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Sunday jar for Orl…

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Wayyy back in the day, was 18 yrs old, when I did the literal punch a timecard thing, we would get penalized by 15 minutes if even a minute late. A whole hour??? That’s insane. Do they get paid for extra time if they get in early?


i’ve punched many a card, too! funny. i don’t think i ever was told i’d lose a whole quarter hour (that’s a lot, too!), but if you got too many, even a little late, look out.

that’s ridiculous to lose an hour.

i swear, for someone who supposedly idolized jean luc picard, what happened? he want to turn us into borgs. borgoz


Our ‘E-Time’ has a rounding rule that is confusing and punitive.

Clocking in at a ‘7’ or ‘3’ rounds to the nearest quarter hour. So 7:57 an would be 8 am and 8:03 would round down to an 8 o’clock punch. However company policy dictates that an 8:01′ punch is still late and would be a writeup. Also unapproved OT is also a writeup,even if you somehow manage 40.01 hours. So in other words you have from 7:57 to 8 exactly to clock in, anything else results in punishment. A matter of seconds delay or lag with a refresh, password, etc can cause great strife. I cannot count the times Ive been at at work, at my desk waiting for the exact moment to clockin only to have a client come in with a request that distracted me, causing me to end up theoretocally being ‘late’, resulting in constant explaining to managers who still give hell. Also.. working of the clock is also a writeup so.. theres no winning and it gives the company an easy out if they want to get rid of someone.


So in other words you have from 7:57 to 8 exactly to clock in

That’s awful!! What a way to start your workday! All stressed out…grrrrrrrrr

You have my sympathy LD. You deserve better. Everyone does.


It can be frustrating as to be at your desk to clock in, you had to battle the parking garage, elevator issues, etc.. so technically youve been in the building at least 10 minutes already, but a capslock key being on causing a password reentry easily gets you from the 8 to 8:01 mark thus ‘late’ according to the system


I can totally imagine that. Sounds ridiculous! All I can hope is that the next time it’s a close call, “aargh! capslock!”, you think of us all standing behind you shaking our heads and virtually reaching out with a pat on the back for being strong enough to keep dealing with that nonsense. 💪🍀👊❤️


One millionaire landlord was behind half of Milwaukee’s evictions during Covid lockdowns last June. Here’s the story of how corporate landlords helped drive the evictions crisis

Landlords have filed 272,612 evictions in 27 cities since last March. The national count is likely far higher.

Corporate landlords, which own almost 50% of rental properties, are more likely to evict, advocates say.

During one week in June, as nationwide coronavirus deaths climbed steadily above 100,000, companies tied to Youssef “Joe” Berrada filed 225 evictions in Milwaukee. That made him responsible for over half of the city’s evictions.

Berrada has long been synonymous with evictions in Milwaukee. In 2017, the millionaire mogul was responsible for more than one in 10 of the city’s evictions, which the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported alongside descriptions of his multiple palatial homes, luxury cars, 49-foot yacht, and the time he served his own ex-wife with eviction papers. One of his tenants, Ernestine Young, told the paper that after a Berrada company purchased her building, workers cleared out her storage area without telling her. She not only lost her family photographs but the urn that held her infant granddaughter’s ashes.

But threatening thousands of residents with homelessness in the middle of a pandemic struck many in Milwaukee as a new level of villainy.

“It was obscene,” said Colleen Foley, the Executive Director of the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee, a public interest law firm that provides free legal services, including to poor tenants facing an eviction. “That many evictions in one week? It was breathtaking and appalling and like, holy cow, things are out of control.”

Foley’s organization had tangled with Berrada before, but now Foley decided on a new tactic: she penned a scathing op-ed in the Sentinel, calling out Berrada, whose companies manage about 8,000 rental units in the greater Milwaukee area, directly.

A lot more at


that is being multiplied by a lot. this is why we get to make fun of Biden’s measly help. yes, it helped. no, it did not recognize that it is our money as much as anyone’s and we should be getting a UBI, M4A, $25/hr., debt cancellation.

if I were in charge, I def do a debt jubilee and use the mic $$$ to pay any lenders who wouldn’t be fine after the loss. employ a lot of people who collect and push loans in the GND. employ even more in the care of people, animals, and the earth in general. send even more to whatever school they want. i would require some kind of showing after x amount of time, to show that they are serious about learning and using their newfound skills.

and yes, perhaps useful jobs for school, stuff like that. and yes, watch out for inflation. i’m ok, so far, and likely will be.

but this grandmother who lost her granddaughter’s ashes and her photos, her memories? multiplied by, what, millions, countrywide? and now the corpses get to buy up even more properties? this is criminal.

or at least i would do everything in my power to make it so, and surround myself with the most committed, experienced, compassionate, smart people to help me.


It sounds like you’ve given this a lot of thought, polarbear.

I’ve read that independent landlords are less likely to evict and the the worst evictors are, no surprise, private equity investors.

This clip is from 2016, but I also read here in Feb 2020 article that that trend is still the case:

Another analysis identifies large private equity investors and finds that some firms have uniquely high eviction rates. Some of the largest firms file eviction notices on a third of their properties in a year and have an 18 percent higher housing instability rate even after controlling for property and neighborhood characteristics.

