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Andrew Yang is answering his critics. In this case, Paul Krugman’s propaganda.

And having fun while doing so.


This is a pre-emption of the Bloomberg/Big $$$ ads and the tone they take when they push for Charter Schools, and other things that are BAD for NYC.

“Don’t punish New York children” is the threat they love to make.


wasn’t yang for charter schools at one point?


yes, it will pop up all over duck duck go. charters hate unions.


Yang came out loud and clear about keeping the cap on NY Charter Schools. That is the important point.

Even more crucial is that when the UFT asked Yang Adams Stringer and Wiley about NYC keeping its mayoral control, only Yang said yes.

Unless you are here you may not understand the Mayoral control is the only thing keeping Cuomo from starving the NYC School System as he did before de Blasio got Mayoral control. NYC is educating all our 3 and 4 year olds. Parts of NY State, 7 years after de Blasio gave every 4 year old free all day all meals included education still don’t have Pre-K and 3-K, forget it. Cuomo is not interested in education unless he can profit from it.

Stringer, Adams and Wiley side with Cuomo. And Bloomberg on starving NYC public schools. If you support Cuomo in any of this you are not Progressive and not qualified to be Mayor.

Yang is the only one to oppose Cuomo. All the propaganda and DNC cheerleading will not erase the facts in this case. Liars and big money may derail Yang, because might and evil very often overcome good.


T and R, jcb, and the usual excellent TPW suspects!! 🙂 Any reliable polling out yet on registered voters in the NYC race?



I hope you’ve seen Exterminate All The Brutes on HBO and probably elsewhere also, Polarbear.

It is a clear delineation of where this civilization is at and where it has been for hundreds of years.

The main point of the four hour film is the systematic installation and practice of white supremacy around the globe.

The film maker says “You will see what you already know. The purpose of this work is to give you the courage to understand what you already know.”

He achieves this goal by presenting Josh Hartnett as the white bully, slavemaster, sociopath who has lived in every colonial venue throughout time.

Mixed in with footage from the Congo and the slaughters by King Leopold II of Belgium, Hitler and the Nazi’s, the story of Christopher Colombus—asking—what exactly did he discover? Nothing. etc. There is extensive documenting of first the genocide in North America and then the re-population of white owners with slave workers.

It is not pleasant viewing and I, at least, came away with the profound understanding of pervasive evil the filmmaker intended.

The NY Times, however, unsurprisingly, refused to get the message and wrote their usual bs, propaganda about the film. What? you are surprised? The NY Times will not admit the white supremacy that is the foundation of the USA. If you think the Times only lies about War and War Crimes you are very mistaken. They lie by omission nearly every day. Certainly on anything concerning the interests of the DNC.

Then I read a review in The New Yorker. Much, much better.


thanks, nycvg


Oh great, let’s graft (white) Christianity and QAnon together! What could possibly go wrong?

During Wood’s speech, Newsweek reported, he referenced ‘Q’ several times.

“He [God] is going to rebirth you into the spirit world and create exactly the person that he intended you to be,” Wood said, according to the media outlet. “There’s your Q.”

The audience, Newsweek said, then began cheering and rose for a standing ovation while he continued to sound out and draw the letter.

“That is Q. What does that Q mean?” he reportedly continued. “Don’t you ever give up hope on this country.”


Wood then proceeded to claim falsely that Trump is still in office.

The Health and Freedom Conference dedicated to opposing the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of freedoms is due to conclude Saturday night with a mask burning ceremony.


Oklahoma, huh? My mother was born there. She told me many times that she was embarrassed to admit it. Saw it as a dump full of stupidity and Christian fundies. She looked at both as being the same. She was right.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Q theory -the second coming — of Jim Jones.


This is what could go wrong

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Sad. She’s probably endured a lifetime of the same abuse she’s serving up. good thing she’s not black, she gets to walk away although in hand cuffs.


Just walked up and cuffed her, most other would have been taken to to floor and cuffed


The police eye chart



Don midwest
Don midwest

US Foreign Policy is Nuts

A few weeks ago US tried to squeeze Russia and China, and they said go and pound sand.

The independent web page Moon of Alabama mostly reports on foreign policy.

A couple of days ago they summarized the foreign policy failures of Biden Admin in just a week

Three Recent Failures In Foreign Policy Coordination – Why Is Jake Sullivan Creating Such A Mess?

That was posted April 15

This was fun to watch.

U.S. Navy ships were supposed to sail into the Black Sea “in a show of support for Ukraine” and to “send a specific message to Moscow” due to “concerns about mounting tensions between Ukraine and Russia.”

Moscow then let it be known that it was not amused about the obviously preplanned provocation: “We warn the United States that it will be better for them to stay far away from Crimea and our Black Sea coast. It will be for their own good.”

Next the U.S. Navy put its tail between its legs “due to concerns about escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine.”

So the U.S. wanted to send ships due to “concerns about mounting tensions between Ukraine and Russia” and then pulled them back due to “concerns about escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine”.

He has a new post today

Biden’s Russia-China Tactic Is To Wage War AND To Ask For Cooperation. It Will Fail.

Gotta keep military budget up because of threats …

These stories have been covered elsewhere, but interesting to see as US continues to be a military empire spending its way down a bumpy road.

MSM is not so good on these topics — they are too often war champions

Look what they did on the story that Russia paid Taliban to kill US troops