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Brother, I hear you loud and clear. I don’t have kids, but do have a niece. I hope her generation can be at the forefront in turning this country around. T and R, wi59!!



A lot of star power in this version!


t&r, wi!


Don midwest
Don midwest

OK – more than teachers strike about to happen

didn’t realize how bad it was

that tax breaks for energy industries larger than their tax paid

a recent article by Kate Arnoff about how teaches strikes in states which have given away energy resources

creating out new group of “indigenous” people displaced from the land

Oklahoma’s Revolution Didn’t End with Teacher Strikes—It’s Going Much Further

Bruno Latour’s metaphysics has both human and non human actors. In his 15 modes of existence, he includes Fiction along with science, politics, religion, etc. Here is a book review today from NY times that makes trees the central characters.

The Heroes of This Novel Are Centuries Old and 300 Feet Tall

Trees do most of the things you do, just more slowly. They compete for their livelihoods and take care of their families, sometimes making huge sacrifices for their children. They breathe, eat and have sex. They give gifts, communicate, learn, remember and record the important events of their lives. With relatives and non-kin alike they cooperate, forming neighborhood watch committees — to name one example — with rapid response networks to alert others to a threatening intruder. They manage their resources in bank accounts, using past market trends to predict future needs. They mine and farm the land, and sometimes move their families across great distances for better opportunities. Some of this might take centuries, but for a creature with a life span of hundreds or thousands of years, time must surely have a different feel about it.

Latour uses the fictional character Gaia




He’s probably still going to be our governor, but he needs to be stopped if he tries to run for President


ANDREW CUOMO DOES not like to be told no.

For weeks, New York state political circles had been gossiping about the possibility that the pro-labor Working Families Party might endorse Cuomo’s longshot rival for governor, Cynthia Nixon, at their statewide committee meeting this weekend in Albany.

Cuomo, who has fashioned for himself a reputation as a political brawler, had two choices: go to battle against the Sex and the City actress and muscle the endorsement for himself, or quit.

Cuomo opted to quit, pulling his name out of the running at the last minute, and seemingly trying to destroy the WFP in the process. Two major unions, which had for weeks been expected to endorse Cuomo, walked out with him, and Cuomo broadcast a threat that anybody who funded groups that had endorsed Nixon had better “lose my number.”

But the party went on. On Saturday at the WFP’s Albany gathering, under fluorescent lights in the basement of an Albany Hilton, the group moved to endorse Nixon, with 91.5 percent of the vote going her way. Speakers on behalf of Nixon lined up to make the case as much against Cuomo as they did for her.

“It isn’t enough to say you care about your desire for an Albany free of corruption and then vote for corruption,” said Rosemary Rivera, organizing director of Citizen Action of New York, one of the groups whose funding Cuomo threatened. “It isn’t enough to run like a progressive and move like a neoliberal.” Another speaker for Nixon put it starkly: “If we wait to make the decision, it will be seen as a victory for Cuomo’s bullying tactics over the last week.”

Nixon addressed the crowd: “You are the heart and soul of the progressive New York we need — the New York that belongs to all of us.”

Speakers for Nixon–from NYCC, MRA and other community groups around the state–were more raucous, with chants scattered throughout. “It’s horrifying what Cuomo did in this last week. He said, ‘I see you Chris Christie and I’m going to raise you. I’m going to use my power to threaten you,’” Teachout thundered. Addressing members in the room who could face financial troubles without union contributions, she told the 300-odd people gathered, “You know he’s going to go after your funding. But we have to be brave because the governor is not brave. Behind every bully there’s a coward.”

David Bacon
David Bacon




Jeff Van Drew has voted against raising the minimum wage and gay marriage. He often sides with industry on environmental issues and carries an A rating from the NRA. And he’s the odds-on favorite to be New Jersey’s newest Democratic congressman.

In the party’s first real crack at winning the South Jersey-based district held by retiring Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-N.J.) for more than two decades, Democratic party establishment — at every level — is throwing its collective weight behind Van Drew, leaving local progressives baffled, frustrated and more than a little angry

“The DCCC needs to take a look at themselves in the mirror and make sure we’re reflective of who we’re sending to D.C.,” Cunningham said of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which has all but officially thrown in with Van Drew after trying for at least a decade to recruit him to run there. “We as the Democratic Party, if we’re going to talk the talk, we’ve got to walk the walk.”

The anger has spilled out into public forums. At one, high school student Emily McGrath confronted Van Drew — who had one day earlier told her class he did not accept donations from the NRA — about a $1,000 donation she had discovered. The videotaped confrontation, in which McGrath said “Senator, you lied,” made headlines around the state


Love C S N especially with Y but also without. This is a dreamy favorite


My favorite and so is Judy Collins! Suite Judy Blue Eyes

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