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Jasper LiCalzi, professor and chair of the Department of Political Economy at the College of Idaho, said this unusually competitive Democratic primary has “really kind of split the party.” Speaking before Tuesday’s results, he said the establishment supports Balukoff, while younger voters and those who don’t regularly vote in primaries are drawn to Jordan.

“She needs high turnout and high turnout among people who usually don’t come out in primaries,” LiCalzi said. Turnout is usually around 25 percent in the primaries, he said, but “I think it will be higher this year. With both sides having contested races, I think it could be higher than usual.”

Balukoff ran unsuccessfully for governor against Butch Otter in 2014. Political commentator Chuck Malloy, who writes for Idaho Politics Weekly, points to Balukoff’s earlier run as a cautionary tale.

“I think Jordan excites the imagination a little bit more than Balukoff,” Malloy said. “She’s a lot younger. I’m not saying she’s loaded with great ideas. But Balukoff the last time was running to show how Republican he was and how conservative he was. I think that kind of struck a sour note with quite a few Democrats.”


I am glad that she at least managed the first step. The next one will be much more difficult.

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