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‘I Felt Americans Needed to Know’: Insurance Industry Whistleblower Gives Glimpse of Effort to Crush Medicare for All

In an effort to inform the public about the corporate forces working to crush Medicare for All, an employee at the insurance giant UnitedHealthcare leaked a video of his boss bragging about the company’s campaign to preserve America’s for-profit healthcare system.

“I felt Americans needed to know exactly who it is that’s fighting against the idea that healthcare is a right, not a privilege,” the anonymous whistleblower told the Washington Post’s Jeff Stein.

During an employee town hall in February, Stein reported on Friday, UnitedHealthcare CEO Steve Nelson boasted about how much his company is doing to undermine Medicare for All, which is rapidly gaining support in Congress.

“One of the things you said: ‘We’re really quiet’ or ‘It seems like we’re quiet.’ Um, we’ve done a lot more than you would think,” Nelson said. “We are advocating heavily and very involved in the conversation. Part of it is trying to be thoughtful about how we enter in the conversation, because there’s a risk of seeming like it’s self-serving.”

According to the Post, which did not publish the video of Nelson’s remarks, the executive said his company “opposes Medicare for All because it excludes the private sector, which he said does a better job of delivering healthcare than the government, and said he doubted how a single-payer system could be funded or effectively administered.”

Nelson’s remarks were leaked just days after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a 2020 presidential contender, unveiled his improved Medicare for All bill with the support of 14 Democratic senators and over 60 progressive organizations representing nurses, physicians, and consumer advocates.



T and R, la58!!


Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn Might Create a Revolution
Just as Reagan and Thatcher rose together, perhaps so too will Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn.


For many Democrats, defeating President Donald Trump in 2020 and returning to “normal” is enough. For a growing number of voters and contenders, however, the question is not simply getting rid of Trump, but gaining a mandate for fundamental change.

The latter mission was explored this week in a windowless Longworth House Office Building meeting room, where two British economists—Mathew Lawrence and James Meadway—met with a gaggle of Democratic congressional aides to outline the elements of British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s evolving economic policy. The gathering, co-sponsored by the Congressional Progressive Caucus Center and the Democracy Collaborative, a Washington-based research institute, is one of many exchanges across the Atlantic between progressive thinkers, legislators, and activists who are sharing ideas and strategies about forging a new era of reform.


The historic potential of this transformation can be seen by looking at history. In 1979–80, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan—two movement conservatives deemed far too extreme by the established consensus—were elected within a year of each another. Both consciously set out to end the postwar liberal era and launched their countries into four decades of conservative dominance.

In the 1990s, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair came into power within a few years of one another. Clinton’s New Democrats and Blair’s New Labour both pushed their parties to tack to prevailing conservative winds. Both proclaimed a new “Third Way” (ignoring the reality that social democracy was the original third way between communism and capitalism). Both helped consolidate a global economic order designed by, for, and of the multinationals.

Now, a fundamental reordering could again be the result of parallel elections on either side of the Atlantic Ocean. Britain and the United States suffer many of the same maladies: savage inequality, a political economy that does not work for most people, devastation of manufacturing sectors, and a stark contrast between the financial center and the provinces. There is also a corporate culture in both countries dominated by finance, shareholder interests, and characterized by short-term, predatory plunder. Both countries have a young generation likely to fare far worse than their parents. Both suffer an establishment that is both demoralized and bereft of ideas. Rising popular discontent has taken perverse expressions—Brexit in Britain, Trump in the United States.

Read the entire Nation article here: https://www.thenation.com/article/bernie-sanders-and-jeremy-corbyn-might-create-a-revolution/

Reminder of events coming up: rallies in Warren Mi today & Pittsburgh tomorrow. “Town hall” in Lordstown tomorrow.

Town hall in spartansburg, sc on 4/18. Subjects are criminal justice reform & education. https://www.thestate.com/news/politics-government/article229117004.html

Cnn town hall on 4/22.

Organizing day for Bernie on 4/27. The Bernie map is back, so you can find an event near you.


