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Trumpcorps reality show rolls on Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa to divorce Donny Jr a chip off the ol’block.


Had to pass this one along= The king of Fake news rolls on
Trump says he made up facts in Justin Trudeau trade meeting: ‘I had no idea. I just said “you’re wrong


I guess you could put a R behing satan and the evangelicals would still vote R.

Holy hypocrisy! Evangelical leaders say Trump’s Stormy affair is OK | Editorial


Bernie has done more to move the needle toward the left than anyone in my memory. I remember being awestruck by his speech after the Iowa primary—he’s saying that on network tv!!!


It was thrilling to watch the enthusiasm grow everyday for Bernie over the course of the campaign, but I think the response from the students at the walkout-appearance really drove home how much Sanders revolution lives on as a movement.


Bernie is practically a unique character at the federal level, someone who neither sold out nor gave up and emerged with a real decades long history on record for anyone to see, backed by a level of drive few can match.

Is there anyone else out there we can truly trust as much as Bernie, someone who has a such a low probability of selling out?

In my mind and obviously in the minds of many, the answer is no and maybe not even close.



Thanks Benny! Having gone from someone who randomly posted about random things @ TOP for a decade + to posting everyday about a presidential campaign and now being involved in on the ground campaigns and community engagement it has been quite a journey and I appreciate all the friends I’ve made along the way! Despite the tough roads that lay ahead I look forward to travelling them together!


Wonderful thread Benny!!

Thank you.

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