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LTE: Sanders Best Candidate for President

Do we want a strong, irascible, stubborn, principled, honest, man to be our president or simply another yes man to the corporations and industries? Do we want someone who has had 1.8 million individual donations — as of January 2020 — through his grass roots campaign or a man who will owe the corporations who have bought him? Do we want a man unafraid to stand alone on his platform, who voted against the invasion of Iraq, or a man who states, “nothing much will change”?

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate for president who will not allow corporations, pharmaceuticals, banks, to continue to rule us. He is a man who once drove a bus to Canada so that the people riding could get their drugs more reasonably.

As a Democratic Socialist he says, “We must create an economy that works for all, not just the very wealthy.” Bernie’s platform is not new, to him at least. Since marching in Selma during the Civil Rights Movement, he has reached out to help us ordinary folks, our veterans and our environment. He warned us about global warming and climate change years ago, and has proposed a Green New Deal that will create 20 million jobs and pay for itself in 15 years.

Although Jewish, Bernie has spoken out against the atrocities perpetrated against the Palestinians by Israel.

His health care plan, Medicare for All, would save approximately 46,000 lives each year and allow our workers to move from job to job without losing their health care. Yes, our taxes would go up, but because we will not be paying insurance companies premiums, supplements, and co-pays we will have more money left in our pockets. The recent outbreak of the coronavirus is a perfect example of why we need Bernie’s Medicare for All.

Bernie will raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires and put a 77% tax on estates over $1 billion. Bernie will not cut Social Security.

Please, consider what you know to be true about each candidate. We can’t depend on our president to tell the truth; we can’t depend on Biden to do anything against big business; we can depend on Bernie Sanders because he takes no corporate money, he works for you and me and always has.

Don midwest
Don midwest

need help for a link

My internet went down and I lost several links.

One was about how the dems, nancy and Joe were behind the curve to show leadership during the pandemic

It might have been in politico, or USA today


(important because Bernie leading the way)


i’ll keep my 👀👁👀 out.



And this is still during the campaign – – imagine if he gets elected



People were posting some great appropriate tunes from the Byrds a couple threads ago and that inspired me to try to post two songs from the Jefferson Airplane’s “Bark” album that I think are inspirational for these times. I’ve been trying to move them from You Tube over to here but I’m just not smart enough to figure it out. The songs are War Movie and When the Earth Moves Again if anyone feels like putting them up. It’s an obscure album now but features classic Airplane harmony and politics. Nearly every song on it is good. Check out Pretty As You Feel and Crazy Miranda (lives on propaganda).