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In the Middle of the Night, Bernie Was Tipped Toward Iowa Victory by Working-Class Immigrant Votes

Iowa factory workers, ethnic and racial minorities, and people with disabilities were empowered to caucus this year with 60 new satellite locations in the state at worksites, college campuses, mosques, Latino Catholic parishes and union halls across the state. The satellite locations went overwhelmingly for Sanders.

At the Hoover Elementary Satellite Caucus in Cedar Rapids, where instructions were read in eight languages and 80% of attendees were reportedly first-time voters, Sanders won all of the delegates.

The Sanders campaign was instrumental in pushing for the satellite caucuses and turning out new, nontraditional voters to them. Sanders volunteers say they appeared to be the only one aggressively canvassing working-class immigrant neighborhoods in Des Moines and Iowa City. (The Elizabeth Warren and Buttigieg campaigns did not respond to requests for comment.) According to the campaign, it knocked on a total of 500,000 Iowa doors in January, and its 200 paid staff and thousands-strong volunteer army filled 10,000 canvass shifts the weekend before the caucus.

Kamal Ahmed of Iowa City, a Sudanese American and regular Democratic voter, said he received literature in the mail from other campaigns but that only Bernie canvassers actually knocked on his door.

In These Times spent a week before the caucus shadowing a group of ten Sudanese Sanders supporters from the Pheasant Ridge apartment complex in Iowa City as they prepared to caucus at one of two locations.

“I am caucusing for Bernie because he focuses on the working class and how to make day-to-day life better for workers,” says Eltayeb Elamin, 47.

“The Sudanese have a strong community in a lot of ways and we always come together to discuss social issues and the issues that affect working people,” Elamin says.

“It is very normal to see Sudanese people sitting together, talking about politics,” agrees Bakhit Bakhit, 70, another member of the collective, who also caucused for Sanders in 2016. “I see Bernie trying to build a grassroots social base, which is unusual in this country where elections are the only thing that matters, the Democratic Party has no social base, and the winner writes the platform.”

“Bernie fights for all working people,” says Bothayna Sati-Hussian, 54, of why she supports Sanders.

By the time of the caucuses, the campaign had done extensive outreach to Southeast Asian, East African and Balkan refugees in Des Moines. They honed in on the new satellite caucuses based around foreign-language communities. The team used 24 buses to get voters to the caucuses, and a local volunteer helped with confirmation calls in Nepali.

Their efforts paid off. Sanders swept Des Moines’ Bosnian Islamic Center Zen Zen satellite caucus, where many caucus-goers were Bhutanese Nepali refugees exiled from their place of birth, and the Grand View Satellite Caucus, where caucusgoers of Lao, Hmong, Filipino, Vietnamese and Cambodian descent convened.





can’t have even 1 Bernie delegate now csn we



This would be great if it happens as far as I’m concerned.

And it could save the Democratic party from becoming a footnote in the history books.



Bydone shouldn’t be disappointed about Iowa, voters simply took his advise 🙂 Bet he wont utter that phrase again?


wish this would go viral. so smug. he and petey would be the perfect tesm to run against.

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