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Kharkiv is majority Ukranian with a Russian minority. It’s majority Russian speaking though. It was absolutely leveled in WW2 back and forth fighting between Germany and USSR.


Ukrainian officials on Monday accused Russian forces of launching a barrage of rockets on a residential neighborhood in Ukraine’s second largest city, Kharkiv, killing dozens of civilians, just as Ukrainian and Russian officials were preparing to meet for talks in Belarus.

“Kharkiv has been subjected to massive grad shelling,” Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister, wrote in a text message, referring to a type of rocket attack. There were “dozens of victims,” he added, but the number of casualties could not be independently confirmed.

Videos posted to Telegram on Monday and verified by The New York Times show heavy rocket attacks taking place in a northeastern neighborhood of Kharkiv. Other footage shows a large plume of smoke, indicating a possible explosion, rising from nearby residential apartment buildings.

One video shows a rocket lodged in the ground on a nearby street in front of a pharmacy and beauty supply store. Another video appears to show several casualties in the same area.

Russian forces positioned around the perimeter of Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine, have been shelling its outlying areas for days, but have been largely kept at bay by Ukrainian forces. The bombardment on Monday followed attempts by Russian forces on Sunday to enter the city. Part of that push took place in the same area of the city where the rocket attack reportedly occurred.




With stuff like this, I think the reaction to Russia/Ukraine is going to end up benefiting the Liz Cheney/Mitt Romney old guard Republicans

“Liz Cheney was right with that statement and she’s been right for a long time,” Romney said. “There’s no place in either political party for this white nationalism or racism. It’s simply wrong. … It’s evil as well.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, I don’t know them. But I’m reminded of that old line from the ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ movie where one character says, ‘Morons. I’ve got morons on my team.’

“I have to think that anybody that would sit down with white nationalists and speak at their conference was certainly missing a few IQ points.”



Liz Cheney and Mittens are GOPuke hypocrites and FRightwingers. They may not be nutty stupid like the QAnon fruits, but they aren’t heroes either.


And the left coalition is in control in Germany now





Every couple of months, Adamalis Vigil drives eight hours from the Rio Grande Valley to North Texas so her 13-year-old transgender daughter Adelyn can receive health care. They talk and sing the whole trip.

The care she receives there is unavailable in her hometown but pivotal to her sense of identity — and her mental health.

“It makes me feel who I truly am, and I don’t feel singled out for not being like other girls in school anymore,” Adelyn said. “It’s just very special for me that mom takes me all the way over there.”

Adelyn — who stands tall at 5 feet, 5 inches and is outspoken in class — had been having panic attacks in school as she approached puberty. After she started seeing the doctors in North Dallas, the attacks stopped.

But last week, the panic attacks started again when Republican Gov. Greg Abbott — seven days before the GOP primary election in which he’s being accused of not being conservative enough — ordered state child welfare officials to launch child abuse investigations into reports of transgender kids receiving gender-affirming care.

Adelyn is terrified she will be forcibly separated from her mother. So great is her anxiety that she doesn’t want to sleep in her own bed. The Vigil family agreed to speak with The Texas Tribune but did not feel safe disclosing details about Adelyn’s medical care.

Abbott’s directive followed a nonbinding legal opinion from Attorney General Ken Paxton — who is also in the fight of his political life in Tuesday’s primary election — that said gender-affirming care constitutes child abuse.

Still, transgender kids Libby knows “are freaking out, coming home from school crying. I mean, she also has cried a lot,” Rachel Gonzales said. “That would cause irreparable harm to any family and any child to remove a kid from their home in a state where the government is very intentionally trying to hurt them.”

Even an investigation itself can be traumatic, life-altering and invasive, Andresen said. A DFPS investigator may interview family members and others familiar with a family or the child in order to decide whether there is reason to believe abuse is taking place or whether to rule it out, among other possible outcomes.

“Parents that have the money and resources are seriously thinking about looking to move outside of Texas,” said Andresen, whose wife sometimes works with transgender families in her job as a family attorney. “Even if there is no legal grounds, why would you stay here with somebody threatening to investigate you?” Also, any protection under the law could be wiped away easily if Texas lawmakers — an increasingly conservative bunch — decide to change the code, which could effectively make gender-affirming therapy for minors illegal in Texas.

