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Don midwest
Don midwest

go along to get along

Biden: I don’t want to be in a political fight with Trump over coronavirus

meanwhile, saying bad things about Trump is a sure fire way to win the election!!!

Gallup: Trump job approval rating matches all-time high


Biden has all the fight of a piece of cooked pasta

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Lol. And it’s definitely not al dente.


Don midwest
Don midwest

time to start the war with Iran before the window of opportunity closes

use the pandemic to ride into victory!

wait, will the troops want to be on the ground?

oh well, need to wait until after Easter when God will put everything back to normal

wait again

what if there is no normal anymore?

Doubts about the links between health crisis and ecological change because of the different role of the State in the two cases by BL in https://bit.ly/2wrVbKk

Tweet from my hero Bruno Latour. This is a machine translation from French and the article in Le Mode is behind a paywall so I can’t even get it and use machine translation.

But, interesting point — beyond the wars that politicians are using to change the subject from the pandemic and Gaia

what is the role of the state in a pandemic?

what is the role of the state in ecological crisis?

in both cases, politics is essential and we are on the lookout for “good” politics

like what is being done in the Bernie movement


Don midwest
Don midwest


Not new but it did manage to bring a much needed smile to my face.😊




Biden gets some much needed publicity.😁😂

Krystal and Saagar: Biden CRASHES AND BURNS in multiple TV appearance

Don midwest
Don midwest

Last night I posted a twitter feed from this man who was head of Obama ACA, medicare etc, saying that he is hearing that there may be 2 million death in the US from corona virus

Here he is today

and he made the video, or is featured in the video posted at USA today

here is the line from his twitter feed of 30 tweets

“Senators on at least some committees have been briefed that the COVID-19 death toll is expected to be between 1.7 million and 2.2 million. The biggest reason I will cover now. /16 “


I didn’t read the article yet, but at this point, you really shouldn’t even be close enough to bump elbows.



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