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Don midwest
Don midwest

TYT and Jordan Chiraton – he is back

When it looked like Bernie would win the nomination, I joined TYT. My time there is greatly reduced and I just took Cenk off my twitter feed.

Jordan left TYT after an allegation of sexual harassment. He says it is false. In this video he thanks TYT for the support as the first regular job during his years in journalism. He also says that he was not sent, it was his idea to go to Standing Rock and Flint and other places to report.

He will have back surgery than he will launch a new media effort that he thinks will transform the media.

Jordan Chariton on His Media Future…



Jesse Randall Davidson wasn’t a stranger, some mysterious threat from the outside. He was a bearded, bespectacled, 53-year-old social studies teacher and the play-by-play announcer for the football games at Dalton High School in northwest Georgia.

But when the teacher brought a gun to school, barricaded himself in his classroom Wednesday and fired a single shot, students quickly recognized that this wasn’t just a sad local incident.

The incident showed the extent to which the Parkland students have influenced their peers across the U.S. and created a model for other students to follow.

The Dalton students immediately turned to social media to take issue with Trump’s calls to arm teachers.

“I’m a Dalton High School student,” tweeted one student, earning more than 4,000 retweets. “Please don’t tell me a damn thing about arming teachers. Please don’t tell me that I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.”

“So are we still going to give teachers guns?” tweeted another. “I’m on the bus evacuating Dalton high school.”

Some of the Dalton students’ messages were retweeted by the Parkland students, who have amassed large followings on social media.

“To all Dalton High School students: I am so sorry,” tweeted one Parkland student. “We are together in this. Your school is a living example of why teachers shouldn’t be armed. If anyone needs someone to talk to, please dm [private message] me. I’m here for you.”


Wonder if he did it as a warning to NOT allow guns…. Weird.


I do wonder one thing. Its been suggested that ex Military be allowed with guns in schools as a deterrent. I have a healthy respect for our troops as a few of my relatives did serve. I shudder to think of the carnage that would take place in a school if an ex-military person fell through the cracks on a back ground check and has PTSD and decided to open fire in a school with all the training in play. Just food for thought.



The Commerce Department released data on capital goods orders for January yesterday. As I noted, this is a hugely important early measure of the success of the Trump tax cuts. The ostensible rationale for the big cut in the corporate tax rate that was at the center of the tax cut is that it will lead to a flood of new investment.

Since the outlines of the tax cut had been known since September, businesses had plenty of time to plan how they would respond to lower tax rates. If lower rates really produce a flood of investment we should at least begin to see some sign in new orders once the tax cut was certain to pass.

The January report showed orders actually fell modestly for the second consecutive month. The drop occurs both including and excluding volatile aircraft orders. While this is far from conclusive, it is hard to reconcile with the view that lower taxes would lead to a flood of new investment.

Remarkably, this new data has gotten almost no attention from the media. Both the NYT and the Washington Post ran an AP story that just noted the drop in passing. Doesn’t anyone care if the tax cut works?


“Doesn’t anyone care if the tax cut works?” Not in the MSM, they don’t. They just love it for their corpse masters. Good catch.


Tim Kaine is full of crap. Campaign donations from the financial industry take precedence over anti-discrimination for these 12 Dems (as well as all the Republicans)


Tim Kaine isn’t shy about his work as a fair housing lawyer. When he ran as the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nominee in 2016, the Virginia senator routinely touted his past pro bono efforts to help low-income families deal with shady landlords and racist lenders. Combined with his affable dork-dad delivery, Kaine helped shore up Hillary Clinton’s credibility on an ambitious anti-discrimination agenda. And it didn’t sound like empty politician talk: Kaine had done the work.

He still feels a connection with civil rights attorneys. “In representing people who are getting ripped off or who don’t have anybody else to stand up for them or who don’t even know the questions to ask or where to turn for help, you are the hero,” Kaine told a Washington gathering of the nonprofit National Consumer Law Center in November.

And yet next week, the Senate is set to vote on a Kaine-sponsored bill that deliberately undermines the government’s ability to enforce laws against racial discrimination in the housing market. The legislation would block the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from collecting key data showing when and where families of color are being overcharged for home loans or steered into predatory products. It’s just one small provision in a broad financial deregulation package, which, thanks to backing from 12 Democratic senators, is almost certain to clear both chambers of Congress and receive President Donald Trump’s signature.

The effort to chip away at anti-discrimination enforcement has largely gone overlooked this year, as banking watchdogs focused their criticism on the legislation’s rollback of tougher rules against risk-taking at megabanks that were implemented in response to the 2008 financial crisis. Both foreign financial conglomerates and big American regional lenders would enjoy lighter federal supervision if the bill passes.

To its opponents, the bill represents a contorted statement of values, prioritizing short-term bank profits over consumer protection and financial stability.

