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Students at a southeast Pennsylvania high school served their detention on Saturday for taking part in nationwide walkouts last week by linking arms and wearing the names of those killed in gun violence on their clothes.

More than 200 Students at Pennridge High School in Perkasie who walked out of class last week to protest gun violence were given detention.

Nearly 50 of those students served their detention Saturday, according to the The Morning Call in Allentown.

During their detention, the students linked arms, wore the names of Parkland shooting victims pinned to their clothes and sat in a circle. A flower was placed in the center of the circle.


Here’s some photos of the walkout at my partner’s school. He is the superintendent at the local county BOCES, which provides vocational-technical programs for high school students, physical and occupational therapy for students with disabilities, and literacy programs for adults.



Broadway stars Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt plan to donate a portion of the proceeds from their new mashup song to the anti-gun violence march on Saturday.

The song, called “Found/Tonight,” is a mashup of music from “Hamilton” and “Dear Evan Hansen.”

#1 on ITunes


Beautiful. Posted right above the video about the town hall w/Bernie. Credited jcitybone and The Progressive Wing. Thanks, guys. Thrilling song.


way to go kids, so what did the school wish to teach these kids? i’ll bet the kids did give a rats ass about the detention penalty.



The congresswoman’s gun record is complicated. But the one person who could explain it — Gabbard — isn’t talking.

The congresswoman has mostly avoid discussing the topic in detail with the media. She often issues press releases that include broad statements about her policy stances or takes to social media to speak directly to her supporters.

Gabbard’s gun record could easily be described as sporadic.

While Gabbard now seems to be saying all the right things for someone in her position — that she supports universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole and banning military-style assault weapons — it hasn’t always been reflected in her actions.

She’s been slow to sign on to a number of gun control measures that have received widespread support among her Democratic Party colleagues. Sometimes she’s just a no-show.

That was the case in 2015 when Cicilline first introduced his assault weapons ban. The bill had 149 cosponsors, including late Hawaii Rep. Mark Takai, who, like Gabbard, served in the Hawaii Army National Guard. Gabbard never added her name to the bill.


Tough luck AZ Republicans


The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday required Arizona to continue to issue driver’s licenses to the so-called Dreamers immigrants and refused to hear the state’s challenge to an Obama-era program that protects hundreds of thousands of young adults brought into the country illegally as children.

The case centered on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program created in 2012 under Democratic former President Barack Obama that Republican President Donald Trump already has sought to rescind. Those who signed up for DACA are shielded from deportation and given work permits.

The high court refused to hear Republican-governed Arizona’s appeal of a lower court ruling that barred the state from denying driver’s licenses to people protected under DACA.

“Arizona’s inexplicable attempt to deny driver’s licenses to Dreamers, pursued by two governors for years, has now failed at every level of the federal judiciary,” said Jennifer Chang Newell, an attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union, which represented the immigrants in the case.


Tough luck PA Republicans


Last month, the GOP leaders of the Pennsylvania legislature appealed the case to the US Supreme Court in a last-ditch effort to get the new map thrown out. The justices waited nearly a month to announce whether they would weigh in on the case, causing election law experts to wonder if they might indeed take the case. But on Monday, the court released a one-sentence order stating that the Republicans’ appeal to the court had been denied.


Next up is for the USSC to rule in favor of the people of Wi on the same topic on Gerrymandering. Crossing fingers. All three Judges are conservatives nominated by Republican Presidents and confirmed by Congressional Republicans to boot Some R’s heads are exploding as I post this.



In Savannah, about a dozen sign-toting protesters on the sidewalk managed to keep pace with Pence, who walked roughly 0.3 miles (0.48 kilometers) of the parade’s 2.25-mile (3.6-kilometer) route. City officials had said signs would be prohibited in the parade area secured for Pence, but backed off Friday after the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit in federal court.

