberg write-up mentioned Sanders’ Medicare for All bill in the context of USoC’s hope of “heading off increasingly volatile swings in health policy when political fortunes shift in Washington.”

Well, that’s certainly a curious omission![2] In this piece, I will take a look at Slavitt’s undertaking, @USofCare. Should we be wary of it? Does it really oppose #MedicareForAll? And what can we expect from any solutions it provides? I’ll answer the first two questions today, and the second question tomorrow.

I didn’t realize that the neolibcons are really bringing out the big guns to stop MFA now. This really scares me, because I know people who will be sooo sucked in by this approach. People close to me. Read string of cuss words here, something to kick, etc. Dam!

A good, well researched article and a follow up tomorrow.


“Pro-Immigrant” Liberalism and Capitalist Exploitation: Why Corporate Democrats Do Not Support Immigrant Justice

“Liberal academics are busy supporting the DREAM Act or whatever helps them avoid being called racist.”

This is how a member of Chicago’s Moratorium on Deportations Campaign expressed her frustration at the lack of critical analysis surrounding the “comprehensive immigration reform” bill that had just passed the Democratic-led Senate in June 2013.

To what extent are the countries of the global north implicated in forces that prevent people in the global south from surviving and thriving where they are? In what ways do restrictive immigration policies heighten the exploitation of workers? How does the fear of deportation make migrant workers easier to discipline, hurt and rob? In what ways does mass migration from the poorer parts of the earth to centers of wealth and power reflect the larger problem of global inequality?


Instability Mounts in Puerto Rico Amid Privatization Efforts and Power Authority’s Cash Shortfall

“If this is not disaster economics and this is not setting the stage for commercialization of services that are there to promote equality, I don’t know what is.”

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