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Thanks for putting up a VP debate thread Benny. I’m watching it now..they’re really interrupting each other a lot & Kaine is doing a lot of over talking. I hope the moderator starts too get some control.


The wild card baseball game is more important to me but thanks for the post. I will catch up on the debate later.


Kaine’s bringing up Trump/Pence against Birthright Citizenry ..good point. brings up ‘The WALL’

progressive grandma
progressive grandma

Thanks for doing this Benny. I don’t have the teevee machine on so I can keep up with what’s going on here. Thanks again!


The only way I can stand to watch some of these debates is by viewing the coverage by TYT.

The hosts do a great job of adding interesting or funny commentary to keep it entertaining. They also do a “roundup” at the end of the debate where they discuss biggest winner, biggest loser, best and worst lines of the debate, commentary about the host of debate’s questions, etc. Plus, it’s all from a progressive perspective.

I highly recommend checking it out if you’re interested the next time.


Thank you for doing this Benny! I learned more here from your commentary than I did from reading multiple MSM articles. I didn’t have the ‘stamina’ to watch more than 10 minutes or so.

I did see, though, that at the end of the debate everyone seemed to think that Pence ‘won’. This morning everyone still seems to think that, but I’m reading a lot of people remarking on how Kaine interrupted Pence a LOT and also that Kaine seemed hyper and seemed to be trying to stuff too many attacks in or trying too hard.

One way or another, though, it would seem that the next president will probably increase our presence in the Middle East and will probably attack Assad and his govt, or undertake “kinetic actions” as some call it nowadays.

I especially like how you focused on the issues discussed rather than style.


Yes, it’s refreshing to actually hear about some substance, instead of the whole focus on “demeanor.”