“This is a bad bill,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) told HuffPost. “No Democrat and no Republican should support it.”


Kaine seems like a rather vicious double dealer to me. Have money will vote.

But then, that’s the norm.


“We’ve Got To DO Something About Syria!” Uh, No You Don’t. Please Don’t.

If you ever want to make sure you’re on the correct side of history regarding foreign policy, just look at what the neocon think tanks and liberal interventionists are advocating, and then advocate the exact opposite. US-led regime change interventionism always makes things worse, never accomplishes what its proponents claim it will accomplish, and inflicts additional death and suffering upon innocent people in a way that always benefits the rich and powerful of the western empire. And when the intervention fails to unfold as its proponents promised, as it literally always does, they say “mistakes were made” and blame it on the mismanagement of whomever happened to be in charge at the time.

It’s a brilliant scheme, really. All these predators needed to do was secure the congressional Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists in the wake of the September 11 attacks, and now the US-centralized empire can set up permanent military encampments in any strategic location by simply flooding the area with terrorists. This is exactly what it did in Syria, and now the US has a permanent military presence there with the stated goal of effecting regime change.

“Once the economic space between Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran becomes integrated, linking the Mediterranean, the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea and the Arabian Gulf, will not only be important in the Middle East,” Assad once famously said in 2009. “When these seas are connected, we will become the inevitable intersection of the whole world in investment, transportation, and more.”

It’s not hard to imagine how the imperialists would suddenly accelerate the urgency of removing Assad once he began speaking like that. Go try and find anything damning about Bashar al-Assad in the western mainstream media prior to 2009. You’ll find a bunch of positive expressions, including a nomination for honorary knighthood in 2002 by British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Interesting how he then suddenly transformed overnight into a bloodthirsty sexual sadist who gets off on gassing children to death for no reason.


TSA has made it harder for airlines to give out pre-TSAs on their flights. “Little old ladies” like me (haha) tended to get them and I’ll miss them. Back to the lines. Going to see grandkids this weekend. :O)


Have fun! We’re leaving later today for Daytona Beach for my partner’s uncle’s 90th birthday


You both have fun and stay safe.


Thanks, orlbucfan. :O)


I hope you have a wonderful visit!! Memories…


Ditto to all of you-safe travels


kudos to your partner’s uncle! have fun. :O)


Florida Meetup
Saturday, March 10th
Starts at 1PM
Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant
1475 Garden Street
Titusville, FL 32796
Contact: orlbucfan
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Don midwest
Don midwest

Democracy Now this morning had a long segment on the FL school shootings. They mentioned in passing the significance of an AP history class for the students to articulate their political positions. I went looking to see if I could find the text that Amy Goodman held up and could not find it. I did find an article in Forbes that mentioned it. Yes College Board has a racket, but people pissed off that students are upsetting the establishment.

College Board’s Insensitive Response To Parkland Tragedy Angers Members

In other words, criticize educating students.

American Exceptionalism which is our salvation, our God — exceptionalism is a religious position, a Utopian position, etc. so will be hard to dislodge


I hope you can all see this picture. If you cannot, please let me know.


No doggies in sight for me. Here are my two remaining therapy dogs waiting to greet me


Please don’t tease me like that. 😉

I don’t see your pic and I could really use it!


You can’t see the picture? Odd-they are there for me


love incarnate. Nice flowers!


Yay! I just had to refresh my screen. So adorable!! Is the white and grey one dominant?

I hope you have a great trip to Florida!!


They’re actually pretty equal.




Awwww, so wonderful! i was hoping my Bella might be a therapy dog, but she is an out and out hell raiser, instead. #gottalovethatbellabananas


Poor guy I really really feel for him


Trump Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin isn’t accustomed to facing direct challenges to his wild economic claims or protests over the GOP tax plan he helped craft, and after experiencing both during an event at UCLA’s Burkle Center on Monday, Mnuchin demanded that video of his appearance be suppressed.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mnuchin complained to the audience that he usually only talks to “people who wanna listen to me speak” after students and others attending the event yelled out “I think you’re full of shit” and denounced the Republican tax bill as an attack on “people who are in poverty.”


still have my tiny violin….


just to be in the spirit of the comment PB 🙂


Another words only want people that will bow down to his word or people that he can fire.


In Oneonta, a woman asked me the difference between Universal Healthcare and Medicare for All. My answer? “Universal Healthcare” is what a politician vaguely promises when they are unwilling to act. “Medicare for All” is what they say when they’re gonna pass H.R. 676, face down the health insurance industry, and open a new chapter in the history of country. Now is the time to make healthcare a right for all Americans, not a privilege of the rich. #medicareforall #ny19 #uniteny19 #bealsforcongress


Good reply. Something to file for future use.


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