Adelyn’s care has “really been life-changing” for the Rio Grande Valley girl, her mother said.

“How is that considered child abuse to accept them and love them?” Adamalis Vigil asks. “How can they overstep their power and try to come and tell me how I should love my child?”



By train, bus, car and on foot, more than 500,000 people have fled Ukraine, the United Nations refugee agency said Monday. Since Russia’s attack began last week, shattered and exhausted families are seeking safety in neighboring countries such as Poland and Hungary.

Some people boarded trains and buses without even having a clear destination in mind — they just wanted out of key cities and apartment buildings being bombarded by Russian shelling.

They carried their children, suitcases and their beloved pets, while others said emotional goodbyes to the husbands, fathers, partners and other loved ones they were leaving behind, who said they were staying in Ukraine to fight for their country, for freedom and for Europe.

Photos captured by Washington Post photographers and others showed crowded platforms and chaos at key transport hubs. Some people slept on floors, while others soothed screaming children.



Terrified Ukrainian families huddled in shelters, basements or corridors, with millions thought to have fled their homes and more than 500,000 having left Ukraine to escape the biggest invasion of a European country since the second world war.

Natalia Balasynovych, the mayor of Vasilkiv, which has been under heavy fire in recent days, said she believed most people in her town would accept a compromise to stop the war.

“We would like to see compromise, but not capitulation,” she said. “Maybe neutral status for Ukraine, if it stops them shooting now. Because to live like this is not possible. If they offer us only the condition of capitulation, then we have to fight to the end. But I would like our children never to wake up with these bombs.”



Left-wing heavyweights are rallying around a slate of candidates running in congressional primaries from Dallas to Laredo. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) flew to Texas to campaign for two of them. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) texted his huge fan base to raise money. Justice Democrats and the Working Families Party, two progressive groups, have aired TV ads.

The left is hoping to make a show of force that will provide a jolt of momentum, attention and money for candidates in other states in the coming months. Progressives are on the hunt to grow their numbers in Congress, after a year of legislative showdowns and intense infighting that pitted them against the more centrist Democratic lawmakers such as Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.

Now, Texas is kicking off a primary season that could reshape the contours of the Democratic Party in Congress, which is staring down a brutal midterm environment that will potentially lead to a smaller caucus in 2023. And after a wave of retirements and new maps in a redistricting year, progressives have an unusually large number of opportunities to muscle their preferred candidates through primaries and could fundamentally change the Democratic caucus.

A trio of progressive-backed candidates in Texas — Jessica Cisneros, Greg Casar and Jasmine Crockett — could offer up early clues on messaging, too, like whether the left can successfully cast centrists as impediments to President Joe Biden’s agenda, or whether Democratic voters worry progressives have gone too far on issues like the “Defund the Police” movement.

“These three candidates showing a strong finish and winning will send the president and the rest of the Democratic Party a very clear message: Progressive policies are popular and the voters don’t want moderation and centrism in this moment,” said Joseph Geevarghese, executive director of Our Revolution. “A good showing on election night is going to send a message that people want fighters in positions of power. And in some ways, I think it might be a message that the administration and Democrats haven’t done enough.”

Despite the stakes, the Texas primaries haven’t drawn blockbuster spending in the same way that a 2021 Ohio special election became a magnet for national groups and donors — nor has this group of Texas candidates triggered as many objections from moderate organizations.

Waleed Shahid, a spokesman for Justice Democrats, argued that some centrist groups are staying out of Texas primaries because “they don’t want a loss on their record by getting involved in primaries where progressives are doing better than their hawks.”

“Adding three progressives to the House caucus would be a boon to creating a more coherent and more pro-Biden-agenda caucus in the House,” said Maurice Mitchell, national director of the Working Families Party. “Come November, expanding the size of the Senate [caucus] and picking up the Pennsylvania and Wisconsin seats would create the conditions where we won’t be subject to the Manchin or the Sinema veto.”



LD, are you and JD voting early? Don’t the TX primaries start early voting tomorrow? Good seeing you back, too! 👍


Zelensky has quite an untraditional background for the leader of the country.




Tons of misinfo, propaganda and outright scams all over social media, tiktok, etc. The same MSM who wants to silence independent media over what is or is not true picks up same stories and amplifies them far more than social media ever would have.. and then never amplifies corrections