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Thanedar’s platform also includes a $15 minimum wage and a promise to eventually move to a state single-payer health care system, which would provide government-run health care for all state residents. But his pivot toward progressive politics comes after a history of backing the more conservative candidates in a number of races. Federal disclosures show that in December 2007, he wrote a $2,300 check to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, as she was running to the right of then-Senator Barack Obama.

In March of the following year, he donated $2,300 to Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign. McCain went on to become the Republican nominee, ultimately losing the election to Obama. Asked about the donation to McCain at an event at Central Michigan University, Thanedar said that a friend of his was running McCain’s campaign and that he wanted to talk to McCain about immigration.

“You know the politicians — you pay them to get access. You can’t talk to them,” he said. “I wanted to talk to McCain about immigration issues.”

I find it interesting that the Intercept is paying attention to the Mi. Gov. race


I think the Intercept has some interest as they are the opposition in many respects to the Establishment. Have been for a long time, but it certainly did not start with Obama.


Ecstatic! (About the protestors) Now if a high court can find the same way…. Great step though.



The hometown of Vice President Mike Pence is set to hold its first ever gay pride celebration, in a move intended to show the U.S. that not everyone from Columbus, Indiana, is anti-gay.

Organized by high school senior Erin Bailey, the Columbus Pride Festival draws a clear line between the views of those involved in the festival, and Pence’s dubious record on LGBT rights.

“I am organizing Columbus Pride Festival because I feel it is important for members of the LGBTQ community to know that Columbus is a welcoming and diverse community,” Bailey told the Huffington Post.

“Even though Mike Pence is openly anti-gay, that doesn’t mean that all of us in his hometown are,” she added.


Such a cozy relationship. Trump is right thought—definitely no one comes close to the US to providing military equipment to the world


President Donald Trump on Tuesday implored Saudi Arabia’s powerful crown prince to share his nation’s wealth by continuing to purchase American-made weapons.

Trump’s focus on Saudi purchases of U.S. military equipment came amid a bipartisan effort to limit the United States’ role in Yemen’s civil war and protests in several U.S. cities over the Saudi-led invasion, which has contributed to a humanitarian crisis.

In opening remarks before a meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Trump crowed about the sales, running through a list of $12.5 billion in approved arms purchases by Saudi Arabia and previewing billions more to come.

“Saudi Arabia is a very wealthy nation, and they’re going to give the United States some of that wealth, hopefully in the form of jobs, in the form of the purchase of the finest military equipment anywhere in the world,” Trump said.

“There’s nobody even close, as I said before, when it comes to the missiles and the planes and all of the military equipment,” Trump said. “There’s nobody that even comes close to us in terms of technology and the quality of the equipment, and Saudi Arabia appreciates that.”


Good news in Wisconsin


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will not ask the state Supreme Court to grant him an extension on calling special elections for two vacant legislative seats after his request was denied by judges at the circuit and appeals court levels. Walker is required by a court order to call the elections by noon on Thursday.

Under state Department of Justice representation, Walker had sought a delay to hold off on calling the elections until two days after the Legislature is expected to change state law, thus negating his obligation to order them. Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Niess denied the request on Tuesday, and 2nd District Court of Appeals Judge Paul F. Reilly did the same on Wednesday.

Walker had notified the state Supreme Court that he might seek emergency relief from the high court if the appeals court did not grant his request.

“Upon further consideration, the Governor has decided not to seek relief from the Supreme Court at this time,” wrote Solicitor General Misha Tseytlin in a letter filed late Wednesday afternoon.

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