Just a thought as far as climate change goes the world has to unite like the allies did for WW2 but it has to be a world wide effort. Its so important to elect Bernie and a congress whom will take this issue to the world to help combat it and get the ball rolling. No R president in the US would dare to. Now for the problems in the US, we have to challenge these like Kennedy’s the moon shot speech. America used to have the attitude that we as a country can meet any challenge we set our mind out to accomplish. Now all that’s worried about is the quarterly corporate profit report and our elected officials getting their suitcase full of money from lobbyists for tax dodges and re election. M4A, SS, infrastructure and so on will take progressive Dems to have all 3 chambers to push this adjenda thru and this will be tough as the state wide gerrymandering has made it more difficult along with voter suppression and voter machine fraud. When is the American voter get up of their asses demand change and vote? I’m sick of hearing the canned answer from voters that both sides are crooks and it doesn’t matter to vote. Then I hear the same non voters complain about the problems the country has and complain that nothing gets done.


The Intercept has an interesting article on US taxes ahead of Tax Day. The information on ALL taxes paid by quintile is very informative.

And this Thomas Jefferson quote is not to be missed:

Jefferson wrote this to James Madison in 1785 from monarchical France: “The property of this country is absolutely concentered in a very few hands … the consequences of this enormous inequality producing so much misery to the bulk of mankind, legislators cannot invent too many devices for subdividing property. … [One means is] to exempt all from taxation below a certain point, and to tax the higher portions of property in geometrical progression as they rise.



Good interview.

One of the best things to happen to US politics in a good while is @IlhanMN. To his credit, Stephen Colbert asked the right questions and then just let her talk for as long as she wanted. Listen to her in her own words & judge for yourself: https://t.co/SY3ui17imT

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) April 13, 2019



More from the “liberal media” (again from my email):

From NYT

Migrants pour into a system that’s “on fire”

There had been warnings for years that America’s immigration system was on the brink of failure.
That moment may have arrived: The country is now failing to provide either necessary humanitarian relief or basic controls on the number and nature of who comes in.

By the numbers: At the current pace of nearly 100,000 migrants a month, officials say more than a million people will have tried to enter the country in a 12-month period. The flow of migrant families has reached record levels — as many as 27,000 children are expected to arrive in April.

Voices: “Infectious disease is everywhere,” a Border Patrol union leader said. “It’s dangerous for our agents. It’s dangerous for the detainees that don’t have anything.”

From the Customs and Border Protection’s Southwest Border Migration FY 2019 (let’s miss apples and oranges) numbers–“Total Apprehensions/Inadmissibles”:

March 2019: 103,492
Feb 2019: 76,535
Jan 2019: 58,293
Dec 2018: 60,777
Nov 2018: 62,461
Oct 2018: 60,776

The numbers for FY 2018 run from 34,871 to 51.168. Somehow, the NYT sees these numbers clearly as “nearly 100,000 a month.” Including FY 2018 and 2017 and to the March numbers from 2019, there have been a little more than one million. Two and a half years in real numbers to get to NYT”s prediction of “more than a million” per year. As these are apprehensions and “inadmissibles,” there is no way that anywhere near that number even is allowed to stay in the US.

No where in this blurb (although it could I suppose be in the actual article) does it mention the words “refugees” or asylum seekers” There is so much wrong on so many levels even in this blurb that it is not possible to cover it all without writing a book. “On Fire?” It ends with the fear-mongering implication that the people trying to enter the US from the south are diseased.

NYT is fully aware that many people will only read the blurb rather than the full article an will come away with the wrong impression regarding immigration.

THIS is the “liberal press.”


I like how The Times conflates “necessary humanitarian relief” with “basic controls on the number & nature of who comes in.”

1, if you’ve been following its reporting on the Trump admin, and specifically its coverage of the SCO investigation & report, it is clear that the Times is trading positive coverage for access, specifically in the AG’s office.

2, they’re torn. On the one hand they want cheap household help. On the other hand, Trump’s immigration policies are making that harder.

Ok. So. A reminder of basic facts.

1) the US is party to an international treaty allowing immigrants to seek asylum.

2) This has been codified in Federal law.

3) US foreign policy is creating the conditions in Central America that asylum seekers are fleeing.

