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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards seized an Israeli-linked cargo ship in the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday, days after Tehran said it could close the crucial shipping route and warned it would retaliate for an Israeli strike on its Syria consulate.

Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency reported that a Guards helicopter had boarded and taken into Iranian waters the Portuguese flagged MSC Aries, saying it was linked to Israel.

MSC, which operates the Aries, confirmed Iran had seized the ship and said it was working “with the relevant authorities” for its safe return and the wellbeing of its 25 crew.

MSC leases the Aries from Gortal Shipping, an affiliate of Zodiac Maritime, Zodiac said in a statement, adding that MSC is responsible for all the vessel’s activities. Zodiac is partly owned by Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer.

Video on Iranian news channels purporting to show the seizure included a figure abseiling from a helicopter on to a ship. Reuters was able to verify that the ship in the video was the MSC Aries but not the date it was recorded.

The incident comes amid rising regional tensions since the start of Israel’s campaign in Gaza in October, with Israel or its ally the United States clashing repeatedly with Iranian-aligned groups in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Iran has threatened to retaliate for suspected Israeli airstrikes on its consulate in Syria’s capital Damascus on April 1 that killed seven Revolutionary Guards officers including two senior commanders.


Iran has allies, and knows all about propaganda. They are the old Persians. I’ve met quite a few here over the years. That includes the first generation born here, and they are rock solid progressive Americans.


Much shorter version of Jacques Baud, with the lively questioning of Afshin Rattansi



T and R. Ms. Benny!! 🙂 Man, I am bent (pissed), and scared. I have listened to the MICC dimwits threaten WWIII (nuke) since Raygun. It’s always in the Middle East, and the focus has been Iran. It’s ramping up again, and it’s going to be cos of Yaboob. I have opposed it my whole voting life, but look at how much power I have–zilch.



we’re also seeing iran telling israel and the u.s. that they can’t kill leaders in an embassy in syria and that there might be a limit to the massacre, too. you can’t always let the bullies set the game rules. word is crowds in some countries are cheering.


You wish. Snort!


Nov 2024


voting against the uniparty, imo.