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Nevada Democratic Party asks caucus volunteers to sign confidentiality agreements

CNN obtained a copy of one of the four-page agreements which states, in part, “I will take all measures necessary to protect the secrecy of, and avoid disclosure and unauthorized use of, Confidential Information of the NSDP.”

The NDA appears to be one that is used for other purposes by the NSDP, since it also references activities other than the caucuses.

“If I am a volunteer and answering phones at the NSDP office or volunteering at an official NSDP event, I am a representative of the NSDP and am not authorized to speak to the press unless given permission by the Executive Director or Communications Director.”

It goes on to say that the interest in Nevada politics may cause them to be contacted by reporters and that those inquiries must be referred to the Executive Director or Communications Director, and it adds, in all caps, “THERE ARE NO EXECEPTIONS.” It also specifies that they cannot provide information to journalists on background or off the record.

Seth Morrison, who had planned and trained to be a site leader, was presented with the agreement Friday and wouldn’t sign it. After the party failed to convince him to sign it, he was then offered a lower level volunteer position and quit.

Morrison says the party told him that the reason for the NDA was for the “security of the election process” because site leaders have access to sensitive information that in the wrong hands could compromise the vote.

“The wording of that agreement is very broad,” Morrison told CNN, noting that the confidential information covered a lengthy list of business methods, practices and other information. “If I were to quote disparage the party or talk to the media without their permission, they could sue me for everything I own.”



You have got to be kidding. Prepared for voting in FL.



Actor Dick Van Dyke’s video endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders for president lit up social media Friday night as the 94-year-old co-star of the original “Mary Poppins” tried to persuade people of his generation to vote for the candidate known for his younger supporters.

Sanders, 78, already enjoys unusual support from voters native to the digital age as he seeks the Democratic nomination for president. Van Dyke wants to see more of his cohorts, who aren’t big social media users, get behind the Independent senator from Vermont.

Van Dyke said Sanders is a good choice for folks his own age.

“I think somebody younger, like Bernie, is just a perfect candidate,” he said.



I tweeted Jane Sanders and suggested bringing DVD to a rally in my city. DVD is from a working class town 40 mi east of here.


good luck! would be awesome!


Nevada rain and snow on caucus day

Nevada voters will have a less than ideal day for caucusing. Rain and snow will impact travel and make roads treacherous.

Beginning Saturday morning, light to moderate rain will fall over much of Southern Nevada with snow expected for higher elevations.

Rainfall amounts of 0.25 to 0.50 inches are expected, with slightly higher amounts possible for extreme southern Nevada. Thunderstorms are likely along and south of I-40.

I can only hope that Bernie’s supporters are made of strong stuff and that this actually kind of helps!


Latest insane MSM angle on Bernie!

Is a win a win for Sanders?


This morning on AM Joy, there was a half-decent discussion on how our economy was broken. But it’s b/c Joy Reid didn’t have Jason Johnson on, or some of the usual Bernie Bro haters.


Climate change is drying up the Colorado River, putting millions at risk of ‘severe water shortages’

All told, Milly and Dunne say the river supports around $1 trillion of economic activity each year.

“Without this river, American cities in the Southwest would dry up and blow away,” Udall said.

Udall says these new findings show that the only way to save the river is by addressing the root cause of the problem: climate change.

“The science is crystal clear — we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions immediately,” he says. “We now have the technologies, the policies and favorable economics to accomplish greenhouse gas reductions. What we lack is the will.”

Anyone who says that the Green New Deal is too expensive is very ignorant and/or a bought off establishment shill. The GND would actually save money in the long run.



There’s no denying Latinx voters are falling in love with “Tío Bernie.” As a supporter of Sanders myself, I’d been reading indications of this phenomenon for many months “con mi corazón en la boca,” a Spanish saying that translates roughly to “with baited breath.” Sanders has led the Democratic field among Latinxs in poll after poll, with a recent survey showing 48% favor the Vermont senator nationwide. In Nevada, that number climbs to 64%.

While Turkel notes that Democratic candidates have largely failed to connect with Latinx voters, Domingo Garcia, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), told Time that “Sanders has the strongest Latino outreach of any campaign.” On a national scale, that’s manifested largely in the form of Spanish mailers, but also community events, some cleverly called names like “Tamales for Tío,’ where Latinxs of all ages and backgrounds have come together to discuss the campaign’s core ideas. Another method has been having callers from states like Florida reach out to their Midwestern counterparts in both Spanish and English as part of a grassroots movement across the country.

Perhaps one of the most important things the democratic socialist has done this election cycle is simply show up and listen. As Turkel pointed out, this simple form of engagement has become vanishingly rare for a generation of politicians divorced from the people they are meant to be representing.

When I asked Voto Latino why Latinx voters are so important to the 2020 election, Turkel had a simple answer.

“This will be the first election in which the Latinx community will be the second-largest voting bloc in the country,” he told Truthdig. “Thirty-two million Latinx people will be eligible to vote this cycle. One million Latinx people have turned 18 every year since 2016.

“That’s four million potential new voters who heard Donald Trump refer to their loved ones as rapists, criminals and drug dealers,” Turkel continued. “This election is the first time they’ll be able to take action and make their voices heard. So, 2020 is the first time we’ll see the Latinx community really step into its growing political power.”


I woke up to see the hashtag #BernieKnew trending and I can tell fuckery when I see it!

But, Bernie supporters being Bernie supporters they turned it to Bernie’s advantage!