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Handing in signed petitions to put Andrew Yang on the ballot for the June 22, NYC Mayoral (D) Primary.

Broadway show tune rendition made this a headline grabbing event.

Grim faced opponents of Yang ran to microphones to declare that they had even more signatures. uh-huh. maybe you do. How many signatures isn’t what is noteworthy here.


T and R, Ms. Benny and all the usual excellent TPW suspects!! ☮️😊👊👍


Ryan Cooper

If you’ve been reading or watching mainstream media over the past week or so, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about a supposed screaming emergency on the U.S.-Mexico border. More migrants are trying to cross the border, which all three network Sunday shows gave frantic saturation coverage — ABC’s This Week nonsensically held a panel segment on the border itself, as if that would somehow lend gravitas to a bunch of talking heads. On Monday, the networks’ big morning shows all ran segments calling the story a “crisis” once more. CNN even ran a video of a repeated boat crossing that, as numerous experts testified to The American Prospect, gave every indication of being staged, possibly even by the Border Patrol.

This is nonsense. There is a problem at the border, but it is not remotely a “crisis.” It’s an administrative challenge that could be solved easily with more resources and clear policy — not even ranking with, say, the importance of securing loose nuclear material, much less the ongoing global pandemic, or the truly civilization-threatening crisis of climate change. The mainstream media is in effect collaborating with Republicans to stoke unreasoning xenophobic panic.

Here’s what’s happening: in short, the number of people trying to cross the border has skyrocketed over the past month. There has been a particular surge in unaccompanied children — according to the Department of Homeland Security, average apprehensions of unaccompanied children have increased from 313 per day last month to 565, on average. It’s unclear why this is happening exactly, though presumably it has something to do with a new president who isn’t such a racist maniac, and the hope that vaccination is beginning to beat back the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S.

Now, there are genuine challenges here. Tens of thousands of people trying to sneak across the border is, at a minimum, unsafe (many have died trying to do so). And as Felipe De La Hoz writes at The New Republic, unaccompanied minors are a particularly thorny issue — the Biden administration wants to avoid the negative press of “kids in cages,” but one can’t simply turn young children loose with no one to care for them. The natural solution is to house them in a decent facility for a short time while host families are located. But then again, the facilities for caring for these kids are typically underfunded and loosely regulated, and often run by unscrupulous contractors with a history of abuse.

But all of these problems are, in principle at least, easily fixable. With some more money the government could build more holding facilities so children aren’t stuck for days or weeks. With more staff the immigration courts system could be beefed up to process asylum applications in a timely fashion (as required by U.S. law, incidentally). Probably most importantly, comprehensive immigration reform could rationalize and streamline the legal immigration process, which is currently a Kafkaesque nightmare.

Now that Trump proved the political potential of xenophobic bigotry, and Republicans are desperate to talk about anything but Biden’s enormously popular pandemic rescue bill, conservatives are whipping up a classic misdirection circus. All too many mainstream media sources are happy to play along, as they have done for decades (perhaps because they feel guilty for basically having no choice but to be pro-Biden during the presidential campaign).

The border situation “is a political crisis for the new president, with no easy way out,” said NBC’s Chuck Todd on Meet the Press over the weekend, exercising his considerable political influence to create that crisis. He contrasted the conservative demand of a “big wall and some stricter enforcement of the border” with progressive demands for “humane treatment for migrants fleeing violence … and a path to citizenship for those that are already here” — falsely implying that both are equally extreme and impossible.

It’s true that it would be much cheaper and simpler to deflate the frenzy of media hysteria by doing what Trump did — basically closing the border, throwing penniless refugees back over it, and forcing Mexico to deal with the problem. Dealing with migrants in a fair and humane fashion will





tRump, the the badly made up orange maggot, got one fact right: the craporate MSM is a major source of deliberate bad info and lies.


From defending slavery to protecting segregation, the filibuster has been heavily used to block civil rights

Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell (Ky.), argued Tuesday that the Senate filibuster “has no racial history at all. None. There’s no dispute among historians about that.”

That’s false. Historians know the filibuster is closely intertwined with the nation’s racial past and present. To be sure, senators have filibustered issues other than civil rights over the Senate’s history. But it is impossible to write that history without recognizing the centrality of race.





