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I have a new job now birdies, full time! That’s good for the most part, but it means that I’ll have less time during the day (but I’ll try to catch up whenever I’m able).

In the meantime, here’s another endorsement:

Editorial | Bernie Sanders is the best candidate to defeat Trump

No one can change the world alone.
There are a litany of issues the next president of the United States must face. Right now there are over half a million homeless Americans. Medical debt is a leading cause of bankruptcy, with tens of thousands dying annually because they don’t have health insurance. There are thousands of people currently imprisoned in U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement prisons, the vast majority of whom have no prior criminal convictions.

Looming above it all is the existential threat of global climate change, which will result in unprecedented catastrophes if there is not immediate and radical action.
There is only one candidate running for president who can defeat President Donald Trump and implement a policy agenda that will revitalize the working class, increase access to health care, reform a broken immigration system, and save the planet.

Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders is also the only candidate with a coherent vision for how to enact his policy proposals once in office in the face of immense opposition. He plans to engage directly with the American people to implement his progressive platform by putting pressure on Congress through strikes, protests, and other forms of direct action.

Not only is Sanders the pragmatic choice, but his platform shines above those of other candidates as the best chance to combat climate change and make the economy fair for working people. He is particularly popular among young voters, including many Penn students, because he recognizes that Americans are tired of being told that a better world is not possible.





Kudos and congratulations, mags!! Here’s to it being a great gig for you! 🙂


Yay! break a leg. ❤️🌸🦜 what are you doing now? unless i’m too nosy.


Congrats Mags,Lots of good people here to us up to date, LD must have BERNIE like energy to work FT and keep the site going especially with some of the issues of maintenance of the nest. I’m relegated to early to mid evening reading/commenting. And theirs always the late night Berners that comment to catch on the next day :).





Big lead for Bernie in another NH poll

The article says he’s up 10 since the last poll in early January but it actually looks like this
Bernie +6
Biden same
Buttigieg -5
Warren -2
Klobuchar -2


Senator Bernie Sanders is in the lead by some distance in the 2020 New Hampshire primary, according to a poll of voters in the state, and is now ahead among moderates and conservatives as well as liberals.

The 7 News/Emerson College Polling Tracker puts the Vermont independent at 29 percent in New Hampshire, a “commanding lead” over former vice president Joe Biden in second place at 14 percent.

Sanders is up 10 points on the previous poll in January and Biden is flat.

In third place is the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg at 13 percent and in fourth is Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren at 12 percent. The New Hampshire primary takes place on February 11.


Another NH poll came out with a much tighter race but again it looks like they found a voter pool that seems older than turned out in 2016

Bernie 23
Biden 22
Warren 19
Buttigieg 12
Steyer 7
Klobuchar 6

For Bernie 18-44 was 29% and 44+ was 21%
For Biden 18-44 was 7% and 44+ was 28%
Exit polls in 2016 showed 41% 18-44 and 59% 45 +. Applying that to the age breakdowns here gives Bernie 24% and Biden 19.5%



The 2016 NH Primary turnout was historical. In spite of nasty cold, icy, and wet conditions, people turned out in droves to vote. The pictures were nuts but a good nuts. No telling what 2020 will be like?



This week our country formally begins the election process to determine who will be our next president come January 2021. There are so many critical issues that face our nation as we look to the future. When it comes to the general well-being of our country no issue is more important than health and the access to medical care for all. It is estimated there are approximately 90 million people in this country who have either no insurance or who are underinsured. To remedy this issue there is really only one option that guarantees universal coverage to everyone and that is Medicare for All. This program is promoted by Senator Bernie Sanders who has championed universal single payer healthcare for decades.

As a family physician I am faced with a daily dilemma of trying to care for individuals who have no insurance or who are underinsured and are unable to purchase prescriptions, let alone pay deductibles or significant copayments required to get the care they need. This is particularly true in both my working poor families and impoverished elderly patients living off their Social Security checks. It often boils down to buying groceries and paying the rent versus paying for their prescribed treatments. This insane choice often affects the outcome of disease management and can even be life-threatening. This is especially problematic in dealing with conditions like diabetes management and the cost of new insulins, therapies for common life-threatening heart arrhythmias with the exorbitantly priced blood thinners necessary to prevent strokes and death, and the newer biologic agents for various types of rheumatologic and arthritic conditions where prescription costs can be in the thousands of dollars a month.

Only through universal coverage of every person in this country through a comprehensive Medicare for All program will people obtain the preventive and follow up medical care services that is their right and should be afforded to everyone in our country.

It is at long last time for the United States to move from providing the world’s most expensive sick care to providing the world’s greatest healthcare. The American College of Physicians, the nation’s largest medical specialty society has recently endorsed single-payer Medicare for All.

For the wellness and health-sake of our nation, will you join me in supporting Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States?

Robert Dodge is a family physician practicing in Ventura, California. He is the Co-Chair of the Security Committee of National Physicians for Social Responsibility. He is the President of Physicians for Social Responsibility Los Angeles.


we need a ton of these. thanks.