Meanwhile the smaller, independent landlords are hurting, and I imagine the vultures are circling:

Small “mom and pop” landlords, often defined as landlords who own or manager fewer than 20 units, reported lower rent collections in 2020, with 25 percent of them borrowing money to cover operating costs

I sure hope we figure this problem out very soon. The housing market is so right right now.


Sorry, I meant to say the housing market so ‘tight’ right now. Which doesn’t feel right at all.


thanks, mags. 🙂 and yes, if you have a rent moratorium, you have to have a mortgage moratorium. not a popular view on twitter, at times, but necessary. again, you could ensure that the corpses that are swimming in it don’t get the money, or at least aim for that.


Happy Sunday friends!






wooo hoooo! beautiful! who is that good lookin guy? next time, hopefully jd will not be so shy. :O)





beauty and the beasts. :o) lookin good, jd. good to see you.


You’re looking well! Yayyyyyyyy

Thanks for all the pics! It’s great to see you both ❤️❤️


The land we are in the process of acquiring is about 20 minutes from these Sand Dunes a bit up in the mountains behind them.


How exciting! Wow

Good luck!! It certainly looks like a beautiful and interesting area.




No need to read this lengthy article behind a paywall.

Here is the point:

One Stuck Ship perched. “aslant” in a major waterway can cripple the world trade system.

Our military weapon systems heavy tanks, etc. are Nothing compared to a single effective action.

One EMP, electrical magnetic pulse, can destroy not only our electric grid—which can be rebuilt in months, but far more complex systems that will take years, decades to rebuild.

All the money spent on so-called Defense, is not that at all. It is squandered treasure.

It is a charade designed to make the wealthy owners of useless companies even richer by diverting all of our tax dollars to them instead of to the general welfare. And Yes! many US jobs depend on building these relics. We can have the same amount of jobs if we build housing, schools, high speed railroads, and other things that improve our country, not line billionaires pockets.

I appreciate what Bernie and Joe are now doing to spread some money around to bolster the residents of the USA.

The fact remains, however, that unless and until we drastically reduce War spending we cannot have a country that works for all of us.

As long as we fly tremendous numbers of military planes as we now do, we cannot have clearer air.


love this, bc it is one of the most important sacred cows, elephants in the room, i don’t care how you put it. as you’ve probably heard me say before, it used to be that any other country that spent so, so much–we aren’t even told the total, i’m sure, like the 21 trillion that went to the Pentagon, unseen–on their military and so little on their people–we used to call them anything BUT a democracy.




Ngl, that was basically my reaction too, Benny.

But, coincidentally, while looking up the author of the Independent opinion piece by Michael Arceneaux I poster, about how Bernie is getting things done, I found this on Michael’s twitter timeline:

and I thought, well that’s certainly another way of looking at it!

Then I found this shortly thereafter:



I think this is a joke (but these days hard to tell sometimes!) but it’s fair to say that L’il Nas X’s satanic shoes controversy seems to have a lot of traction. 🤠😎😇



desperate times for a lagging candidate for NYC Mayor.

Eric Adams sent an email to high school students offering bogus credits in school if they volunteer for his campaign. Parents not very happy. obviously.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

“Just call it what it is: a kid pro quo.” Lmao.


good one!



No wonder:

Mom Liz Cutler was irked

If it wasn’t bad enough that Adams campaign officials were breaking rules for campaigning inside schools, its offer of “classroom credit” appeared to be a complete fabrication.

Martinez’s missive claimed for those chosen as unpaid “campaign fellows … we are offering classroom credit for participation in the program.”

Assistant Principal William Reynolds, who oversees programming and assessments, said of the credits-for-campaigning deal: “This is the first I’ve heard about it. It’s not a program set up by the school.”

And in fact, Adams’ spokesman Evan Thies admitted, the promise was one the campaign can’t directly fulfill.

“Our campaign is offering young people … the opportunity to gain invaluable experience, which schools and teachers can offer as class credit if they choose,” he said.





The accompanying song is a classic!


oh, lol, poor mama! assuming she eventually got them all over. They need to build a wildlife bridge there. Thanks! great soundtrack. lol

how do you share a gif on fb? if i share the “video address,” they still have to click through to twitter.


Yep, if you post the link, the user still has to click to twitter first.


hahahaha, thanks for the laugh, Benny!

Four cubs!


best bear video I’ve seen. so adorable.


Notes from the road:

We are in the middle of nowhere and just passed under a bridge with about 20 or so people waving Trump flags,etc to the cars passing below.

As i told JD they may be crazy but theyre dedicated.


Dedication in this instance is not such a great thing.


Cant imagine a scenario where 20+ people stand in 20 degree weather for Biden years before any campaign/election. In a small way reminded me of the Bernie light brigades.

Plenty (possibly hundreds) of trump signs and billboards through the state as well, many seem to have gone up since we was last here in Sept.


I’d have to look at the bill and compare to the GSBE regulations, but KM may be on to something.


time for mass action. i bet most people would love to take part in this one. they may have given us a greaaaat opportunity to take to the streets. now if the corpses in town joined in, we’d be unstoppable.