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Don midwest
Don midwest

The Muller report

I follow with a twitter tab on the side, not one of the already too many twitter people to follow, I follow Marcy Wheeler. Here is her summary of the Muller report from what we know at this time.


Glenn Greenwald has been pointing out forever how the Dems have failed to show that the RUSSIANS! RUSSIANS! stole the election. It is too easy to bring back the scare tactic that was the basis for the cold war and continues as the basis for our military empire. How could you loose if you just said RUSSIA! COMMUNISM! SOCIALISM!

Marcy says that Glenn is discounting the seriousness of the Russian involvement as seen with all the members of the Trump crime organization doing deals with Russia and other oil and energy rich states, and the corruption of banking, etc. Marcy has also said, as I recall, that Matt Taibbi has discounted the serious nature of the Russian effort. Both Glenn and Matt I am almost positive are clear about the mafia nature of the Trump crime collective and the Russians.

And the failure of the Clinton faction and establishment to realize the message of the 2016 election as seen in the David Asshole Brock effort to spend more money…

Here is a different twist from Matt Taibbi on the RUSSIA STOLE THE ELECTION

Namely, the failure of the press,like they failed in the WMD lies that led to Iraq.

With a pathological lair as president and a Republican party out to destroy our government and the earth, we need a press that tells the truth.

Nothing Trump is accused of from now on by the press will be believed by huge chunks of the population, a group that (perhaps thanks to this story) is now larger than his original base. As Baker notes, a full 50.3% of respondents in a poll conducted this month said they agree with Trump the Mueller probe is a “witch hunt.”

Stories have been coming out for some time now hinting Mueller’s final report might leave audiences “disappointed,” as if a President not being a foreign spy could somehow be bad news.

Openly using such language has, all along, been an indictment. Imagine how tone-deaf you’d have to be to not realize it makes you look bad, when news does not match audience expectations you raised. To be unaware of this is mind-boggling, the journalistic equivalent of walking outside without pants.

It’s official: Russiagate is this generation’s WMD
The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed


I have a feeling Muellar report wont be enough to get Trumpcorp out right impeached unless he did something really really bad.( The rich and powerfull always get caught for tax code violations. Trumpcorp cant stop that at the state level or even the Fed level for certain charges. Trumpcorp will be charged with some type of tax law violation sooner or later. No one is immune to the tax man sooner or later they get you


Orange imbecile will get popped at the state level just like Al Capone did. Capone was a lot smarter and murderously meaner, too.

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