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Good Friday Evening wi59 and fellow Liberal/Progressives! 🙂 T and R to all the usual excellent TPW suspects who help LD keep this little oasis of sanity alive and well for the rest of us. I posted this reggae classic on a C99 O/T that I infest every Friday.

The song’s title should not be confused in any way with the Orange Dimwitted Disaster and FRightwingnuts who are happily stealing everything in sight and driving this country further down the tubes! 🙁 POX on ’em!!


Tech question: how do I shrink the size of the music link?


Do you mean the text bolding? It is caused by a broken strong close tag in the main post. Can’t seem to enter one here…


The bold text is back to where it needs to be.


Thanks wi!


President Trump is getting a jump start on April Fools’ Day.

Without a hint of irony, Trump announced Friday that next month will be dedicated to “sexual assault awareness and prevention.”

Trump, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by nearly two dozen women, said in a presidential proclamation that sex crimes remain “tragically common in our society” — and “offenders too often evade accountability.”

“We must respond to sexual assault by identifying and holding perpetrators accountable,” Trump said. “Too often, however, the victims of assault remain silent. They may fear retribution from their offender, lack faith in the justice system, or have difficulty confronting pain associated with the traumatic experience.”

Trump was once caught on tape bragging about being able to “grab” women “by the p—y” because he’s “a star.” He has also repeatedly attacked the women who have accused him of sexual harassment and assault over Twitter, and even threatened to sue some of them if they don’t keep quiet.


Gag me


In a typo-riddled White House statement, Trump pledged to raise awareness of sexual assault and to hold offenders accountable, since “these heinous crimes are committed indiscriminately.”

“We must not be afraid to talk about sexual assualt [sic] and sexual assult [sic] prevention with our loved ones, in our communities, and with those who have experienced these tragedies,” he said. “We must encourage victims to report sexual assault and law enforcement to hold offenders accountable, and we must support victims and survivors unremmittingly [sic]. Through a concerted effort to better educate ourselves, empower victims, and punish criminals, our Nation will move closer to ending the grief, fear, and suffering caused by sexual assult [sic].”


I can think of several labels for them


One of the races that the group got involved in was the Chicago-area primary, spending roughly $1 million to back Lipinski over Newman, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. (The spending was technically done through a Super PAC called United for Progress, under the umbrella of Country Forward, which is No Labels’ allied political entity.)

One of the things those funds went toward was an attack ad that questioned the legitimacy of an anti-bullying organization Newman set up, warned that she backed subsidies for foreign airlines, and even called her out for having fruit flies at her restaurant.

Jacobson replied with her reasoning for the group’s intervention, explaining that part of the opposition to Newman was related to her endorsement by Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont. “I see a whole new crop of Democratic challengers—like Marie Newman—who see Bernie—WHO IS NOT EVEN A DEMOCRAT—as a model worthy of emulation,” Jacobson wrote, all-caps in the original, denigrating Sanders for not labeling himself a Democrat. “But I don’t think we need more people in Congress on either side who rile up their bases and then actually achieve nothing.”


Is this Nancy Jacobson the same Turd Way yahoo we deal with here in central FL? I realize both names are very common.


Here’s a favorite of mine that I heard on Sirius on the way back from viewing Black Panther—which I actually liked even though the Marvel genre is not my cup of tea usually. Especially love Diana’s shorts!


Another favorite heard on the way home. Gotten love American Bandstand. Not sure Van was really enjoying performing this gig



sometimes they had them lip synch. i can’t really tell. might be why he’s not as enthusiastic.


That’s a lip synch. Plus AB certainly is not Van’s cup of tea. Looks like he HAD to do this


Have a great weekend TPW crew! I have a couple of links to drop



Interesting article. I thought the movie for its genre raised some interesting issues, and I especially enjoyed the portrayal of its female characters. (Though there really should have been some black panther queens thrown into the mix) And as always during these movies, the fight sequences go on and on and on.


Fight sequences are longer everywhere, it seems. I think there’s a whole athletic community of jujitsu-type fighters that are employed. Sometimes i enjoy the choreography, sometimes i FF through them.


Obvious that f’ing judge has an agenda


Sentencing in the US


she has to win the appeal. judge should be talked to, at the least.


T&R, wi and all. :O)




The threat from Rep. Elizabeth Esty’s chief of staff arrived in a voice mail.

“You better f—–g reply to me or I will f—–g kill you,” Tony Baker said in the May 5, 2016, recording left for Anna Kain, a former Esty aide Baker had once dated.

Kain, who provided a copy of the recording to The Washington Post, alerted the police, filed a report for felony threats and obtained a 12-month restraining order against Baker.

According to emails obtained by The Post, Esty found out about the episode within a week. At that point, the Connecticut Democrat took matters into her own hands.

Rather than firing or suspending Baker, the congresswoman consulted her personal attorneys and advisers, she said. She also spoke to Kain on May 11, emails show; Kain said she provided detailed allegations that Baker had punched, berated and sexually harassed her in Esty’s Capitol Hill office throughout 2014, while she worked as Esty’s senior adviser.

Later, Esty enlisted a friend, former chief of staff Julie Sweet, to look into Baker’s past behavior, emails show.

Baker did not leave for three months. By his last day on Aug. 12, according to documents Esty provided to The Post, he and Esty had co-written a positive recommendation letter he could use in a job search and signed a legal document preventing her from disparaging him or discussing why he left. Baker went on to work for Sandy Hook Promise, the gun-control group created after the 2012 shooting in Esty’s district. He was dismissed from the group this week after The Post contacted him.

According to Kain’s petition for a restraining order, Baker punched her in the back and “repeatedly screamed” at her in Esty’s office while threatening to retaliate professionally if she reported his behavior. She did not tell Esty or the House Ethics Committee out of fear for her safety, her petition stated.

On May 5, 2016, Baker called Kain approximately 50 times and said he would “find her” and “kill her,” she alleged in the petition.

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