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This is a email from Labor for our Revolution

Bernie’s back in Michigan this Saturday
Senator Bernie Sanders will be coming through Michigan this Saturday, April 13, with a stop at Macomb Community College in Warren. The event starts at 5 pm, with doors opening at 3:30. Bernie has been doubling down on his always constant support of working people, making union solidarity an essential theme of his campaign. Speaking Monday at a Machinists national conference, Sanders called for eliminating right-to-work laws, removing obstacles to organizing and forcing employers to bargain in good faith. He has already been getting large and enthusiastic crowds supporting his presidential bid a year before the first primaries.

The event is free and open to the public, but those wishing to attend are encouraged to RSVP here: https://act.berniesanders.com/signup/event-190413_warren/

Rally for Bernie Sanders
Saturday, April 13
5pm start — doors open at 3:30
Macomb Community College, Parking Lot 15
28466 Bunert Road Warren, MI 48088


Well, well, well. The NY Times is in a catty mood.

No Longer an Outsider, Sanders Is Using the Senate as His Launching Pad

When Bernie Sanders steps to the lectern Wednesday to reintroduce his Medicare for All Act, he will do so as a senator, just as he did when he introduced a resolution to end American military involvement in the Yemen war or when he shepherded legislation to improve veterans’ health care.

But behind it are the unmistakable politics of 2020 and his campaign for president, a campaign that never really ended with the election of Donald J. Trump. And Democratic efforts to pull Mr. Sanders into the fold with a newly minted leadership post have only bolstered his platform to seek the presidency.


On the campaign trail, he still casts himself as an outsider, railing in his Brooklyn accent against the “millionaihs and the billionaihs,” though he sometimes drops “the millionaires,” perhaps because he is now a millionaire himself.


“I ran for president; I got 13 million votes, going over 1,700 delegates to the Democratic convention, and got more young people’s votes than Clinton and Trump combined,” Mr. Sanders boasted in an interview in his Washington office. “And I thought that those 13 million people deserved a voice in Democratic leadership.”

Mr. Sanders has used that voice both inside and outside the Senate to burnish his brand. He brought his chief strategist, Jeff Weaver, to meet behind closed doors with Senate Democrats, tutoring them on how to appeal to his millennial base. He went on CNN to debate tax policy with Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas. He held dozens of rallies in 2017 to whip up opposition to Mr. Trump’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.


Mr. Sanders has also taken policy positions to cure deficits that arose during his 2016 campaign. After being criticized for lacking foreign policy experience, he led the fight to pass the Yemen resolution, making an odd-bedfellows alliance with two Republicans — Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky — in what amounted to a Senate rebuke of Mr. Trump. He also embraced criminal justice overhaul after being accused of not being sensitive enough to issues of racial injustice.


Mr. Sanders has always been a gruff — some would say grating — presence in the Senate. He plows through the Capitol corridors, red-faced and rumpled, too busy to talk and wearing a scowl more often than a smile. (“If you worked here, you wouldn’t smile either,” he said.)

His official website offers a hint of where the job falls on his priority list: It has not been updated to reflect his re-election in 2018, and still says he is “serving his second term after winning re-election in 2012.”


Knock me over with a feather. Fox News explains what Democratic Socialism is, and my quick skim did not see Venezuela. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/what-is-democratic-socialism-bernie-sanders-political-ideology


Wow, first Fox News’ Bernie Sanders fast facts: 5 things to know about the Vermont senator piece that I posted the other day (which was quite fair and informative) and now a piece explaining what Democratic Socialism is? Ok, what’s going on, lol. Could it be that (gasp!) people are clicking on those kind of articles now?

By the way, big local news for me to report, our DSA chapter is now official! I’ve never been involved in such a thing before, but now I must read all the bylaws and voting will be happening soon and all that stuff. It’s been a long time coming. What started with a handful of people has grown so much!


Read the article. Pretty good. Could have been a bit better. Venezuela in second to last paragraph, but used as a reference to how Republicans try to discredit socialism. The last sentence/paragraph–always a very important one in journalism–is not a good finish for what could have been a mostly good article.

The comments, though, wow! People are just so unwilling to challenge their own close=minded thinking. Some brave souls made efforts to open some eyes, but the blinders are firmly riveted on.


What kind of crap is the NYT peddling now!?! Geez, Bernie has been just sooo busy campaigning that he forgot the people of VT whom he serves. Right……so he got re-elected in a landslide in his last election. Guess that means VT approves the job he’s doing serving the state. NYT is just as bad as Bezos WAPO now. Sad.

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