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Don midwest
Don midwest

Politics is best understood as public relations for particular interests

Our politics isn’t designed to protect the public from Covid-19
The politics of denial, first honed in the tobacco industry, has serious consequences for a floundering Johnson government

Politics are PR for the rich

That nails it

Health. Environment. Oil.

Here is how I found that link

Don midwest
Don midwest

I was not going to post this comment since Nathan J Robinson has been so supportive of Bernie and he wrote a comprehensive article on the danger of Joe Biden and laid out his policies

The title shows Robinson’s point: Bernie missed the knock out punch in the debate.

The pandemic has changed the political game so I am linking Robinson’s article.

Well, a knock out punch requires a clear villain. Or at least a social agreement on who the villain is that allows a collective to be build and maintained against the villain.

Classic story of good vs evil.

Bernie was portrayed as a kind of villain. How dare he speak the truth about Cuba or China? That proves that he is more of a communist than a socialist.

Bernie wants a revolution. “Reality” says that that is not possible. The reality of politics as PR for special interests.

Just vote for Joe and the villain Trump will be eliminated and we can continue as #1.

Well, something has happened.

A political actor, a virus, has arisen which is pointing out the fundamental flaws in the system, and as an added benefit, as George Monbiot has noted, politics is PR for the special interests.

So, in order for Bernie to have scored a knock out blow against Biden

1. Biden would not have been permitted to lie and lie and make up his position on the fly borrowing large pieces from Bernie

2. There would have to be a widespread understanding that US is not #1. As Jeremy Scahill said in answer to my question on whether Snowden’s documents would change politics, he said “American exceptionalism is so deeply buried in American culture, I don’t know what would dislodge it.”

Bernie said we, note that is “we” need to stand up to powerful interests.

Here is Robinson’s article — which if my reasoning above is even partially correct, there is still time to make a case for M4A, and the Green New Deal

Bernie Sanders lost his last chance to take Joe Biden down

Climate change is a slow moving emergency and extremely difficult to understand. A Pandemic is up front and personal and show flaws in the system


I don’t participate here very often, so I’m sorry if this post offends site practice. I found this article in BuzzFeed interesting and a confirmation of what many of us felt in 2016. I thought Bernie would be different this time, but he wasn’t. He deserves respect for how far he brought the peoples’ platform, but it appears we have the wrong candidate. Honest, truthworthy, and caring as hell, but not flexible or aggressive enough for the cutthroat politics of the Democratic establishment and their media.

The only power I have is my one measly vote. If we can’t hurt them, we have no power. By continuing to vote blue no matter who, LOTE, all we do is prove they can ignore and destroy us because we really do “have no place else to go”. I’ve joined the Grover Norquist school of my way or I take you out. I am proud to say I voted Green in Michigan and took Hillary out.🎉🥳️ I am lying in wait for Biden.

The Week Bernie Sanders Realized He Was Losing
Interviews with nearly two dozen aides, allies, and progressive operatives reveal a campaign struggling to reconcile reality with the emotions of a movement that simply fell short.

Paul ADK
Paul ADK

Not the wrong candidate. The wrong party.


All he could do was repeat his stump speech. Same one from 2016. People quit listening. He stayed with his above the belt campaign – his good friend joe. Joe was not his good friend. If you haven’t read the BuzzFeed article, I would encourage you too. Explains a lot. Much of what I guess and hoped wasn’t true this time.


the campaign is asking fir feedback at and they will really read it.


I sent this:
Only you can decide what’s best for you and Jane. And with the pandemic, I wouldn’t blame you if you just went home to Vermont. But we desperately need your compassion, your moral clarity, and your leadership in America. Whether you do it from the Oval Office, the Senate, or your living room. I want desperately for you to stay to the convention, but I also fear for your safety. It’s a conundrum for your people, and even more for you. If I had my druthers, I’d see you run third party – Green or People’s Party. It is time for a new party. The old ones are irredeemable.

