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An oil and gas drilling pad where a fiery explosion led to the evacuation of about 100 people in Ohio’s Belmont County last month was still spewing raw methane into the atmosphere nearly three weeks after the initial well blowout, according to an infrared video released by environmental watchdog group Earthworks on Tuesday. Workers reportedly brought the well under control Wednesday morning.


Looks like Bernie is endorsing Marie Newman, who is challenging anti-choice, anti-ACA Dan Lipinski in IL-3 (and the same guy Nancy Pelosi endorsed).


Yes, the shocker of the primaries in 2016:


Have 2 years really gone by? You wouldn’t think so at TOP. 🙂


I saw that diary. I LOLed to the poster who said Sanders and his minions should STFU and stay out of Dem politics. There is certainly some BDS (Bernie Derangement Syndrome) still going on there

Don midwest
Don midwest

Student in FL takes down NRA ad

I stopped by TOP/DK and found this excellent piece with a video of a Parkland student parody of NRA

Parkland student Sarah Chadwick creates a fearless parody mocking the threatening NRA ad

If you click on the ad on DK it shows over 500,000 views

I wanted to post the video without giving DK page views and I got the face book page which only had about 500 views.

Anyone knows how the view counters work?

In any case, worth watching the parody.


It is a great video. I shared it on Facebook. Those Parkland students are amazing! There’s a March for Our Lives in Poughkeepsie later this month that goes over the Walkway Over the Hudson. I’ll be there!

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