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Bernie Sanders will continue to pitch his platform to Massachusetts Saturday, hosting a rally on Boston Common before the state’s primary on Tuesday.

Doors are set to open for the Saturday rally on the Common at 11 a.m. The event is scheduled to start at noon.

The presidential candidate has dedicated two days this weekend to Massachusetts, visiting Springfield for a rally Friday evening.

“I’m here tonight to humbly ask for your support,” Sanders told the crowd Friday night, not mentioning any of his Democratic competitors to his supporters in Springfield.

But Sanders is challenging fellow senator Elizabeth Warren in her home state. According to a new WBUR poll released Friday, Sanders’ lead in Massachusetts has grown to 25%, well ahead of Warren’s 17%.


Don midwest
Don midwest

Which presidential candidates’ emails landed in Gmail’s primary inbox?

interesting article. Chart showing that Bernie gets sent off to Promotions

“Mail classifications automatically adjust to match users’ preferences and actions,” she said. “Users really like the tab organization.”

Gmail enables the tabs by default, but they can be disabled. Wattie declined to say whether most users keep the tabs, but an email deliverability firm said about 34 percent of respondents to a 2016 survey said they use them.

The tabs also serve another purpose: ad inventory. While Gmail does not sell ads in the primary inbox, advertisers can pay for top placement in the social and promotions tabs in free accounts.

Swinging the Vote?
Google’s black box algorithm controls which political emails land in your main inbox. For 2020 presidential candidates, the differences are stark

Don midwest
Don midwest

Trump and Sanders are the same — in how they are treated by the press

biggest failure of press was to rail against Trump not realizing that they were in their own world and Trump was speaking to a segment of the population

they are doing it again with Bernie — in effect, trying to take him down rather than realizing what is going on in the country

The one way Sanders is the new Trump