Do what you gotta do, but one thing you canNOT do: you cannot ask us to vote for Biden or whichever corporate establishment Dem they run. Because a lot of us just won’t. Trump is not as scary as Bloomberg, whom we know is pulling the strings and levers.


Bernie has a quality that is both beneficial and detrimental at the same time. He is laser focused on policy issues despite what his opponents are up to. If the issues were covered evenly his would be a winning strategy.

However the MSM, the corporate democrats and the special interested have no such standard. They have used everything in their arsenal to maintain the status quo.


and they painted him into a corner so that every time he got the least bit angry then smear it all over the place.

i don’t know how i’ll fight if i survive this, but yes, they fought us a billion times harder than they fought trump. and most people are apparently blissfully unaware. so my golden years will be spent getting rid of the machines half the time and i hope giving workshops and coaching.

i found out yesterday that the family i work for doesn’t believe in social distancing and i’ve been in very close proximity, especially of course with the toddler—toddlers sort of get all their fluids on anyone they’re close to. lol. so i’ll be doing some reevaluating. i’m pretty old and have a couple of health things that would make it worse.

thanks for listening to my brain dump. lol


Take care of YOURSELF, PB. We need you with us!


Yeah, but the Movement has legs and needs to keep growing. Anyone with kids, grandkids, etc. better get this fact through their heads.


we welcome different views! to a point lol

i’m still in it to win it and if Bernie loses will write him in. Then Ill join the demexiters as we strategize on the next best place to organize from. i’ll exit once my vote is counted in may.

and I honestly believe TPTB is using fractional voting in the machines. and the msm. Bernie does need to be flexible and we’ll see what happens now

Bernie may yet surprise us all. 🦜🔥🦜

hope you stick around


Check this out PB. I joined last night.


That article can GTFO about Bernie not expanding his base in 2020 (people of color, especially Latinos, anyone?). But this and the Robinson article are on the nose in their critique that Bernie was not willing to do what this moment demanded.

We’ve seen over and over that if you challenge and confront Biden, he loses it. Bernie had to do that in the debate. While the format made that harder, he completely failed to do so. Instead, he let Biden lie his way through everything and stay in his comfort zone.

Unlike 2016, we cannot say that anyone is surprised by the dirty tricks played by the establishment (yesterday’s dangerous vote hits a new low, but still). To this point, the campaign, by choice, just hasn’t done what it takes to win.

I still have hope, but my disappointment is real.


As someone on Facebook said, “We don’t deserve Bernie”. He is a Mensch. He holds himself to a higher standard, and we don’t understand him, really.


Team joe wasnt saying this before the vote:

anyone who claims victories in elections where people couldnt vote is illegitimate.


agree such murderous hypocrites.


T and R, jcb!! I volunteered for the Dean campaign, and both of Bernie’s, cos of what they were running on. Now, in spite of the craporate MSM, and the gradual dumbing down of the populace–defunding public education since Raygun, etc.–the pain is going hit just like in the 1930s. This Movement is alive and well–Newman’s victory in IL–Bernie has got to see this process through the end.


Another interesting post, this time from c99.

#VoteBlueNoMatterWho – A Domestic Color Revolution in Real Time


i can’t give up yet. biden with bloomberg et al in the wings will bring a smooth veneer to possibly a more vicious and long lasting functional dictatorship.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Hi Dorthy, dkmich

I went there and spent over an hour with a comment that pulled together a lot of things for me. It may be useful for others.


Don Utter

Recommend that you follow the link and read my comment. It will be easier for people here because I have been bringing in Bruno for some time on this site.

Here is a link to my comment

Don midwest
Don midwest

My comment on Caucus99% to an article about not going along with the DNC to vote for Biden

While it is linked in a comment below, I thought it was important enough to put here

You can look up the USGLC mentioned in the article. It is a group of oligarchs advising the government in foreign policy. Or is it the place where outsourced foreign policy is formulated?