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The calm before the storm, more anxious about Bernie than cv19 right now



should be 80


Yes, but he beat his closest competitor by double.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

These numbers look more like reality as compared to the exit polls:election results in our primaries on super Tuesday.



gawd, I hate the FRighties, orange fatso, and the DINOs!!!!!


does that delegate count include California?


I read somewhere that at this point in the Dimwit Primary-2008-$hrill was ahead of Obummer by around 300 delegates. More than the Bernster and Brain Dead. True?


T and R, Benny!! FL votes on 3/17. Luck of the Irish (like me) in Bernie’s corner!! 🙂


Scary times


Two emergency medicine doctors, in New Jersey and Washington State, are in critical condition as a result of coronavirus, reinforcing concerns that the nation’s front-line medical workers are becoming especially vulnerable to the virus, the American College of Emergency Physicians said.

“A lot of us think that despite everything we do, we will probably be exposed,” said Dr. William Jaquis, the chair of the group. Still, he said, “The first reported case certainly sends a shock wave through the community.”

Emergency rooms represent a busy intake point for hospitals, where patients come in with symptoms but no diagnosis. As the coronavirus spreads during the typical flu season, emergency physicians are triaging large numbers of patients around the country with symptoms that could be the virus.

“As compared to anyone else at a hospital, you are operating with the most incomplete information,” said Dr. Angela Fusaro, an emergency doctor in Atlanta.

One of the ill physicians, a man in his 40s, was working in the Seattle area, where the nation’s outbreak began. “As far as we know, he had the protective equipment he needed,” Dr. Jaquis said. “This was an area with an outbreak, so they were expecting and prepared. That obviously makes us more nervous.”


On now:


naomi. 🤗


I have been watching CNN lead up to the debate. It shows whose side that they are on. The have been 2 panelists who have endorsed biden (yang and Mcauliffe) and no supporters of Bernie.


Yang is an ahole. I knew that when the Primary began.

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