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She’s running against Hoyer


Mckayla Wilkes is running to represent the people of Maryland District 5, rather than corporate interests. She will fight for affordable housing, Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, criminal justice reform, expanded voting rights, and more. She shares the perspective of ordinary people in Southern Maryland. She understands the burden of the rising costs of homeownership and the failures of our healthcare system. She grasps the immense need to tackle climate change, and realizes that we are the last generation who has a chance to do it. She has faced the abuses of the criminal justice system firsthand, and will work to end the exploitative rot which is the prison-industrial complex. She will work to expand voting rights and voter turnout in Maryland District 5 and nationwide. McKayla’s campaign, unlike Congressman Hoyer’s, will be powered entirely by people.


Will donate what I can.


Thanks for the heads up jcitybone.


Absolutely too good to miss. Two different opinions about the significance of the Mueller report with Glenn Greenwald and David Cay Johnstone. Very thought provoking.

My half-thought-through thinking at the moment: Greenwald states that Trump has done his utmost to provoke conflict with Russia, and concludes from that that Trump cannot therefore be a Russian puppet. What if Trump’s and Putin’s end goals are the same . . . a world terrified of nuclear destruction will bend to the will of tyrants?


As one who was not born in this country, I grew up terrified of both Russia and the U.S. dropping nuclear bombs on my head. (the Cold War years such a fun time to grow up-Canada was in the firing line of course)

But now China is a factor, for example, and lots of countries have nukes.

Fear-mongering is very effective. What will Trump do about Russian troops landing in Venezuela? Hopefully nothing too stupid.


There is a point where fear ends though. And anger takes over. I think we are reaching that point.


I would love to know what Trump and Putin talked about in their meetings that the White House has kept secret.


I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that it was nothing beneficial for the 99% of the US or the world.

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