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Thanks for the thread magsview


The Trump administration is proposing a 37 percent spending cut for the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) budget, according to multiple reports.

U.S. officials say the suggested decrease would likely require staff reductions, including security contractors at diplomatic facilities overseas, The Associated Press said Tuesday.
The AP said development assistance would likely take the biggest hit, citing officials familiar with the proposal.
State and USAID received $50.1 billion during the current fiscal year, it added, a little more than 1 percent of the total federal budget.

The EPA’s reductions are less severe, with as much as 24 percent of its budget possible getting pruned according to reports Monday.
Trump officials will purportedly float a $6.1 billion budget for the EPA next year, a $2 billion cut from current levels.


Instead of cutting back on the EPA ………..Just Imagine!


If you don’t want to listen to Trump’s speech there is an alternative.


How far will will Trump’s fascists go?


Thanks, mags! beautiful!


Perhaps this is why Obama went easy on the bankers!


The story of how an unknown organizer from Chicago made it big!

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Way to go Tweeter in Chief!


This would suit me just fine!


Former NAACP chief Benjamin Jealous is “actively weighing” a campaign to be Maryland’s governor.

Jealous said Tuesday he is in the early stages of contemplating a Democratic challenge to popular Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, and that he has been recruited since the summer to enter the 2018 election.

Republican President Donald J. Trump’s election prompted Jealous to take the urging more seriously, he said, though he has yet to hire a staff.

“I love our state, and we are living through a historic moment that calls on each of us to ask what more we can do,” Jealous said in an interview. “I would never do it unless there was a clear path” to victory.


Go for it Ben -nothing to loose and a helluva lot to gain.


Be Safe! I hope it is only a precaution.


It seems so. I’m waiting for the NOAA convective forcast to update at midnight, but I think it turned out to be a false alarm – thankfully! It’s a chore to tote all of them down there and back, though, that’s for sure. On top of a horrid cold, at that.




Thank you, magsview!! 🙂 REC’D!!


OH MY GOD! Some Democrats are really showing their cajones now! LOL!

Trump will surely change his ways!


Rep. Eliot Engel of New York said Tuesday that for the first time in nearly three decades he won’t shake the president’s hand before or after his address to a joint session of Congress.

“This will be the first time during my 29 years in the House that I’ve made this decision,” Engel said in a speech from the House floor, noting that he respects the office of the presidency and will still attend President Donald Trump’s address.

“I will listen to what he has to say today,” he added, “but I will not greet him and shake his hand.”

Engel opened his brief remarks saying he has long prided himself on working in bipartisan fashion to get things done for his constituents and all Americans.


Pressure can work


Members of both the House and Senate are taking a stab at addressing high drug prices with a new bill.

A bill introduced Tuesday would allow wholesalers, pharmacies and individuals to import drugs from Canada. The hope is to avoid the higher list prices in the US by turning to a country where there are controls in place that keep prices lower.

Democratic and Independent Senators Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Bob Casey, Martin Heinrich, Angus King along with Representatives Elijah Cummings and Lloyd Doggett cited President Donald Trump’s enthusiasm for bringing drug prices down. Trump has said that the drug industry is “getting away with murder” and called drug prices in the US “astronomical,” but has been fairly vague about particular policies that would bring those prices down.

“Now it’s time for him to put up or shut up,” Booker said in a news conference Tuesday.

In January, Booker voted against an amendment about drug importation because of safety concerns. The aim of this bill is to address those concerns.


Way to Corey. Nice attempt to CYA after your previous vote.


yeah, it’s like “yes, please fast track the TPP” but I’m a populist Wyden.

Hoping i get my facts down and the time and courage to challenge him at a town hall.



If we want to talk about rigging elections, though, we shouldn’t look at the DNC. Its role is mostly irrelevant in that regard; it’s a party-building and fundraising organization. Other groups within the Democratic Party do dominate elections, bringing a rigid, stale sensibility to the issue of who can represent the leftward pole in our politics. And those organizations more credibly steer the debate Sanders fans are waging over how to change the country.