4) starting summer of 2017, the Trump Administration (Trump, Stephen Miller, AG Jeff Sessions, Director Homeland Security Nielson, and others) implemented new policy which violates international treat & federal law. And lied about that to Congress & the American people.

5) the primary way they violated treaty & law was by criminalizing crossing the border at other than a port of entry. (Treaty & law DOES NOT require asking for asylum only at a port of entry). This illegal pretext was then used as an excuse for the federal government to kidnap children from their parents/guardians. The Trump Admin never had any intention of keeping track of children and their families. They wanted to use the separation to be a deterrent.

6) when faced with the Courts ruling the administration’s actions illegal, the Trump admin upped the ante by deliberately slowing down, “metering”, the asylum process at ports of entry: not enough judges, only seeing so many applicants per day, etc, etc.

7) Trump & his Admin then spread their lies about the situation there.

8) trump recently ratcheted things up even more by firing appointees in DHS who aren’t cruel enough or his tastes, by threatening to shut the border (even though it isn’t shut, reports are its risking 10 hours for truckers, etc to pass. Say hello o hire food gives), and by “speculating out loud” about border agents, etc using greater force immigrants.

8) this is not a comprehensive listing of the US and International crimes committed by Trump & his Admin.

9) while the Courts keep ruling Trump Admin’s actions illegal, they have no means if enforcing this. It’s Andrew Jackson all over again. “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it.”

10) Since the Judicial Branch’s Article 3 powers do not include enforcement, and since the Executive Branch & its Article 2 powers are compromised, it is up to the Legislative Branch & its Article 1 Powers – impeachment – to enforce the Courts decisions. But the Senate under McConnell is also compromised, and the House under Pelosi is too chicken shit Uphold the Constitution & rule f law.

11) so all were left with is the 2020 election. But even if we get a D sweep, then that stupid “we don’t prosecute our enemies when they lose” bullshit means that the Trump Admin p’s crimes will get shot under the rug. And the rot will continue.

12) for those crying “both sides,” I was against Pelosi not impeaching W b/c torture, etc. yes, Obama locked up kids in cages. Yes, Hillary’s asylum position was inexcusable. (Democratic debate in Milwaukee). Yes, she should have been charged over the “damn emails” But she’s not president. Neither W nor Obama are President right now. The immediate threat is Trump & you don’t ignore it just because the others were ignored. Oh, & for the record, I thought Bill should have been convicted for perjury. It wasn’t about a “consensual affair” (although it wasn’t really that either b/c age and position) and yes, Bernie was just as chicken shit on that as the rest of the Dems.




What is the press getting for their trade? They (as a whole) give up their independence and integrity for what exactly? A chance to listen to Trump and administration’s lies? They (media and journalists) could get better information from other sources.

Nice breakdown of Trump and cohorts’ actions.

Very loosely thought out: There is a possibility to turn at least one of those actions on its head: If the public could be galvanized to see that the children who are being kidnapped are treated humanely (given better quarters, books, toys, meals, medical care, counseling/support, etc.) and politicians could be spurred into proposing that these children whose parents cannot now be located be granted US citizenship, what happens to Trump’s “deterrent”?

Could church-sponsored and doctor-sponsored groups start this off? We (the public) need to quit acting like we are powerless to change the situation for these children and families. Rather than watch in horror from the sidelines, the public needs to get involved. A GoFundMe? Can the government be sued on behalf of these children?

Would parents fleeing US sponsored terrorism in their countries be able to think that while it hurts like hell to be separated from their children that they are now safer and well cared for? With the hope that the children will be returned to them at some point in a relatively positive state of being? Putting children in a child care situation rather than in kennels might spur more parents to bring their children away from what they are fleeing.

If the cost becomes too great to steal children, then Trump and his minions will have to rethink at least this policy.

As I said, just some loose thinking on this part of the situation.


