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Another CEO oinker

From Bernie:

It turns out that the $1,000 bonus Disney promised to give its workers as a result of Trump’s tax cut is a sham. Disney is telling its workers that if they don’t accept a contract increasing their pay by just 50 cents an hour, they will not get their $1,000 bonus. No wonder this contract was rejected by some 90 percent of its union workers. Meanwhile, Disney just approved a compensation package worth up to $423 million for its CEO. $423 million for Disney’s CEO; 50 cents an hour for its low-wage workers. That is the definition of corporate greed.


Well Disney is pricing out more and more of the middleclass to their property. So whats it gonna be a trip to Disney or pay for a semester of college for one of your kids or max out a cc and pay for that for years.


Of special note for LD— and the rest of us

From Bernie:

In the richest country in the history of the world, millions of Americans should not be losing all of their teeth because they cannot afford to see a dentist. 86 percent of the American people support expanding Medicare to cover dental care. It makes absolutely no sense that we treat oral health as separate from the rest of our body. The situation has become so absurd that tens of thousands of Americans go to Mexico to get the dental treatment that they should be getting in our country as a fundamental right.

On day one, our Medicare-for-All bill would provide dental, hearing, and vision coverage. The dental crisis in America has got to be addressed.


I am like so over (valley girl talk) this crap about this country being the exceptional, the richest, etc. Really? Where’s the proof?


Are you telling me you have not seen how cheap you can get a 55 inch tv at walmart?! What are you saying America is not exceptional? You spend the Winter in Russia or something?

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