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Thanks JCity, was literally in the middle of trying to post via phone which is frustrating when flipping between browsers.

Sanders Triggers Trump:


Bernie Sanders guessed right.

At a Fox News town hall in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on Monday night, Sanders mused to the moderators that President Donald Trump, who “watches your network a bit,” might be tuned in for the festivities.

The morning after and again on Tuesday night, Trump confirmed Sanders’ well-founded suspicion with a series of snappish tweets, alleging the network had “stuffed” the room, which applauded many of the Vermont independent’s answers, “with Bernie supporters,” after initially — about 10 hours earlier — calling it “so weird to watch Crazy Bernie on Fox News.”

Indeed, the sight of any Democrat — much less a democratic socialist running for the party’s presidential nomination — in a venue so closely aligned with the Trump administration, is an unusual one. Sanders’ decision to tread those uneven boards upset more than a few liberals commentators, who worried that his presence alone might gift the network some undeserved credibility. For Trump, though, the notes of aggravation in his tweets pointed to a broader new conflict: Here, for the first time, one of the candidates vying to deny him a second term had stood up on his stage, in front of an audience Trump views as his own, and delivered an unflinching case against him.


Analysis keeps coming in from Bernie’s town hall on Fox.

Jacobin. https://jacobinmag.com/2019/04/berni-sanders-town-hall-fox-news

Bernie Sanders didn’t just face down Fox News and prevail — he called the bluff that underpins our whole two-party system.


But most coverage restricts its analysis to Sanders’ 2020 election prospects, overlooking the true significance of the event. It’s not just that he’s willing to make a pitch to Fox’s viewership and thus stands a better chance at winning the presidency — it’s that the Right could lose some of the working-class support it doesn’t deserve, a process that could easily snowball out of their control.

For decades, Sanders has been saying that everyone deserves quality health care and education, a living wage, and a truly democratic political system instead of one controlled by plutocrats. He’s also been clear about what’s preventing the attainment of those goals: the corporate pursuit of profit.

Democratic voters have started to listen. In the Emerson poll — cited by 538 as one of the most reliable — the Vermont senator emerged this week for the first time as the frontrunner in the Democratic Party primary, ahead of every candidate considered tolerable by the party establishment.

And it’s high time Republican voters start listening too. Bernie’s political vision is about dramatically improving conditions not just for the Democratic Party’s base but for all people, excluding only the richest.

Plenty of people who watch Fox News need to hear this message. Fox’s audience has one of the lowest average incomes of any major news source. Seventy-seven percent of Fox viewers make less than $75,000 a year, compared to 62 percent for the New York Times and 57 percent for NPR. A third of Fox News viewers make less than $30,000 a year. More than half are over the age of 50 and a quarter are over 65, which means a good number are subsisting primarily on Social Security.

Since Fox is the most-watched cable news network in the country, we can surmise that millions of its viewers are facing exactly the issues addressed in Sanders’ platform — like pension cuts, medical debt, job insecurity, and unaffordable housing and eldercare.

By speaking directly to them about what they stand to gain from his political program, Bernie is not only potentially winning their votes — he’s helping break the spell the Right has cast over the very people it works tirelessly to disempower by starving social services, giving tax breaks to the rich, and privatizing everything in sight.


CNN has a take that focuses on Trump’s reaction. But there’s some pollster analysis I want to share.


But Sanders has been the most direct. An April 8 memo from his campaign managers stated it plainly, arguing that “the 2020 Electoral College map shows the most direct path to a Democratic victory is flipping back Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania” — three states Clinton lost in 2016 by fewer than 78,000 votes combined.

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake sees opportunity and risk in Sanders’ tactics.
“The irony,” Lake said, “is that Sanders was the future in 2016, but he has to be careful not to be the past in 2020.”

But she praised his approach, in saying he “understands” why people chose Trump, as a practical decision.

“It’s really good that Bernie Sanders said that because I think every candidate is going to have to end up saying that,” Lake told CNN. For Democrats, she added, “I think this is the beginning of saying, ‘I understand what you were voting for, you didn’t get it and I’m proposing something that will get you what you need.’ But to just tell voters they were wrong isn’t a very successful way to persuade them

Why not vote for the original, and not the imitation, then.


More reaction to the town hall

Ny mag (more than just the town hall) http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/04/bernie-sanders-fox-news-town-hall-medicare-for-all-video-centrism.html

GQ https://www.gq.com/story/fox-news-misjudged-bernie-sanders-medicare-for-all-plan

Esquire https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a27164229/fox-news-bernie-sanders-medicare-for-all/

Couple of paste articles

1 https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2019/04/bernie-sanders-has-the-democratic-establishment-sh.html

2 https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2019/04/bernie-sanders-just-had-the-single-best-day-of-the.html

Bernie Sanders Just Had the Single Best Day of the 2020 Campaign So Far

We are approximately six years away from anyone casting a vote in the presidential primaries (sure, it’s more like ten months until Iowa, but we’re going on feel here), and a whole universe of meaningful and idiotic events will occur between now and then. Anything that happened on the ides of April will be forgotten, even if their effects linger on. Still, even considering the temporal quality of anything and everything at this point in the cycle, Bernie Sanders woke up Monday morning and had himself a day.

It started with an Emerson poll that showed, for the first time ever on a national level, Bernie Sanders leading Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic field. That same poll had Biden leading Sanders by 10 percent in February, and then showed them tied in March. Sanders’ current five-point lead is consistent with this trend, and it’s also consistent with those who believe that Biden is a paper tiger whose support is more based on Obama nostalgia than any true personal qualities, and who will begin a quick fade the minute he’s under a much harsher spotlight. Sanders can now realistically cast himself as the frontrunner, and despite all his success in 2016 and his fundraising and volunteer success this year—and though some of us have always believed he was the favorite in this primary—he’s never truly been able to say that before.

Goes on to cover the town hall, tax returns, etc.


Dave, I think you just dissed Hillary.

Here’s a big difference between the 2015 Rs and the 2019 Ds. In 2015, Trump was the only R getting huge crowds. In 2019, Bernie gets the biggest crowds, but Buttigieg/Warren/Harris/Beto aren’t slouching.

Compare Rubio’s July 2015 Des Moines crowd to Buttigieg April 2019 crowd. pic.twitter.com/DLH1uXFa5K

— Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) April 17, 2019



This is somgood it’s been posted twice.


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