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Well, good for her. 🙂 phatkhat made the astute comment that she lived in such a solid red state that her vote wouldn’t make that much difference. i agree as I’m in a similar situation. I have never bought the lesser-of-2- evils horse manure. It feels great voting my conscience now.


jcb: you know NY politics like the back of your hand. Does Cuomo have the balls to actually cancel your primary? Even the crooks down here won’t do that.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I don’t know Cuomo

I don’t know NY state

But I do know the DNC

Thus, my hunch is that the primary will be cancelled

Don’t want the rabble to hear more of Bernie’s policies


Does a political party have that power in NY State?


States (particularly the executive branch) determine the time and place of elections. I believe there’s probably some statute that Cuomo can impose to make it happen.


That could be another reason Bernie completely cut out. But it does not make any sense to tell voters to vote for him because he wants the delegates for platform. I understand he wants to have some folks in place on the rules committee, but I think Bernie made a major mistake by endorsing only 5 days after he suspended.

Today, I will be changing my handle at twitter and dropping “Bernie is still on the ballot.”

I suspect Bernie is scolding his troops who do not see the benefit of a Biden presidency may have to do Bernie’s background in growing up around survivors of concentration camps, he is very worried about fascism and how it has reappeared via the GOP/Trump. I worry about BlueMAGA and how it also is becoming more authoritarian.

See TOP.


“ worry about BlueMAGA and how it also is becoming more authoritarian.”.

me too, sister. no resistance. 8 years. bloomberg, dimon, mckinsey boys, blackrock. these people will be busy and they’re sophisticated and will have the MSM, as well.

that sounds right about Bernie. plus he’s too close to the Dem leadership to maybe see the extent of the danger.


So what benefits does status quo Joe have for us Progressive’s?
1 He’s not Trumpcorp
2 See number 1

doesn’t cut it for me


he needs those delegates I wonder if he’s sorry that he dropped out so soon. We were all so willing to keep him going and instead he went with some Warren Democrats apparently


Biden can’t even have a conversation without a teleprompter. Lead? ROFLMAO. He’s a lying, racist, corrupt, rapist and industry shill, just like the one we already have. Maybe he isn’t quite as mean. But we will progress on down the road to climate apocalypse just as surely. And the poor will get poorer, and the rich richer. No medical care, no educational relief. Swell. Just. Swell.

The greens are usually on the ticket here, so I’ll vote for them, or a libertarian, or whoever is on the ticket besides Biden/Trump. Someone said on Twitter that Justin Amash, speaking of libertarians, was considering running against Trump as an independent. I wish he would. He’d take a fair amount of votes from Trump, I think. I like Amash. Don’t agree with him, but he has principles.



AOC live on Politico:


Already missed the first 20 min. AOC says Biden has contacted her team. She said she’s not quite there on endorsing, but eventually.

Don midwest
Don midwest

young academic with a video and text

very strong Bernie supporter

Imagining a Gaian Reality After the Virus

“Gaia’s intrusion,” as the philosopher Isabelle Stengers has referred to it, has always been inevitable, but until very recently, it was for the most part only decipherable scientifically through complex data sets and computer simulations of global temperature rise, biodiversity loss, and many other relatively abstract metrics detailing the fraying of its feedback loops. Timelines stretching to the end of this century warned of the dire consequences of failing to take bold action to curb greenhouse gas emissions and reverse other ecologically unsustainable practices. Insurance companies were beginning to feel uneasy about the increasing severity of droughts, wildfires, and hurricanes, but surely Gaia could wait for the market to adapt.

With the rapid and virulent emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic (likely a spillover effect of habitat loss*), the situation is just as it was before, only massively accelerated. After a decades-long trial period, planetary transformation is now no longer optional: “we do not have any choice, because [Gaia] will not wait.”

What remained a specter only a few weeks ago—a barely perceptible threat safely hidden behind the noise and smog of business as usual—has now brought the entirety of modern human civilization to its knees. The immediate public health threat posed by the virus is potentially catastrophic on its own. And with most of the world’s human population unable to consume or produce at the ever-increasing rates required of a capitalist system, the economic fallout threatens to become even more severe.

He discusses the limitations of capitalism and marxism…

The above was posted on March 23


Today he posted this


I have concerns this person, if Biden wins, is the next SoS.



The “destruction of US credibility” has everything to do with the actions of Americans not Russians, and to a significant degree many in Power’s own circle.


Well, with her at State, and Flournoy as SecDef, we can count on all the budget being channeled into the Pentagon, with nothing left for the rest of us.


it’s over from Humphreys diary, from @donmidwest. made a tweet.


A email


Our number one priority during the Coronavirus pandemic is keeping members safe.

It’s clear that the White House is withholding the funding that the USPS needs for safe and sustainable operations during this crisis.

It’s so clear that the crisis at the Postal Service has now hit the headlines. Congress needs to hear from you!

The White House refused relief for the Postal Service in the last stimulus and Congress left us out of the bill.

Without immediate relief, the Postal Service could run out of cash by summer.

Our jobs, our pensions and the vital service we provide is at risk.

Big corporations are lobbying against the Postal Service because they want to boost their profits. We need to make sure that Congress hears us instead.

That’s why you need to send a message to Congress.

Congress needs to provide urgent funding in the next stimulus for the Postal Service to keep the country moving through the crisis. Everything is on the line and your voice can make the difference.

Send them a message today: Tell them to provide the resources we need!

In solidarity,

American Postal Workers Union

1300 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 | http://www.apwu.org