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For Orl


What more can I say? Hubster hit me with it early this am. We figure there will be a road or two named after the worthless pos.


The more you hit the rural areas in Wi its almost like hitting the evangelical south


Texas GOP sees how regulations might actually be a good thing sometimes? Especially when politically advantageous?

Texas officials investigate outrageous energy bills in storm price surge

For its part, Griddy is laying the blame for the situation squarely at PUCT.

“Here is what we do know: the market is supposed to set the prices, not political appointees,” the company wrote in a Thursday statement about the high prices.


Fossil Fuel Exec Brags of ‘Hitting the Jackpot’ as Natural Gas Prices Surge Amid Deadly Crisis in Texas

“Obviously, this week is like hitting the jackpot.” That’s what Roland Burns, president and chief financial officer of Comstock Resources, Inc., a shale drilling company, told investors on an earnings call earlier this week, according to NPR.

The company, which operates in Texas and Louisiana, is publicly traded. But Jerry Jones, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is the majority shareholder and biggest beneficiary of what executives called “super-premium prices” of “anywhere from” $15 per thousand cubic feet to as much as $179 per thousand cubic feet. Last quarter, Comstock sold the same gas for $2.40 per thousand cubic feet.

Disaster capitalism.


Jerry Jones is the perfect image of what a gigantic anal orifice looks, sounds, and smells like!


Ever since Al Davis died,whom i called Palpatine as he was looking rather rough at the end now its Jones whom takes that role


More like armed robbery


Green Bay Packers proved that the fans can own and run a NFL franchise more than successfully. Who needs worthless crap like Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, the Glazer Boys, etc.? Yes, it’s just entertainment, but nothing wrong with a few socialistic fans doing it.


You probably are aware that all Pro Sports will not allow another team to use a Fan based ownership as a business model. Green Bay is building up various business around Lambeau to provide income year around to compete with the other NFL’s private owners and the NFL. The NFL cant get their hands on that income like they do with the merchandising. The NFL marks it up like crazy. Another note about GB if the franchise would fail for some reason all assets would go to a local VFW post. No new owner can come in a swoop it up. The shared revenue by the NFL keeps GB and other small market teams solvent but extra profits from the Titletown district as its called is used for free agents and stadium improvement’s. GB had a 400mil rainy day fund but i think that will take a major hit due to Covid. The team had one tax payer funded stadium tax in combination with a “stock” sale years ago. The tax raised more than they needed and the excess was returned to the city for the tax payer to decide what to do with those funds it went towards several city/county projects to improve the area. I cant imagine any owner returning any of that money so a big difference when people are in charge. They are the only team that has to release its finances and a state of the team on an annual basis No other owner has to do that.


The NFL announced two new teams back in the mid 1970s. One was Seattle and the other one was Tampa Bay. The entire central FL area-east and west side went nutts. The fans went right to work, and raised the initial price to buy the team. They got screwed by the NFL ownership. No way were they going have another fan owned team like Green Bay. We ended up with Culverhouse, etc.


Yang continues to reach out to every community in NYC.

While hitting hard on helping New Yorkers get their vaccinations

Quality re-tweets of good NYC officials, also. Like



Sneera is too full of herself to withdraw. So, I hope she gets her little(?) DNCRW arse kicked good when she loses.


Isn’t it weird that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Doing Ted Cruz’s Job to Provide Texas Storm Aid while CANCRUZ was off on vacation. Still not much mention in the weapons of mass deception about AOC’s work in Tx.