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I’m sure they were holding this endorsement to the right time


Rep. Jesus “Chuy’ Garcia, D-Ill., who was a leading national surrogate for Bernie Sanders in 2016 endorsed the Vermont senator on Thursday and will head to Nevada to campaign for him in a state where Latino voters are a key to victory.

Garcia will stump for Sanders in Nevada on Friday, in advance of the Feb. 22 caucus.

“I stand with Bernie Sanders because we need a president who is consistent, who has the courage to pursue real change, and who will always choose the people over political gain or expediency,” Garcia said in a statement.

“For me and for a majority of communities across our country, defeating Donald Trump and reversing his inhumane immigration policies is not only urgent, it is personal. Bernie Sanders is the only person who can unite a coalition capable of defeating Donald Trump and can ensure that our country never again rips children from the arms of their families,” Garcia said.


IL is in early voting, so now is the right time.



But most advocates of military competition fundamentally misunderstand the nature of Kremlin power – a misunderstanding that has led the US to fail, time and again, in its attempt to contain Putin. The promise of Sanders’ foreign policy platform is precisely that it turns the conventional wisdom on its head, showing how the US government can use domestic reform as a strategy to undermine Putin’s authoritarian aggression abroad.



The depth of Sanders’ organizing strength in Nevada is shown by how his campaign pulled together a soccer tournament for young people Monday in a Latino neighborhood in east Las Vegas. After the matches ended, campaign workers drove the young men to early voting caucus stations.

“It shows how much he cares about the Latin people in this neighborhood,” said Gustavo Luna, 18. “We haven’t heard from any of the other candidates other than Bernie.”


Bernie is just “too polarizing.”

Mayor Pete said that several times in last night’s debate and Bernie let him get away with it. Polarizing is a good thing, though. Take the environmental situation. One pole is the polluters who make money polluting. They were the only pole around for a long time so there was no polarization. Now there are people fighting pollution trying to save life on earth. So now there are two poles. It looks like Pete is more afraid some people will feel “polarized” than he is that life on earth will be destroyed. Polarization is how we make progress.




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