Someone throw him a head of lettuce, keep him quiet for awhile


The amounts aren’t enough but it is a big change in philosophy

President Biden’s next big thing would fuse the rebuilding of America’s creaky infrastructure with record spending to fight climate change, a combination that, in scale and scope, represents a huge political shift, even for Democrats who have been in the climate trenches for decades.

A guiding philosophy of the Biden proposal argues that the future of good jobs is the transition to an economy that no longer churns out carbon dioxide through the burning of coal, oil and gas.

Aides are set to brief Mr. Biden this week on plans to invest between $3 trillion and $4 trillion in spending and tax credits on a wide range of efforts meant to bolster the economy. The money is currently planned to be split between two packages, starting with an infrastructure bill that is rooted in the effort to halt the emissions of planet-warming carbon dioxide. Administration officials stress that the details remain in flux.

But as currently constructed, accelerating a clean energy transformation underpins nearly every part of the plan, people familiar with it said. It includes building electric power lines that can deliver more renewable energy, building electric vehicle charging stations, capping oil and gas wells to reduce emissions and reclaiming abandoned coal mines. There is money to build a million new affordable, energy-efficient housing units and to make existing structures more energy efficient. Hundreds of billions of dollars would go toward “high-growth industries of the future,” such as advanced battery manufacturing.

The underlying message — that the next step of America’s economic recovery is fundamentally tied to countering the climate crisis — represents a major pivot in the way Democrats make the case for tackling global warming. No longer merely an environmental imperative like saving the polar bears, or a side element of a stimulus package like it was under the Obama administration, climate change has become the centerpiece.

Administration officials say they view averting catastrophic warming and pursuing American dominance of the emerging global industries as inseparable. That is a sharp break from even the most recent Democratic administration, when Mr. Biden was vice president, let alone the Trump era, when the president denied the existence of climate change.


Israeli politics continue to be a mess. An Arab party considering joining Netanyahu!

With almost 90% of votes counted, his right-wing bloc is on course to win 59 seats – two short of the threshold.

In a surprise development, an Arab party which is projected to get five seats could hold the balance of power.

The final outcome will among other things determine the course of Israel’s relations with the Palestinians.

The Arab party, Raam, has not declared whether it will support the efforts of Mr Netanyahu – an unnatural ally – to form a governing coalition or those of the bloc of parties opposed to him remaining in office.

The Netanyahu opponents are projected to win 56 seats, according to the latest tally, and although backing from Raam could give them a majority, they are fragmented and unlikely to be able to agree to work together.

If neither bloc succeeds, the country could face its fifth election since 2019.


sick, but there’s already an alliance. hope not.


Another illustration that political voting stupidity isn’t confined to the USA! USA! 💩


Scum is too kind a word for this asshole. Surprised that he didn’t body slam the wolf first.

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte received a warning from wildlife officials after killing a radio-collared wolf near Yellowstone National Park without first taking a mandated trapper education course — a violation of state hunting regulations, officials said Tuesday.

The male wolf was 6 to 7 years old and had been born in Yellowstone National Park. It was fitted with a radio collar to track its movements in 2018, park spokesperson Morgan Warthin said. The animal was a member of the park’s Wapiti Lake and 8 Mile packs, then went off on its own to find a mate.

Lemon said the radio collar from the animal was returned to the park.

Trappers have the option to release radio collared animals so they can continue to be used for research. The certification course includes instruction on the importance of radio collared wolves to monitor the population and manage wolf pack attacks on livestock.

“A wolf that’s been wearing a radio collar is going to be a terrible trophy, because those collars mess up the fur around their neck,” said Carter Niemeyer, a former wolf recovery coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “And then symbolically, you’ve got a wolf that researchers spent thousands of dollars on, and then to have somebody thoughtlessly kill that animal when they could have released it back to research — that’s a lot of poor judgement.”

While running for Congress in 2017, Gianforte acknowledged illegally killing an elk in 2000 in Park County. He was fined $70 after self-reporting that he mistakenly killed an elk not mature enough to be legally harvested, the Independent Record reported.


That was shitty.


Is this the same yahoo who threatened a reporter a few years back?