I’m talking mainly about the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the campaign arm for Democrats within the House of Representatives now chaired by Rep. Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico. For decades now, no matter who has led it, the DCCC has been run on the principle that only a certain type of Democrat can win a House race. It anoints candidates well in advance of any election, gets involved in primaries, favors candidates with money and endorsements and discourages donors from giving to candidates they don’t like. Unlike in a high-profile presidential campaign, this preferential treatment can absolutely make the difference in who represents the party in House races.

This is all done largely out in the open. It’s called “candidate recruitment” and “electoral strategy.” Read the archives of Howie Klein’s indispensable Down With Tyranny blog and you’ll see this play out in election cycle after cycle. His chronicle of how Democrats have misfired consistently in Republican Darrell Issa’s California House district, which has been winnable for years, is a good primer.

We have an uneasy concentration of wealth and power that has threatened liberty and democracy. The economy works for a narrow band of elites, not the broad class of citizens. A party of the left must represent those who want to counteract that, or else the governing debates when elections end will be nothing more than a sideshow, patches on a fraying system where Big Money wins regardless of the outcome.

There are small signs that the DCCC is becoming more responsive to the grassroots. Activists have grown restless with an ossified House leadership that isn’t making room for younger and more ideological members. State and local Democratic parties are being overrun with new energy and recruits. There is actual hope that a movement of engaged citizens can turn the Party around.

But it requires paying attention to the real choke points in Democratic politics, of which the DCCC is among the worst. Who sits in Congress when the next Democratic president speaks before a joint session will determine the success of their agenda. The time to build a coalition that will really address what’s held back our democracy begins today.


I will NOT be watching tonight I’d probably smash my fist through the TV

From Bernie:

The murder of anyone is a tragedy, and our hearts go out to all families who lose a loved one to violence. But let’s be clear about what Donald Trump is doing tonight in inviting family members who saw a loved one murdered by an undocumented immigrant. He is stirring up fear and hatred against immigrants and trying to divide our nation. That is his political strategy and we must not allow him to get away with it. Why didn’t Trump invite the family of Srinvas Kuchibhotla, the immigrant from India, who was recently shot down in cold blood by a white, native born American? Didn’t his life count? Why didn’t he invite the families of the black parishioners shot down in a church in South Carolina by racist Dylan Roof? Weren’t their lives important? President Trump, any murder is a tragedy. Don’t use these tragedies to stir up divisions by race and nationality?



Very nice read over at CommonDreams:


Goes pretty much right down the line for what the left stands for, and why our ideas should be driving the party.


I must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed today since I feel quite ORNERY today as you can probably tell from my comments.

So I will share this tweet.


The neo-liberals will not let go of their power!


Many Bernie Sanders supporters were hopeful that Sanders backed Keith Ellison would emerge victorious from the election, as he was representing the progressive wing of the Democratic Party that many believed needed a takeover.

With Ellison losing and Tom Perez winning, surely there is some bright spot for Sanders supporters to be able to find hope and motivation for the next election with the Democratic Party?

Thanx @TheDemocrats for not electing one person from the Sanders-wing. pic.twitter.com/MNchMTx5ql
11:38 AM – 26 Feb 2017
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However, unfortunately, that is quite simply not the case. There were zero Sanders progressive wing representatives elected in the Democratic Party. The Chair, two Vice Chairs, Chair Of CEVP were all part of the Obama administration. The Secretary and Finance Chair were Obama or Hillary Delegates or Superdelegate. The third Vice Chair was re-elected for her post served during the Debbie Wasserman Schultz led Democratic Party. The Treasurer may be worst of all, overtly and frankly, an investment banker.


Berniecrats in the DNC? Sure looks like a big tent for all? (of neolibs that is)

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