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ELECTION DAY IN November 2017 was a very good one for Democrats. The party reclaimed the governor’s mansion in New Jersey, swept the state of Virginia, and won a wide swath of races in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

In Syracuse, New York, a heavily Democratic city, things didn’t go quite as well. The party’s nominee for mayor, Juanita Perez Williams, lost in a landslide to an independent candidate, even managing to lose her own neighborhood by two to one.

In some lines of work, a failure so complete might earn somebody a demotion, a period of probation, or a rethinking of whether the career path and the skillset are a perfect marriage. But this is Democratic Party politics, where consequences are for the people, not the politicians. And so, the performance earned her an invitation to the headquarters of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, touching off another intraparty saga that would go on to pit the national party against grassroots activists.

That may be how the DCCC sees it, but the move has been met with scorn on the ground. Whenever the national Democratic Party intervenes in a competitive primary, it does so under the rationale that it is smarter for the party to unify behind a single candidate and focus all its firepower on beating the Republican opponent. But in this case, the DCCC has pushed another candidate to get into the race, creating a competitive primary where none existed.

Four Democratic county chairs from the district, all of whom had been in the dark about the DCCC maneuvering, released a unified statement blasting the party for its intervention.

The recent DCCC actions in NY24 are unfortunately just the latest example (see PA-7, TX-7, PA-16 & a half dozen others) of not taking into account the work happening at the grassroots this year. From people engaged for the very first time this year, to party and elected officials we stand united behind our designated nominee Dana Balter and against the DC meddling that has hampered far too many races thus far. We call on DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM) and all staff involved to speak to the people doing work on the ground and focus our collective energy and resources, like we have been for over a year, in unseating Trump-Ryan Republicans like John Katko.

Don midwest
Don midwest

white elephants?

holding onto power which means linked to $


The DNCC has abandoned “We The People” when it comes down to American’s choosing their representation sadly.



If he had taken a more heroic stand on busing, we also probably would no longer remember Biden. Busing was an issue that uniquely energized Delaware voters (as it did voters elsewhere), and could have cost Biden his Senate seat in 1978. For example, the leader of anti-busing citizens group, the Positive Action Committee, threatened to challenge Biden for his Senate seat. Biden was not the only Delaware elected leader to make anti-integration compromises. For instance, Biden was joined by the rest of his state’s congressional delegation—senior Republican Sen. William Roth and Republican at-large Rep. Thomas Evans—at a meeting with Carter in June 1977 to complain about the administration’s de-segregation policies. And Roth, remember, co-sponsored one of Biden’s anti-busing amendments.

Nonetheless, Biden was as responsible as anyone else in Congress for the effective end of the too-brief era of federal school desegregation. For Biden now to claim that he championed busing as a remedy “because some things are worth losing over” is disingenuous to its core.

If the lead-up to his 1978 re-election was the end of a one-off, cynical story, it would be more than enough reason to reject Biden’s newest attempt to recast himself as a steadfast and career-long champion of progressive race politics. But Biden-Eagleton is not the last page of this story. The Helms-Collins Amendment, co-sponsored by one of the Senate’s arch-segregationists who called every black man he met “Fred,” appeared after a resurgent right won the 1980 presidential election. This amendment would have finished the job started by Biden-Eagleton by preventing the Justice Department from bringing desegregation lawsuits that could result in court-mandated busing. This was an extreme bill: Carter vetoed it and Congress failed to override his veto. The segregationists tried again and ultimately failed after Reagan’s election, too. But who was arm in arm with Jesse Helms on this anti-integration bill? Joe Biden.



New research provides strong evidence that one of the long-predicted worst-case impacts of climate change — a severe slow-down of the Gulf Stream system — has already started.

The system, also known as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), brings warmer water northward while pumping cooler water southward.

“I think we’re close to a tipping point,” climatologist Michael Mann told ThinkProgress in an email. The AMOC slow down “is without precedent” in more than a millennium he said, adding, “It’s happening about a century ahead of schedule relative to what the models predict.”

The impacts of such a slowdown include much faster sea level rise — and much warmer sea surface temperatures — for much of the U.S. East Coast. Both of those effects are already being observed and together they make devastating storm surges of the kind we saw with Superstorm Sandy far more likely.



In 2011, a Cornell University research team first made the groundbreaking discovery that leaking methane from the shale gas fracking boom could make burning fracked gas worse for the climate than coal.

In a sobering lecture released this month, a member of that team, Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, Professor of Engineering Emeritus at Cornell University, outlined more precisely the role U.S. fracking is playing in changing the world’s climate.

The most recent climate data suggests that the world is on track to cross the two degrees of warming threshold set in the Paris accord in just 10 to 15 years, says Ingraffea in a 13-minute lecture titled “Shale Gas: The Technological Gamble That Should Not Have Been Taken,” which was posted online on April 4.

That’s if American energy policy follows the track predicted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, which expects 1 million natural gas wells will be producing gas in the U.S. in 2050, up from roughly 100,000 today.


