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While no feminist has argued that Trump’s abusive attitude towards women has been healthy—and while more than a dozen women still have outstanding accusations against him for sexual harassment or assault—Biden’s instinct to respond to Trump with macho threats of violence is also drawing fire.

“No one doubts the former veep’s heart and commitment,” wrote Erin Keane for Salon Wednesday evening following Biden’s latest comments. “But his macho posturing is ugly and counterproductive.”

“Can we declare a moratorium on glorifying violence, on celebrating the patriarchal ideal of man as enforcer and protector, and on equating (even in the inverse) athletic prowess with good character?” Keane continues. “Because these ingrained cultural habits have historically not been kind to women and girls.”


Thank you jcitybone and Erin Keane.

Personally, I found the my-dick-is-bigger-than-your-dick stuff to be ridiculous.


Too bad. She should stick with Bernie for MFA. But this might well help her chances. Ugh!

Just looks like she’s had some discussions with the insurance ptb.


Actually Bernie is cosponsoring this legislation, and Warren is still a cosponsor of Bernie’s MFA. This is just to make what’s there better for now.


A little good news out of Wi but I’m sure the Walkerkoch will call in a favor to over rule.
Judge orders Gov. Scott Walker to hold special elections for open legislative seats.


The Wi Rs party at work.Reynolds (the judge who orderethe special elections)–
was appointed to the bench by Walker in 2014. She has been re-elected since.
Asked whether he knew that Reynolds is a Walker appointee, Vos said, “I don’t know. But one thing I’ve learned about appointments: you don’t always get it right.”


Twitter blasts Scott Walker for crowing about CROWE support for tax rebate, holiday

“CROWE and Noah Williams are part of Walker’s propaganda machine,” posted another critic.
“Thanks dork, my kids are grown so no $100 child tax credit for me or any other childless or child free people. How are you going to pander to me?” asked Kurt Weyers.


McMaster out / Bolton in: Hello Armageddon!

For the youngsters, John Bolton is committed to starting the conflagration in the mideast since before his days in the Dubya administration.


He’s dumb and arrogant. So’s maggot brains. Bolton will insult the dumbazz-in-chief, and he’ll be gone. Watch.


Your lips to Dog’s ear….


Oh god. Crazy times

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