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Duplicate. Great minds think alike✌️


i’ve been obsessed with this tweet this morning myself. lol.



Trump Got Me Released From Prison. But I Support Bernie.

Such a statement codifies what I, and those in marginalized black, brown, immigrant, non-WASP communities felt all along. We are not equal citizens, and America is not about equality and rights. As such, Trump is not only failing Americans, he is defining America.

Meanwhile, Sen. Bernie Sanders is working hard to redeem it and redefine it. The Sanders campaign has succeeded in demonstrating what America has become. The nation had foregone its status as a rebel against brutal exploitation of the individual by the ruling monarch, and morphed into one of institutional exploitation of the individual by the corporation, the patron of the ruling few.

Sanders has demonstrated that it is not just people like me — brown, Muslims, Jews, immigrants, children of single mothers — who struggle. He has revealed that the average Joes and Janes have become marginalized. Yet, we the marginalized, not finding the space to discuss financial struggle in a society that that exhibits itself as wealthy with plenitude, found only ourselves to blame.

Sanders is patting us on the back, telling each of us that it is not our fault. The problem is not us, but them: the system. The establishment. Even if macroeconomy looks good with mean income levels skewed by billionaires, the people are suffering, and the people’s suffering requires a pause.

Sanders’s pause is reviving the Constitution from becoming “we the few, the billionaire and corporations” to “we the people.” All the people. Everywhere. This is progress for America. It is an awakening that cannot go back. And the America I know does not go back; it is like the arrow, always forward, never stalling. What makes America America is not vicious capitalism, not technology. What defines America is progress. And a Sanders administration is progress.


T and R, Benny!!🕊😊🕊🗽🇺🇸


Some panic buying was happening at grocery stores this morning in Albany NY area. I was surprised to find long checkout lines and some products sold out. We were able to postpone our scheduled trip to Egypt. The government there is in denial about corona virus spread due to tourism economy. If you don’t test the numbers stay low. Just ask the Rump!


Hopefully you got a refund, Our local media is reporting that 4 of the cases in my hometown came from a group the just returned from Egypt on vacay. You may have dodged one their jbob

Don midwest
Don midwest
Don midwest

this was already linked below

so many tabs up that I forgot where it came from

sorry for duplicated comment


i call it amplification. 🤗🐻🤗


ty benny. i even shared this on FB this morning. i can’t believe someone could see this and still vote joey.

an even better comparison would be to his first speech where he calls for community and lays out all those steps, imo. but I am not up to the task of making such a tweet. i just shared the common dreams article that has his first speech on Facebook also


My home town has 6 confirmed cases of the virus, we still went out for supper like usual, it slow by usual Friday standards,not going to panic life goes on, we’re taking the usual precautions. So I made the mistake of going to the bank and the line was out to the street today- crazy!! Then I made the mistake of doing my normal grocery shopping. It was as bad as the opening of black Friday. Hoarding going on here, one guy and his wife had 4 carts full of cases of various canned goods while I was at Aldi’s. Festival which is a “normal” grocery store had area’s of empty shelf space’s. Reminded my of those pix you saw in Russia during the cold war of their every day empty shelves. I didn’t bother going into the king of black Friday -Wal-Mart from previous experience I knew their shelves would be decimated just worse than normal. BTW the empty shelves I saw were not including TP, sani wipes and hand sani. those have been empty for days. Bleach was almost out as us old timers remember that that was to go to before corporate America marketed 100s of other products that accomplish the same as 10 to 1 bleach, Vinegar as well. Various frozen foods were out as well.

There’s a big run on frozen pizza for some reason Froz and fresh chix breasts as well? For me and the Mrs well we’ve been on a 2 week plan since we got married, we just adjusted for when the kids came and then again for when they hit the Teen years as most of you can probably relate they become sharks eating anything and everything :). Like many of us here I don’t get the TP thing. Lucky for me the Mrs is a good scratch cook, so almost no processed food anyway. The only good thing is that all the hoarding going on and once this passes food pantry’s should see a bump as people unload the food they over bought. In Milw. theirs been a few reported fights over TP, hand wipes One woman and another guy reached for the last hand wipe on the shelf and the woman offered him $20 bucks so she could keep it. The guy said whatever and took the 20 bucks. Getting crazy and some of these people get to vote. “Stupid Hu-maanns”


was that Quark at the end? 🖖



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