Savannah Kite brought a sign reading “Black Lives Matter, Protect Dreamers” and wore a T-shirt with the words “Gay, Irish and Proud.” She and other demonstrators chanted “This is what Savannah looks like” a few feet from where Pence shook a final round of hands before being whisked away by his motorcade.

“I’m a married lesbian, I’m 30 years old, and I’d like to adopt children,” Kite said. “I think his policies have hurt queer people, and that bothers me.”

Protesters and others had ample room to maneuver because crowds in the 12 square blocks secured for Pence were notably lean in spots. People stood four deep behind barricades on one side of the street, while big gaps between spectators could be seen directly across the street.



A pro-Bernie Sanders group has canceled an anti-Hillary Clinton protest, its organizer told NBC News on Monday.

The event, created by the leader of a local chapter of Our Revolution, prompted backlash from Clinton allies, leading Sanders’ top adviser to condemn it and disassociate his boss from the group, which grew out of Sanders presidential campaign.

The episode shows that, two years later, Democrats still can’t quite shake the ghost of 2016 and the hard-fought presidential primary between Clinton and Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont. And it’s another demonstration of the challenges Sanders faces in leading a movement that acts in his name but is often beyond his control — even as he reportedly prepares for a second presidential bid in 2020.

Ellen Faden said she had no idea her protest would cause such an uproar.

The founder of the Hazlet, New Jersey, chapter of Our Revolution objected to the fact that Rutgers University is paying Clinton $25,000 for an upcoming speech, so she thought she’d use the event to make a point about money in politics.

In a statement, Our Revolution President Nina Turner said the organization did not endorse the event, but that the decision to cancel it did not come from on high.

“The Rutgers protest of Secretary Clinton was created by one local group, not an event endorsed by the national organization or myself,” Turner said. “With almost 600 local groups, Our Revolution encourages a wide range of opinions and respects everyone’s right to peaceful protest. This group has decided, on their own, to cancel this event. We are open to working with individuals and groups who believe in the founding principals of our Revolution.”

It’s not the first time Sanders has had to publicly distance himself from his own group.

But campaign finance rules prohibit Sanders from exerting much influence over the group, which prides itself on bottom-up decision-making driven by grass-roots activists, who often chafe at pressure from above.

Both Sanders and Our Revolution benefit from their perceived association, so neither is exactly keen to advertise their independence. But the status has created awkward situations where Sanders and Our Revolution have diverged.

For instance, last month, Sanders was compelled to put out a statement breaking from Our Revolution after they endorsed former congressman Dennis Kucinich in the Ohio governor’s race.

“Our Revolution is doing a great job, but I am not involved with it, and it would be illegal for me to be involved. Let me be very clear: Bernie Sanders will make endorsements, and Our Revolution will make endorsements,” Sanders said. “I’ve known Dennis Kucinich forever. I consider him a friend. But I am not making an endorsement there.”


I am glad OR HQ decided to weigh in without telling them to cancelling it. Autonomy is good, but you don’t wish to kill the progress as a whole.



Actress Cynthia Nixon has officially announced she is mounting a Democratic primary challenge against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Announcing her bid on Monday, Nixon said that she presents a “strong progressive alternative” to Cuomo, who she called a “centrist and Albany insider.”

Cuomo’s time in office has been defined by a string of indictments for corruption, his failure to fix the New York City subway, and his support for a backroom deal which handed Republicans control of the state Senate, resulting in the failure of numerous pieces of progressive legislation,” Nixon said in a statement.

Nixon’s entrance into the race had been speculated months. Earlier this month, she began to assemble a campaign team.

The former “Sex and the City” star has been vocally critical of Cuomo in the past. On March 8, she wrote an op-ed criticizing the governor for education policies that she said come dangerously close to those of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.



Just donated. I doubt she can beat Cuomo but her celebrity status wil certainly help with media attention to progressive causes and shine a spotlight on corrupt Cuomo.


More on the campaign:


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