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Not impressed.


Good move by President Biden. He’s appointed 3 new Governors of the USPS paving the way for the removal of DeJoy. The 3 appointees need to be approved and take their seats. It is the beginning of the end for the Trump Postal Failure Epic.



DeJackass will resign once thier seated


Andrew Yang is clearly the news medias favorite candidate. Not just in the political sense, but because of the daily doings and appearances Yang provides. Notice the big photo at the top of the story.

This article details Yang restaurant stops with enthusiasm and mentions a few other candidates later in the piece—-have to “be fair.”

As if.



well, he has assured them he won’t raise their taxes…

closet prog or wolf in sheep’s clothing?


Waiting for Yang to show his hand



Bad clown


I don’t think Ronald is quite Freddie. But the compromise is The Joker.

The Joker Screenshot 2021-02-25 082647.png


Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, even members of the Sedition Caucus, didn’t have anything they could use to poke holes in Garland’s flawless résumé or anodyne public profile. So instead, they directed their attacks at the two women of color Biden has nominated to join Garland at the Justice Department: Vanita Gupta (nominated as associate attorney general) and Kristen Clarke (nominated to head the Civil Rights Division).

Senator Mike Lee did most of the hatchet work at the hearing. He asked Garland about statements attributed to Gupta and Clarke in the past: For Gupta, it was over her opposition to the confirmation of alleged attempted rapist Brett Kavanaugh; for Clarke, he had to go all the way back to her college career to drum up allegations of anti-Semitism and find an article she published that Republicans claim advocated for the “superiority” of the Black race over white people.

Lee didn’t have any heat for Lisa Monaco, who has been nominated to be deputy attorney general, but is white.

It has become de rigueur for Republicans to allege or imply that Black civil rights activists, like Clarke, are secretly anti-Semitic. Clarke was the head of a campus organization at Harvard that invited Tony Martin, an anti-Semitic author, to speak out against Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve. Clarke was 19 at the time, and she has said she made a mistake.

Perhaps if Clarke had tried to rape Martin, instead of inviting him as a speaker, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee would accept her apology for her youthful error. As it is, accusing Black people of anti-Semitism is just what they do now, while ignoring the actual anti-Semites in their party who march and commit hate crimes and come up with limericks about replacement theory.



That’s amazing. Santa Barbara is sort of a college town, but incredibly expensive place to live. One of my nieces went to UC-SB for her BA. Mr. Benny and I drove out to SB last year while in the LA area just before the pandemic was discovered in the US. Beautiful place. Some scenic drives that showcase the coastal homes, and when we stopped to stretch our legs, we saw a couple smoking a jay in their vehicle. 🙂 At 10 in the AM. 🙂



On January 26, a Trump appointee to a federal court in Texas handed down a temporary order blocking this pause on deportations. Then, Tuesday evening, Judge Drew Tipton handed down an opinion that effectively extends his original order for the life of the 100-day pause on deportations. The new opinion in Texas v. United States is 105 pages, and it purports to offer a legal justification for Tipton’s actions.

But Tipton’s Texas opinion is a fiasco of legal reasoning. It claims power over a case that the judicial branch has no power to hear in the first place. And it does so in contravention of numerous Supreme Court decisions — one of which states that “the Executive has discretion to abandon the endeavor” at “each stage” of the deportation process.

A crucial part of Tipton’s opinion reduces a complicated web of immigration statutes, judicial decisions, regulations, and longstanding agency practices into a hyper-literal interpretation of a single word — a word that the Supreme Court explicitly cautioned Tipton against reading in the way that he reads it.

Yet while Tipton’s actions in Texas are difficult to defend as a matter of law, it is fairly likely that his order will stand. Tipton’s latest order will appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, one of the most conservative courts in the country, where Republican appointees outnumber Democrats 12-5 among the court’s active judges — and then possibly to a Supreme Court where Republicans hold a 6-3 majority.

Because this case involves a policy that was set to expire after 100 days, moreover, it’s possible that Pekoske’s memorandum will expire on its own terms before the justices fully consider the case.

But Tipton’s orders are likely to be the first of many from conservative federal judges that rely on questionable legal reasoning to undermine Biden’s policies.


but all those judicial deals were just politics. spitting mad.



Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-Ga.) mocked her neighbor at the U.S. Capitol — Rep. Marie Newman (D-Ill.) — by erecting an anti-transgender sign outside her office on Wednesday.

Newman, whose daughter is transgender, is an advocate of the Equality Act, a bill that would ban discrimination against people based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The House is expected to vote on the bill this week.

In a video posted to Twitter, Taylor-Greene, a QAnon supporter who was stripped of her House committee assignments earlier this month over her bigotry and conspiracy-mongering, can be seen putting up the anti-transgender sign before smiling and dusting off her hands.

Taylor-Greene posted the video in response to a clip that was shared by Newman earlier on Wednesday. In that video, Newman was recorded hanging a transgender flag outside her office before clapping her hands together as if dusting them off.

Taylor-Greene “tried to block the Equality Act because she believes prohibiting discrimination against trans Americans is ‘disgusting, immoral, and evil,’” Newman wrote, quoting the Georgia congresswoman’s comments from earlier this week.

“Thought we’d put up our Transgender flag so she can look at it every time she opens her door,” Newman added.

Responding to Newman’s tweet, Taylor-Greene referred to the congresswoman’s daughter as her “biological son.”

“As mothers, we all love and support our children. But your biological son does NOT belong in my daughters’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams,” Taylor-Greene wrote.


Advertising antics by azzholes like Greene is precisely what they want. Ignore them, and they flop.