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He voted for the bank deregulation bill. Not so sure I’m enchanted with him right now, Irish or not.




should’ve added Eve of Destruction” I did find an updated slide show for todays world. Havent progressed far since then have we. Sadly


I think Beto has a far bigger chance of winning and being the real ‘red state’ model for winning (aka: no PAC money and a ’50 state/500 gazillion city campaign) than past Dems hyped up for other races (see: Wendy Davis). While there are areas where he could be more progressive, I think he is far more likely to go in that direction on issues if his campaign succeeds, much like Ro Khanna has become a progressive champion. I’ll do my best to capture the entire March 29th event I’ll be at.

Spring Texan

Agree. Beto isn’t all that progressive, but he’s genuine and NOT the candidate of the party establishment. And, he’s campaigning like a son-of-a-gun, across the state.

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