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Trump responded to the news of Russian assistance by sacking the intelligence director who allowed Congress to be briefed on the matter. Sanders, by contrast, is squarely denouncing any Russian backing. In a statement released by the campaign, Sanders blasted Putin, calling him an “autocratic thug” who should “stay out of American elections.” Without providing specific evidence, Sanders also suggested that some of the hateful content attributed to his following of “Bernie Bros” may in fact be Russian “internet propaganda.”

Shortly after the news broke, Sanders revealed he’d been briefed on potential Russian interference nearly a month ago. He implied that the publication of this news by his “good friends” at the Washington Post on the eve of the Nevada caucus may be politically motivated.



I hope that someone was able to capture her comments before this.


She’s shameless.


Neera’s awful, I’ve said it before- what must go on in her head! Always thinking about ways to paint a certain someone in a negative light.

Bernie’s living in her head rent free.


not even engaging. let them spew.



The Iowa Democratic Party announced Friday it will recount the caucus results of 23 precincts after the presidential campaigns of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg raised concerns over the tallies.

Sanders and Buttigieg requested recounts of 10 precincts and 54 precincts, respectively. The Iowa Democratic Party said it will review the results from all 10 of Sanders’s precincts and 14 of Buttigieg’s precincts, for a total of 23 precincts after an overlap.

The party said the recount, which will be conducted by appointed recount administrators under the supervision and direction of the Iowa Democratic Party Recanvass/Recount Committee, will start Tuesday and is expected to last two days.



This brief video sums it up very well.😁

For the last 4 hours there has been non stop anti Sanders coverage on CNN and MSNBC.


Part of Bernie’s outreach to the hispanic community.


RE: the Republican “mantra” about getting the government “off the backs of the American people”,

“understand that it is women who control their own bodies, not the government!

Massive cheers and sustained applause. Like a lot of cheering, Bernie had to stop talking long enough that I thought I must have lost the mic feed.

But, then:

“Lemme say to the men who are here, this is your fight as much as it is for the women. Stand with the women!!”


Then he talked about codifying Roe v. Wade,

“put into law Roe v. Wade”


“and we will significantly expand funding for Planned Parenthood”

lots of cheers

and then he repeated that first line I quoted!

“It is women who control their own bodies, not the government.”

That time he said it in an emphatic way.

He’s on fire!

Now he’s “humbly” asking for their support, haha, they’re eating it up.

“I am asking you to bring your friends to the polls, your aunts, your uncles, people you haven’t seen in a hundred years. Bring them out. Because I think if we have a large voter turnout we’re gonna win here in California.

(I love how he always says “we”)

Oh, back to serious, talking about making sure to file the correct ballot in CA.

(Why do they make it so complicated?? The whole thing about needing to request a “Democratic ballot” to vote in the primary. Sigh)

I’m only sharing bits of it btw, he’s throwing it!

“we’re taking on Wall Street”

“we’re taking on the fossil fuel industry”

(just a sampling btw, there’s more)

“we’re taking on the military industrial complex and their endless wars”

lots of cheers, taking on the prison industrial complex for ex, hard to keep up

“We’re taking on the whole damn one percent!”

ok, you all need to watch this one, Bernie is still just getting warmed up! damn

“oh my gawd! they’re thinking that people want decent wages!”

! sarcastic Bernie!

student debt, “health care is a human right” and “must be universal”, “and people know that we must take on the fossil fuel industry to save the planet”, the “corporate elite” “Donald Trump is getting nervous”, (lots of people “getting nervous”),
the Republican establishment is “getting nervous”,

“the Democratic establishment is getting nervous.”


“And they’re going a little bit nuts, how can we stop Bernie? how can we stop the movement of millions of people who are standing up for justice?”

lots of cheers

“So I’ve got news for the Republican establishment, I got news for the Democratic establishment they can’t stop us

“because when millions of working people, and young people, stand up for economic justice, and social justice, and racial justice, and environmental justice”

“when we stand together and not allow Trump to divide us up by the color of our skin or the or where we were born or religion, when we stand together nothing will stop us”

“so let us go forward together, and I’ve said it a million times, this is not about Bernie, this is about us”

“no president, not Bernie Sanders or anybody else can do it alone”

“the only way we beat Trump, the only way we transform this country, the only way we create an economy and a govt that works for all of us.

but at the end of the day the one percent is the one percent, we are ninety-nine percent

“let us all stand together and defeat Trump”

whoa I got a bit rough at the end, there was no way to keep up/ So many gems!


Thanks for the recap. I had to go to dinner with friends so missed the later part. Have to catch-up on the replay tomorrow!


It was a doozie of a speech! Well worth catching on replay.

Bernie seems to only get stronger with time.


i’ve been working and other things and Wanted to thank you all. You’re on fire! I can’t keep up with you