Trump & Miller aren’t going to rethink this policy, no matter what. They are a racist & a ghoul. Trump’s approval rating, especially with women, started cratering summer of 2017 when he implemented his family separation policy. It has to be a big part of the reason Rs lost so many seats in 2018. But the racist Trump, instead of trying to broaden his appeal, keeps doubling own on his base. Which is pretty much evangelicals. And the appeal isn’t abortion. I read a study somewhere that that’s the cover politicians came up with. What they gave Bern & are appealing to is the racism in the evangelical population. https://www.vox.com/the-big-idea/2018/4/30/17301282/race-evangelicals-trump-support-gerson-atlantic-sexism-segregation-south

Evangelicals’ tenacious affection for Donald Trump is not a bug driven by expediency. Instead, it reflects defining features of American evangelicalism that become clearer when we examine the historical record. Doing so reveals that when white conservative evangelicals feel threatened by cultural change, the old demons of racism and misogyny, which lurk at the heart of the American evangelical tradition, return with a vengeance. Trump is just another chapter in that story.


“Have been” not “have been”


Who knows? Trump changes his “mind” every five minutes and is easily distracted.

There are evangelicals and then there are evangelicals. They should not all be painted with the same brush. Also, I would not condemn them as a group for the election of Trump. The definition of “evangelical” is complex, and many of its adherents have vastly differing views.

While the majority of self-identified fundamentalist evangelicals voted for Trump, they only represent approximately 6% of the US population.

Meanwhile, the rest of us could do something meaningful rather than just say that this group or that group is at fault for the way things are.


I would be great if we could somehow get them out of those cages and take good care of them while we work to reunite them. Hopefully, the ACLU and others are working on at least something right now. Maybe someone who reads this will pick up on it.


And maybe some of us could mention it to our representatives or send complaints to the area child abuse investigators or write letters to the editor. I do not think we can count on anyone to work on the issue unless we make a fuss. Look at how many politicians have gone to the border and all they do is decry the situation without lifting a finger to help.

How about a bill in the House that says each member of the House and Senate must send one of their children, grandchildren, niece or nephew to the cages until all are released or conditions of a child care facility are achieved?




An excellent compilation of statements about Assange, press freedom and more from Snowden, Chomsky, Varoufakis, Greenwald & Horvat

If nothing else, please watch Chomsky starting at 13:35.


Excellent. I would add, however, that we, the governed, are finding it harder to join forces with the new surveillance state and the ability to ruin one’s life before you barely step out of the activist door.

But I love that Chomsky is reminding us that we do have power in numbers. I hope the yellow vests in France persevere.


I would suggest, though, that the governed who see the reality of what is happening are still fewer that the 25% of the voting population who adhere to Trump.

Some have suggested that this comes from apathy or complacency. I tend to disagree. I think it is because the majority of the population is overwhelmed by the problems and issues we face. In order to survive, information has to be kept at an arm’s length. Is it any wonder that depression rates along with suicide rates are going up?

How does at least 50% of the population prioritize what the government is doing within the framework of feeding, clothing and housing their children or themselves, paying the bills for daily living, holding a job or two or three, medical issues, getting an education (student debt is no accident), saving for retirement (Ha!), or any of the 101 myriad things on the plate just to survive?

In a way, it is the chicken and the egg dilemma. Things cannot get better unless action is taken, but there is no room in one’s life for taking action.

Linguists will point out that due to the structure of language, thought processes are different in various cultures. The French think differently than those in the US which uses the language of England, and are, therefore, able to form a more inclusive front to address their issues. I would also suggest that they communicate with each other better than US citizens do. More power to them! One can hope that just as the French Revolution followed the US American Revolution that now we can see US Americans follow the French example.


I live in Alabama. I read the disgusting justifications evangelical preachers had for Roy Moore’s deviant behavior. When evangelical leaders (and let’s throw franklin graham, Falwell jr & pat Robertson in there too) behave like that, and the parishioners do nothing about it, they deserve criticism.

And you know what? When the RC Church is criticized for the sexual abuse scandal I don’t see people here telling us not to criticize the church BC not all Catholics are like that.


Using stereotypes limits communication and does not foster understanding. I never said that there were not certain people who are hypocritical or twisted. I said you cannot judge a group by the few. Should all the people of the US be judged by Trump’s behavior? He speaks for us, right?

The Roman Catholic Church has lost a lot of followers over their handling of the sexual abuse crimes. I imagine that there are some evangelicals who have also found new venues to practice their faith. Neither group probably advertises this.


Agree on both fronts. we are way too busy and poor and viva la France!

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