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Same thing in NY state and I know first hand. My partner was in NYC two weekends ago and he started to get sick last Tuesday with various coronavirus symptoms. He was tested at a drive through test on Thursday and was told up to six days. Today the doctor said results are delayed by ten days. He was feeling really crappy over the weekend but is feeling somewhat better the last two days. I remain perfectly fine. So we are definitely in quarantine.


At first Chris Woodruff thought it was a routine asthma attack. But when the North Texas businessman started running a fever, he moved out of the house and eventually got tested for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Last week, he got his results back — positive — and went on “extreme” lockdown as doctors instructed.

But it took 10 days to get the results.

Woodruff, now recovering, is far from alone. Though Texas has dramatically increased its testing capacity, many who have been tested are waiting days on end for the results, and sometimes a week or more, according to interviews with patients and health care professionals.

Those delays, along with the relatively low number of tests conducted so far, mean no one really knows the true picture of the coronavirus spread in Texas, and patients aren’t getting the timely information they need to respond accordingly, patients and experts say.


Sure sounds like the United States Deathcare System. Stay well, jcb!


How can you not feel love looking at those two faces at the bottom? Misfits, indeed. I say jealous