Climate/weather scientists have stated that climate change will consist of more extreme events. That’s what’s happening now. Humans are slowly running out of time to correct it. 🙁


The WP piece is behind a paywall for me, but this graphic is quite dramatic:


If this happened tomorrow Pruitt would deem sea level rise Faux news


LOL. Condition is probably related to orlbucfan’s maggot brain political diagnosis



Army Secretary Mark Esper and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley both said as much under questioning from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). Esper, who said back in February that soldiers aren’t concerned about transgender service, reiterated, “Nothing has percolated up to my level.” When Gillibrand asked Milley if transgender troops have caused any issues with unit cohesion, he confirmed, “No. Not at all.”

As the Washington Blade notes, this directly contradicts concerns raised in a recently released Defense Department report justifying a ban on accepting transgender service members. Allowing transgender people who have ever been diagnosed with gender dysphoria “could undermine readiness, disrupt unit cohesion, and impose an unreasonable burden on the military that is not conducive to military effectiveness and lethality,” the report stated.

Concerns about unit cohesion were also used to defend “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the ban on lesbian, gay, and bisexual service members serving openly. Those concerns were found to be hollow after the law was repealed.


I found a new youtube channel!

It’s called LTMB (Let The Madness Begin) and these two guys, Michael T. White and Will Gaillard, came to my attention via this mini-show (their shows are usually longer):


I’m listening now to a show they did last night. I find them to be just my style.


If you want to get encouraged, please read a handful of the comments under the LTMB Bakari Sellers piece on youtube. Talk about a different picture than you see elsewhere!


Its actually pretty heartwarming to see all those right on comments and as many there are saying, if Bernie runs in 2020 he will win because all those people who didnt have a chance to really see who he is, now have and they like and respect what they see.


I almost fell out of my desk chair this morning when I read this headline:

Comey: I Announced The Hillary Investigation Because Polls Showed Her Ahead

Needless to say, the actual quote from Comey was not exactly what the title implied he said. (see pic)


“This man is no diplomat!” – Retired US Army Colonel and Diplomat Arrested at Pompeo Confirmation Hearing

Prior to Wright’s removal from the hearing, the seven CODEPINK activists attending the hearing had stood chanting, “Stop Pompeo, no more wars.” They were dressed as “pink police” with stop signs reading, “Stop Pompeo.”



Flexing Their Support for Cuomo, Key Unions Leave Working Families Party

Faced with a fissure on the left flank of the Democratic Party, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is striking back — not at his Democratic rival, Cynthia Nixon, but at those who have chosen to support her.

With the Working Families Party — a small but influential coalition of labor unions and progressive activists — considering an endorsement of Ms. Nixon, two powerful unions announced on Friday that they were withdrawing from the party, and other labor leaders have threatened to create a new labor party.

The stunning development comes as Mr. Cuomo has also privately urged some of those same unions to withdraw funding from liberal community groups backing Ms. Nixon, according to five people familiar with those conversations.

Some of those groups were summoned to a meeting with labor leaders on Friday at the Manhattan headquarters of the United Federation of Teachers, an influential player in state politics, having been issued a stern warning.

Bill Lipton, the state director of the Working Families Party, said that he had attended a meeting earlier this week in which the governor had said, “If unions or anyone give money to any of these groups, they can lose my number.”

Sounds to me that the only one doing any “flexing” is Cuomo as he threatens anyone who even THINKS about supporting Nixon.


It is becoming apparent that elites are flexible in their beliefs depending on economic opportunities/incentives.

It falls to the actual voters in New York state as to who they choose to represent them as the state executive.

I am personally pro-union, but too many leaders want to be in the elite as well: http://newpol.org/content/betrayals-social-movements#top_menu


More sick WP warmongering:


Feinstein is awful:


This violence is exceptionally destructive for both the Palestinians and the state of Israel. It must end. Violence is not the pathway to reconciliation.

Who is perpetuating the “violence” again Dianne??

Some do seem to see that fact that she was compelled to put out a statement as a positive though, so that’s good..maybe:

Wow, this is a huge win for @IfNotNowOrg! Today, there was a protest at her office. She immediately felt the need to put out this statement.

The tide is turning my friends!



Elliott Broidy, RNC deputy finance chair, resigns amid reports of Playmate payoff

Elliott Broidy, a prominent GOP fundraiser, has resigned as deputy finance chair of the Republican National Committee, a source familiar with the matter told CBS News. Broidy’s resignation followed a Friday Wall Street Journal report that Michael Cohen, President Trump’s embattled personal attorney, had negotiated $1.6 million in payments to a former Playboy model who said Broidy had impregnated her.

“I acknowledge I had a consensual relationship with a Playboy Playmate,” Broidy said in a statement to the Journal. “At the end of our relationship, this woman shared with me that she was pregnant. She alone decided that she did not want to continue with the pregnancy and I offered to help her financially during this difficult period.”


These mega-rich people all hang out together, they’re all buddy-buddy. Here’s Broidy with his wife at a Pritzker person bash.

Elliott Broidy and Robin Broidy attend as American Ballet Theater celebrates “Stars Under the Stars,” a benefit evening at the home of Jeanne & Anthony Pritzker in Beverly Hills, CA, Thursday, September 6, 2012.

Anthony Pritzker is a member of the Pritzker family and an heir to the Hyatt Hotel fortune; he serves as managing partner of the Pritzker Group.

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