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Thank you Benny. For both the thread and the feistiness!

I think it’s a good thing that Bernie continues to use his presidential bid to help elevate the issues that he feels strongly about, and about which I tend to agree with him 99% of the time.



Packed churches. Oh, yay. Just what we need. The man cares for nothing but his own ego and image. Well, and money, of course.


Murder. How many of his followers will follow the new jim jones.


Why would he put his main voting block in danger of getting sick?

Paul ADK
Paul ADK

Why, because he’s an amoral psychopath, of course.

That’s the answer to a lot of really bizarre questions.



Those rallies, and the live events that have helped boost Sanders over the past year, came together thanks to a team that included Caleb Wilson, the national director of talent outreach for the 2020 campaign. Sanders “made it a mandate that all of [his] events have to incorporate music, arts, and culture,” Wilson tells Rolling Stone. “The senator is extremely aware that throughout history, political movements and their success can absolutely be attributed to the artists of the day championing them. It’s crystal clear why music is so important to us.”

On a practical level, the Sanders campaign has seen music as serving dual functions. One effect is increasing the campaign’s exposure through media outlets that cover music and celebrities, like Rolling Stone. “It’s the earned media,” says Wilson. “The association with these major national recording artists, if that gets … platforms that wouldn’t normally be covering a political rally to cover a political rally, well, that’s looked at as a huge win.”

More important, big-name musicians can help expose the campaign’s message to voters who might not otherwise be engaged in electoral politics. The campaign has done that in part by shaking up the structure of a typical political rally: If a bigger artist has signed on to be part of a Sanders 2020 rally, the band, and not the senator, will often serve as the headlining event.

The campaign has also understood that it has offered a big platform for artists, particularly smaller acts. “It’s certainly a ‘You scratch our back, and we scratch your back,’ ” says Wilson. “The Bernie base is so massive that you’re exposing this artist to a whole new demographic of people.”

“We would be lying if we didn’t think that our engagement went up after our first Bernie rally,” says Hector Flores of the band Las Cafeteras, a Los Angeles Chicano group that has performed at several Sanders rallies. “Immediately after our performances in Iowa, we had Bernie supporters at every show. But the performances with Tio Bernie were beyond algorithms and Instagram likes. … The love from our base was reciprocal. Our fans came out in the thousands to publicly pledge support for Bernie after we did, because they knew that if Bernie was down with an independent band from East L.A., then Bernie would be for them too.”


Really nice bar, Benny! I’ll have an Irish coffee!



Senator Bernie Sanders will hold a roundtable event with a group of health experts to discuss the novel coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

Sanders is expected to speak at 8 p.m. EST.

Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate, has tried to stay in the public eye through livestreamed events focused on tackling the pandemic, alongside other pressing national issues. Last week he hosted a similar town hall focused on the economic impact of COVID-19.


he’s “tried to stay in the public eye.”. They think they’re so clever. To be honest, it seems that they are considering how many people think they’re so wonderful.


shoot. i have a meeting. celebrate with him for me. ❤️🦜🦜


I’ve over-taxed my computer, but managed to grab a screenshot, couldn’t quite fit the invitation to submit your questions you can almost see along the bottom.

What a lovely concept, music and a discussion.

3-24-20 BS live from DC.jpg

That’s the best thing I’ve seen in a long time! Thank you!

And here is Shaun’s tweet. I have not seen a couple of these. seen together these are really really bad.

There are 5 altogether.


Biden is going to increase the spread of Covid-19 by causing everyone to facepalm repeatedly without washing their hands first.


Omigawd, you’re all on fire tonight, (muffled laughter)

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death


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