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Don midwest
Don midwest
Don midwest
Don midwest

when I first clicked, I got both links

here is the single link again


yes, the left could really get behind pressing biden on this.

on a less hopeful note, beginning to text on slack, apparently there are tons of people on bernie slack, texing about how great the stimulus is, not so many on nina slack. not sure what’s going on there and hoping he’ll send some over!

Don midwest
Don midwest

it is a crying shame

as noted in the article, maybe a stage for a horror movie


so so sad. \s


tRump getting elected POTUS is an historical HORROR movie!


Just a heads up—-right wing and MSM are starting to raise the alarm that Biden’s next big bill is going to include Raising Taxes!

The figures noted are to raise the corporate tax rate to 28% from the current 21%, raise the personal income tax rates on all incomes over $400,000 per year, eliminating something of capital tax loopholes and a few other things I’m not going to understand.

It all adds up to a money transfer from the wealthy to the rest of us.

Which is why I will not be getting my hopes up.


Why is Governor Cuomo insisting that we wait until the investigation is over?

Here is what happened when The Gov called for a Corruption Investigation. (Keep in mind that 9 of his closest associates were imprisoned on corruption charges.)

The investigation was called the Moreland Commission. The short version of it is that as the investigation got close to wrapping up and Cuomo wasn’t pleased with its leaked findings, he canceled the commission. No results were made public.

And the corruption went on.


he’s made it clear that he’s the kind of man who can change “results.” honestly wouldn’t be surprised if people feared for their lives, much less their reputations.

we really do need to change the whole embedded culture in politics and especially the media’s glorification of the ruthless, the violent, those that choose power over heart instead of having a path to power bc of their great heart, among other qualities.