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It’s difficult to engage with today’s New York Times story about the Democratic establishment’s attempts to stop Bernie Sanders without my blood boiling over.

It’s insanely telling that the people featured in this story—who call themselves “progressives,” despite being wedded to deeply middle-of-the-road centrist policies—are so threatened by a candidate who, after being screwed by them in 2016, isn’t inclined to make concessions to the vast, useless apparatus of consultants and donors that they represent. Of course they want to stop Sanders. He’s sworn off big money, has actual progressive policy ideas, and is thumbing his nose at scolds like Tanden and her cronies! If the voters choose Bernie, he should be the nominee. End of story. If you’re the kind of person who would tack a “but,” onto the end of that sentence, you’re probably more wedded to rewriting the perceived wrongs of 2016 than actually taking back the White House in 2020.


My blood boils too. I gave them another three bucks today.



In the latest national presidential campaign poll, it shows that @BernieSanders has the single most diverse base of support of any candidate in the race.

He is the ONLY candidate with the majority of his support coming from voters of color. https://t.co/q3mi3qfLaG

— Shaun King (@shaunking) April 16, 2019



Rosanna just defeated an incumbent whose family had held the seat for over 40 years. She won by 13 votes.

Knocking doors wins elections.

Only a movement can break the machine.

Congratulations @ChicagoCityDSA on holding 6 city council seats! #TrySocialism #FeelTheBern https://twitter.com/RossanaFor33/status/1102433504049139713


We've now got a full council. Final vote shows @RossanaFor33 defeats @debmell by a mere 13 votes. This puts the number of @ChicagoCityDSA aldermen at 6. Also victorious: Ald. @JamesCappleman.

— Shia Kapos (@ShiaKapos) April 16, 2019


13 votes!


Shaun King with more on this morning’s Emerson poll.

What’s that you were saying about Bernie Bros?

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