Home2020 Elections2/21 BNR Breaking News: Rep Ro Khanna, OR Pres Nina Turner, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, & Ben Cohen Named Co-Chairs of Sanders Campaign

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I hate to say this but this seems to undercut LD’s original BNR. Just my opinion.


Im ok with anyone and everyone posting anything, especially at the moment as it draws more eyes our way. It will likely just get repeated if for some readon theres an absense of other content for a BNR (though that has almost never happener).

I’ll likely split out more impirtant breaking news or videos into individual posts as well to help make sharing a particular item itself easier.


You are the boss. It just gets confusing as to where to add additional content.


I understand 🙂 We’re in our learning curve stage at the moment as before with dkos we pretty much stuck to the safety of our one thread, I think we’ll figure out a formula that works to allow for multiple posts while cutting any clutter and confusion. At the moment ‘breaking’ posts help a ton in getting eyes here instead of somewhere more established beating us to them. Folks seeking out more on the info will google, etc and see us first (i hope)


humphrey’s just being ornery. (snark attack) LOL 🙂


Cherry Garcia for all!


So Benny, are you going to ask DOV for comment on the Carmen Yulin Cruz development? 🤗


Posted in 2 threads to get attention.


Thought Bernie did well touched on his brand of Dem socialism and mentioned FDR and several parts of FDR’s 2nd bill of rights.


CNN puts a positive spin on Bernie’s fundraising


Cillizza: Touting how much a candidate raised in the first 24 hours of being a candidate is the new hot thing to do. What, specifically, does it tell us — if anything?

Dunn: Given that most of the donations in the first 24 hours are small-dollar online contributions, it tell us two things.

First, the candidate has a message that is hitting home, and secondly, he/she has built the infrastructure to deliver it. Online donations are a better indicator of a candidate’s strength and organization than any instant polling numbers or party insider’s opinion. I suspect that’s partially why the DNC looks at the volume and scope of small-dollar donations in addition to polling to select candidates for the upcoming debates.

Cillizza: How important is the average contribution and/or the # of people who gave in the first 24 hours? More or less important than the total amount raised?

Dunn: Far more important is the number of contributors than the amount of the contributions. Small-dollar donors are more likely to give again and again, and once you’ve put your dollars behind a candidate, the more loyal you are likely to remain during the ups and downs of the primary process. And because the campaign now has their email address of these new contributors, the campaign can engage them in other online and off-line campaign activities.


LOL. I guess the article above prompted Enten to rush in to argue that polling is more important than impressive fundraising. Of course no where in the article does it mention that Bernie’s type of fundraising is quite different from past candidate fundraising


Still, when you put early fundraising and early New Hampshire polling into a statistical regression of all the candidates (not just nominees), early fundraising historically hasn’t on average given us any additional predictive ability compared to the early New Hampshire polling. That shouldn’t be too surprising because there have been a number of people who have been really good fundraisers but went nowhere in the actual primaries.

For every Obama for whom early fundraising suggested the polling was missing something, there are folks such as Phil Crane in 1980, Pat Robertson in 1988 and Phil Gramm in 1996. Most of you probably don’t remember their presidential runs because they all finished with less than 10% of the national primary vote, although they raked in the early dough.


Not sure what this is but he appears to be winning. LOL


So can Nina still be VP?


Definitely looks like Bernie won’t have anything negative to say about Liz


Former U.S. Sen. Harry Reid lauded three of his former staffers now on U.S. Sen Bernie Sanders’ presidential team as “prized employees” but says he won’t take a side in the Democratic primary until after Nevada’s caucus.

In an interview, Reid praised Faiz Shakir, a senior Reid adviser turned Sanders’ 2020 campaign manager, as “phenomenal.” Shakir joins two other former Reid staffers — Josh Orton and Ari Rabin-Havt, who the former Nevada senator described as “terrific” and “literally a genius,” respectively — on Sanders’ team.

“All these people working for Bernie, I’m glad,” Reid said. “Bernie is one of my friends. He helped me get Obamacare passed. His vote was crucial. So I think the world of him.”

Shakir said that he isn’t concerned about the public support Reid has displayed for Warren, either, because he said Sanders feels the same way.

“I know Bernie feels a similar degree of affection for the fact that Senator Warren fights for working class people,” Shakir said. “I think Bernie and Senator Reid similarly agree that Senator Warren has been right there in those fights. This is also a spirited contest and primary in which voters get to decide. It’s not about animus or opposition to the personality or the traits of an individual competing to see whose values, whose ideas voters ultimately feel most confident about supporting.”

Reid told The Nevada Independent that he won’t endorse until after Nevada’s presidential caucus next February.

“I’m not endorsing anyone, but I am happy that my three prized employees have a job with a presidential candidate that’s doing so well,” Reid said, marveling at the $6 million Sanders raised in the 24 hours after launching his presidential bid on Monday.


Ben Cohen is another co-chair.


T and R, Benny!! 🙂


Absolutely BRILLIANT campaign team! I am elated!


What a tool. Sure Bernie should run as an independent. How do you like Trump or any other Republican winning in 2020?


A Democratic congressman says Sen. Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat — and that he should therefore not be allowed to run to be the party’s nominee for president.

Rep. Gregory Meeks made the comments Thursday following news that Sanders will sign a party pledge affirming that he will run for president as a Democrat in 2020 and, if victorious, serve as a Democrat — highlighting a long-standing divide between the Vermont independent and the party establishment. Sanders caucuses with Senate Democrats.

Meeks told Poppy Harlow on “CNN Newsroom” that “we’ve asked (Sanders) on a continuous basis” to reconsider running as a Democrat when he is an independent.

“If, in fact, you want to be the Democratic nominee, you should be a Democrat,” the New York Democrat said. “If you’re not a Democrat, you should not run. He should run as an independent. He’s not a Democrat. So to me, I would not allow a Republican to run as a Democrat or for the Democratic nomination.”


So to me, I would not allow a Republican to run as a Democrat or for the Democratic nomination.

ROFL! There are numerous Republicans running as Democrats! Joe Manchin is the first to come to mind.





Khanna said he will help Sanders frame how Medicare for all and free public-college tuition, two cornerstones of his campaign, will help the tech sector. He will also help Sanders craft policies on how to bring tech jobs to rural parts of America and communities of color, particularly as artificial intelligence looms as a potential replacement for workers in many job sectors.

“We need to explain how AI will change the job market and what policies will be needed to prepare people to create more jobs and opportunities,” Khanna said.

Selling Sanders’ brand of democratic socialism will be difficult in some parts of Silicon Valley, which tends toward libertarianism and is generally skeptical of government’s ability to do anything quickly or efficiently.

Khanna, however, said Sanders can make inroads among tech entrepreneurs in some areas. Health care is one of them — enabling more Americans to enroll in Medicare would lift a huge cost burden from startups in particular, Khanna said.

Khanna said he told Sanders that “I’m happy to make the positive case for you, but I’m not going to say anything negative” about his fellow Californians Sen. Kamala Harris, who is running for president, and Dublin Rep. Eric Swalwell, who is still making up his mind.

Khanna said he has “total respect” for Harris and Swalwell, but backed Sanders because “he has the most comprehensive policies for what will prepare us for the 21st century.”




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